full log through 2014-08-18
needs to be split up

[8/10/14, 12:34:06 AM] JJ: I’m not mad
[8/10/14, 12:34:20 AM] Norse Pony: She is quite ugly, and wears a loose but well-fitting set of what could be pajamas. She says, “I saw you coming this way, and only people with purpose come this way at this time.” She loosens her stance slightly. “What sort of purpose do you have?”
[8/10/14, 12:35:04 AM] Faith Kent: ADVENTURE!
[8/10/14, 12:35:48 AM] Faith Kent: Im looking for epic tales to expand my bardic repertoire
[8/10/14, 12:36:16 AM] Faith Kent: I’m sure you’ve heard of me. The names Meri.
[8/10/14, 12:36:23 AM] Norse Pony: If you’ll forgive me saying so, it did sound like you could use some expanding.
[8/10/14, 12:37:02 AM] Faith Kent: looks crestfallen
[8/10/14, 12:37:08 AM] Norse Pony: I’ve never before heard anyone sing a love song about their dear rain.
[8/10/14, 12:37:38 AM] Faith Kent: Been a bit droughty this season…
[8/10/14, 12:38:53 AM] Jeremy Kent: Jeremy Kent pokes at aaron
[8/10/14, 12:39:01 AM] Jeremy Kent: I just typed a frickin’ essay in your chat window
[8/10/14, 12:39:03 AM] Jeremy Kent: oh there you are
[8/10/14, 12:39:18 AM] Faith Kent: hes SLEEEEEEPING
[8/10/14, 12:39:22 AM] JJ: Are you a native?
[8/10/14, 12:39:30 AM] Aaron Scherer: i’ve goptta go lol
[8/10/14, 12:39:32 AM] Aaron Scherer: sadly!
[8/10/14, 12:39:35 AM] Jeremy Kent: alright
[8/10/14, 12:39:39 AM] Aaron Scherer: but, ill be around tomorrow
[8/10/14, 12:39:52 AM] Jeremy Kent: revan comes back out of the passageway and says “you guys gotta see that” before heading off into the woods
[8/10/14, 12:39:59 AM] Aaron Scherer: mhmm.
[8/10/14, 12:40:06 AM] Aaron Scherer: revan climbs up a safe tree, and sleeps.
[8/10/14, 12:40:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/10/14, 12:40:17 AM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/10/14, 12:40:32 AM] Jeremy Kent: I should probably sleep soon, but if you guys want to explore the first room or two, that’s cool
[8/10/14, 12:40:44 AM] Faith Kent: I need to sleep too
[8/10/14, 12:40:56 AM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/10/14, 12:40:58 AM] Jeremy Kent: the first room?
[8/10/14, 12:41:03 AM] Faith Kent: sure
[8/10/14, 12:41:04 AM] Jeremy Kent: since I just typed the description all out?
[8/10/14, 12:41:07 AM] Jeremy Kent: that I can’t copy-paste from the pdf?
[8/10/14, 12:41:34 AM] Faith Kent: Meri welcomes the strange new lady to the party and skips off toward the area Revan said was neat
[8/10/14, 12:41:55 AM] Jeremy Kent: between the columns:
[8/10/14, 12:41:56 AM] Jeremy Kent: you stand at the end of a hallway
there seems to be light at the other end… dim, perhaps firelight, from the flickering
it smells slightly of rotting meat
[8/10/14, 12:43:06 AM] Jeremy Kent: (the first room is farther in)
[8/10/14, 12:43:08 AM] JJ: quietly grins
[8/10/14, 12:43:20 AM] Jeremy Kent: ….aaand the wizard likes the smell of rotting meat
[8/10/14, 12:43:20 AM] JJ: at our new adventurer, that is
[8/10/14, 12:43:24 AM] JJ: not the rotting meat
[8/10/14, 12:43:27 AM] Jeremy Kent: oh ok
[8/10/14, 12:43:33 AM] JJ: gets out a bottle of cologne
[8/10/14, 12:43:44 AM] Jeremy Kent: …aaaaaand the wizard likes ugly women
[8/10/14, 12:43:55 AM] Jeremy Kent: o/~ if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life… o/~
[8/10/14, 12:44:22 AM] Norse Pony: How old is the rotting meat smell?
[8/10/14, 12:45:39 AM] Jeremy Kent: knowledge:nature, please
[8/10/14, 12:46:01 AM] Jeremy Kent: unless you have a better check for it
[8/10/14, 12:46:12 AM] Norse Pony: I was hoping for perception, haha.
[8/10/14, 12:46:19 AM] Norse Pony: If it’s anything else, I’m in the dark.
[8/10/14, 12:46:30 AM] Jeremy Kent: you hear a voice saying “357 houuuuuuurs”
[8/10/14, 12:46:33 AM] Jeremy Kent: no jk you don’t
[8/10/14, 12:46:52 AM] Norse Pony: I see this cave is home to plot-ghosts.
[8/10/14, 12:47:23 AM] Jeremy Kent: it’s pretty stinky. like a charnel-house, but without the sick-death aspect
[8/10/14, 12:47:57 AM] Norse Pony: “This can be nothing wholesome. Be on your guard.”
[8/10/14, 12:48:50 AM] JJ: feels uncomfortable with the atmosphere
[8/10/14, 12:50:38 AM] Faith Kent: shall we take a look?
[8/10/14, 12:50:41 AM] JJ: yeah
[8/10/14, 12:50:42 AM] JJ: sure why not
[8/10/14, 12:50:58 AM] Faith Kent: Meri proceeds down the hall way sword drawn
[8/10/14, 12:51:38 AM] Jeremy Kent: this large hall is held up by a number of carved columns
directly ahead, a doorway is sealed with stone blocks
in the center of the floor, the flagstones have been pulled up, revealing a staircase leading downward
the stench of rotting meat hangs in the air
the walls are masonry, close-fitted but crumbling at the edges
the floors are flagsone, with a thin layer of sand
the light comes from braziers set around the room, with fires burning in them
the room does not, however, feel especially warm
[8/10/14, 12:53:05 AM] Norse Pony: “Let us continue.” She nocks an arrow and keeps her head on a swivel.
[8/10/14, 12:53:28 AM] Jeremy Kent: does she shove past meri?
[8/10/14, 12:53:37 AM] Faith Kent: Meri keeps moving
[8/10/14, 12:53:38 AM] Norse Pony: Depends on whether Meri is letting us continue.
[8/10/14, 12:53:46 AM] Faith Kent: searching for traps as she goes
[8/10/14, 12:54:31 AM] Jeremy Kent: k. every 3 squares is a new check
[8/10/14, 12:55:11 AM] Faith Kent: sure
[8/10/14, 12:55:15 AM] Faith Kent: how many shall I roll?
[8/10/14, 12:55:42 AM] Jeremy Kent: you’ve searched the area I just highlighted
[8/10/14, 12:55:50 AM] Norse Pony: And am I able to help keep an eye out?
[8/10/14, 12:55:53 AM] Jeremy Kent: sure
[8/10/14, 12:56:00 AM] Jeremy Kent: you don’t find traps in the highlighted area
[8/10/14, 12:56:11 AM] JJ: anything I can do to help?
[8/10/14, 12:56:45 AM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t know what spaces you’re searching
[8/10/14, 12:56:58 AM] Faith Kent: moving forward down the stairs
[8/10/14, 12:57:03 AM] JJ: ^
[8/10/14, 12:57:12 AM] Jeremy Kent: can you show me your first 15’ move on the map
[8/10/14, 12:57:21 AM] Jeremy Kent: JJ, roll perception. if you get over 10, it adds 2 to her roll
[8/10/14, 12:57:24 AM] Jeremy Kent: yay assists
[8/10/14, 12:58:11 AM] Jeremy Kent: no traps visible
[8/10/14, 12:58:31 AM] Faith Kent: lets check around the room then head down
[8/10/14, 12:59:47 AM] Jeremy Kent: k. just a second, uploading second level map
[8/10/14, 12:59:51 AM] Jeremy Kent: didn’t realize they shunted you down so fast
[8/10/14, 1:00:41 AM] JJ: ?
[8/10/14, 1:00:58 AM] Norse Pony: He’s gotta put the next map on Roll20.
[8/10/14, 1:02:57 AM] Jeremy Kent: one more roll please
[8/10/14, 1:03:15 AM] Jeremy Kent: sorry, two more
[8/10/14, 1:03:16 AM] Jeremy Kent: meri
[8/10/14, 1:03:26 AM] Norse Pony:
[8/10/14, 1:03:55 AM] JJ: haha
[8/10/14, 1:04:14 AM] Jeremy Kent: nice
[8/10/14, 1:04:19 AM] JJ: a little assist :D
[8/10/14, 1:04:33 AM] Norse Pony: “Did… did you check under that rock?”
[8/10/14, 1:04:35 AM] Jeremy Kent: alright, nothing percepted in the room or on the first half of the stairs
[8/10/14, 1:06:31 AM] Faith Kent: ok. do we keep going or wrap? was this the first room?
[8/10/14, 1:06:42 AM] Jeremy Kent: that was the first room. you can keep going or wrap.
[8/10/14, 1:06:47 AM] Faith Kent: lets wrap
[8/10/14, 1:06:51 AM] Jeremy Kent: alright.
[8/10/14, 1:06:57 AM] Jeremy Kent: the stairs remain actionless
[8/10/14, 1:07:03 AM] Norse Pony: Curse my ability to sleep through my alarm.
[8/10/14, 1:07:08 AM] Jeremy Kent: the stench near the stairs seems to be quite active, however
[8/10/14, 1:07:21 AM] Jeremy Kent: we have to get out the door by 8:15 tomorrow
[8/10/14, 1:07:24 AM] Jeremy Kent: else I’d be game to game
[8/10/14, 1:07:31 AM] Norse Pony: Heh, fun times.
[8/10/14, 1:07:34 AM] Jeremy Kent: am
[8/10/14, 1:07:37 AM] JJ: out he door?
[8/10/14, 1:07:43 AM] Jeremy Kent: church
[8/10/14, 1:07:47 AM] JJ: ohh ok
[8/10/14, 1:07:52 AM] Jeremy Kent: going with faith’s sister to my dad’s service
[8/10/14, 1:08:36 AM] Jeremy Kent: a’ight. night.
[8/10/14, 1:08:43 AM] Jeremy Kent: oh wait
[8/10/14, 1:08:49 AM] Jeremy Kent: faith and aaron want to play in person some time
[8/10/14, 1:08:54 AM] Jeremy Kent: nathan, I’d bet five bucks you’re down
[8/10/14, 1:09:00 AM] Jeremy Kent: JJ, would you be willing to drive down some time?
[8/10/14, 1:09:05 AM] JJ: I dunno heheh
[8/10/14, 1:09:24 AM] Jeremy Kent: yeah
[8/10/14, 1:09:30 AM] Jeremy Kent: okay you can skype voice in if we do
[8/10/14, 1:09:33 AM] JJ: 2hrs, but I do want to visit sometime :)
[8/10/14, 1:10:03 AM] Jeremy Kent: maybe we could meet somewhere partwayish. oceanside, perhaps
[8/10/14, 1:11:32 AM] JJ: yea :)
[8/10/14, 1:11:45 AM] Jeremy Kent: where do you live now, again?
[8/10/14, 1:12:09 AM] JJ: I live in torrance
[8/10/14, 1:12:59 AM] Jeremy Kent: oh. yeah, you could make oceanside in 80 min
[8/10/14, 1:13:34 AM] JJ: where would we meet there?
[8/10/14, 1:13:52 AM] Jeremy Kent: friend’s house, starbucks, gaming shop, w/e
[8/10/14, 1:15:24 AM] Jeremy Kent: a’ight. night.
[8/10/14, 1:15:31 AM] JJ: :)
[8/10/14, 1:15:32 AM] JJ: nite ya’ll
[8/10/14, 1:15:38 AM] Norse Pony: G’night.
[8/10/14, 1:15:40 AM] Faith Kent: ‘night
[8/10/14, 12:11:11 PM] Aaron Scherer: !!!
[8/10/14, 12:13:26 PM] Jeremy Kent: so what you’re saying is… you’re enjoying D&D
[8/10/14, 12:13:39 PM] Aaron Scherer: yes lol
[8/10/14, 12:13:42 PM] Jeremy Kent: cool
[8/10/14, 12:13:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: wish i coulda played more last night lol
[8/10/14, 12:14:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: what came up?
[8/10/14, 12:14:26 PM] Aaron Scherer: had to close up the center and run home lol
[8/10/14, 12:14:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: gotcha
[8/10/14, 12:14:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: then I had to sleep
[8/10/14, 12:14:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: or rather, wife had to
[8/10/14, 12:14:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: therefore I had to
[8/10/14, 12:14:43 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah lol
[8/10/14, 12:16:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: So yeah, i was thinking, in person gaming, im free tuesdays, thursdays, and sundays
[8/10/14, 12:17:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/10/14, 12:17:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: thursdays are takened
[8/10/14, 12:17:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: with other in person gaming
[8/10/14, 12:17:14 PM] Aaron Scherer: yup
[8/10/14, 12:17:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/10/14, 12:17:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: so tuesday sunday
[8/10/14, 12:17:36 PM] Aaron Scherer: yessir
[8/10/14, 12:17:45 PM] Jeremy Kent: I’m already down the hill on both days, but during the day, so zigzagging for an evening game would be awk
[8/10/14, 12:17:57 PM] Jeremy Kent: maybe sunday afternoons, but those are usually spent dining with faith’s parents
[8/10/14, 12:18:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: so lemme consult with her when she gets back from costco
[8/10/14, 12:18:21 PM] Aaron Scherer: well, is there a best day for you, overall?
[8/10/14, 12:18:27 PM] Aaron Scherer: i could mix up my schedule
[8/10/14, 12:19:01 PM] Jeremy Kent: I can arrange energy to any day. it’ll be up to what schedule-pushing faith wants to d
[8/10/14, 12:19:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: o
[8/10/14, 12:19:12 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah lol
[8/10/14, 12:35:50 PM] Aaron Scherer: how do you learn languages?
[8/10/14, 12:35:57 PM] Jeremy Kent: rosetta stone
[8/10/14, 12:35:59 PM] Jeremy Kent: immersion
[8/10/14, 12:36:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: high school
[8/10/14, 12:36:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: in D&D.
[8/10/14, 12:36:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/10/14, 12:36:10 PM] Jeremy Kent: ohhhh
[8/10/14, 12:36:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: when you make your character, if you have an int bonus, you get that many languages to know
[8/10/14, 12:36:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: I’m not sure how you learn more later
[8/10/14, 12:40:33 PM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/10/14, 12:40:37 PM] Jeremy Kent: Whenever you put a rank into this skill, you learn to speak and read a new language.
[8/10/14, 12:40:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: oh, cool… lol
[8/10/14, 12:41:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: Do you have anyone in your big group that has several characters he plays with?
[8/10/14, 12:41:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: one person has a cohort from the leadership skill
[8/10/14, 12:41:48 PM] Jeremy Kent: but it’s a cleric and my game nerfed clerics into oblivion
[8/10/14, 12:41:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: so he stands around holding the mounts’ reins
[8/10/14, 12:42:08 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/10/14, 12:44:47 PM] Jeremy Kent: literally, last session
[8/10/14, 12:58:45 PM] Aaron Scherer: i mean…. have you had anyone who pays two separate characters….
[8/10/14, 12:59:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: like, could i have a lvl 3 bard/wiz, that was all about languages, and have him pop around when we need the help
[8/10/14, 12:59:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: ll
[8/10/14, 12:59:17 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/10/14, 12:59:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: I have had. it gets awkward if the group gets big
[8/10/14, 12:59:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: if we stick to the four we have now, that wouldn’t be an issue
[8/10/14, 12:59:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: i can imagine….
[8/10/14, 1:00:11 PM] Jeremy Kent: I’d almost rather allow gestalt characters than multiple PCs per player
[8/10/14, 1:00:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: you get all the benefits of two different classes every time you level
[8/10/14, 1:00:21 PM] Aaron Scherer: idk what that means
[8/10/14, 1:00:44 PM] Jeremy Kent: ^’
[8/10/14, 1:00:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: ah
[8/10/14, 1:02:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: now I’m curious if the word is german or yiddish
[8/10/14, 1:04:57 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/10/14, 1:05:03 PM] Aaron Scherer: Proteans look cool
[8/10/14, 1:05:51 PM] Aaron Scherer:
[8/10/14, 1:05:54 PM] Aaron Scherer: is this the new one?
[8/10/14, 1:06:53 PM] Jeremy Kent: yeah
[8/10/14, 1:06:55 PM] Jeremy Kent: pretty, innit
[8/10/14, 1:07:23 PM] Aaron Scherer: have you looked for content?
[8/10/14, 1:07:32 PM] Aaron Scherer: for 5th?
[8/10/14, 1:07:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: not yet
[8/10/14, 1:07:44 PM] Jeremy Kent: you wanna run something?
[8/10/14, 1:08:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: possibly lol
[8/10/14, 8:50:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: anyone else interested in going on on D&De5?
[8/10/14, 8:55:33 PM] Jeremy Kent: you wanna buy everyone books? :P
[8/10/14, 9:12:27 PM] Norse Pony: Are we planning to play tonight? I don’t think I’ve heard one way or the other.
[8/10/14, 9:30:34 PM] Jeremy Kent: we can game after faith’s family leaves in like 10
[8/10/14, 9:30:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: all in?
[8/10/14, 9:38:55 PM] Norse Pony: I’m down.
[8/10/14, 9:43:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol, im gonna go work out, il be around 11?
[8/10/14, 9:43:47 PM] Jeremy Kent: heh
[8/10/14, 9:43:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: if I have a quorum of three I’ll go ahead and you can catch up
[8/10/14, 9:44:18 PM] Aaron Scherer: im ok with 2 even lol
[8/10/14, 9:44:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: I’m not. every review I found online of this adventure mentioned how hard and deadly it was
[8/10/14, 9:44:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: =D
[8/10/14, 9:44:42 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol k
[8/10/14, 9:56:11 PM] Faith Kent: Im down.
[8/10/14, 9:56:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: so 2.
[8/10/14, 9:56:37 PM] Jeremy Kent: if you two want to risk the evil dungeon of evilness, I’ll run ya
[8/10/14, 9:56:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: actually… this level starts out targeted at level 1s
[8/10/14, 9:56:55 PM] Jeremy Kent: so you might be just fine until reinforcements reinforce
[8/10/14, 9:57:24 PM] Faith Kent: I could be willing to try, but Id hate to have to roll up a new character so soon =0/
[8/10/14, 9:57:35 PM] Faith Kent: Im ok with sewing for a bit until we have 3.
[8/10/14, 9:57:45 PM] Jeremy Kent: sew? sew what?
[8/10/14, 9:58:00 PM] Faith Kent: BUTTONS!
[8/10/14, 9:58:12 PM] Faith Kent: actually, pillowcases
[8/10/14, 9:58:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: cool
[8/10/14, 10:02:33 PM] Norse Pony: Pillowcases with buttons! A daring new design!
[8/10/14, 10:45:26 PM] Norse Pony:
[8/10/14, 10:55:35 PM] Aaron Scherer: ill be on in 30-45?
[8/10/14, 10:55:37 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/10/14, 10:56:00 PM] Jeremy Kent: kk
[8/10/14, 10:56:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: don’t know how long I’ll be able to play AFTER that, but
[8/10/14, 10:56:26 PM] Aaron Scherer: haha
[8/10/14, 10:56:27 PM] Aaron Scherer: k
[8/10/14, 11:25:41 PM] Aaron Scherer: im here!
[8/10/14, 11:26:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: w00t
[8/10/14, 11:26:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: nathan still alive?
[8/10/14, 11:26:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: NATHAN!
[8/10/14, 11:26:28 PM] Norse Pony: Occasionally.
[8/10/14, 11:26:33 PM] Jeremy Kent: good, good
[8/10/14, 11:30:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: now if only we had a JJ
[8/10/14, 11:30:42 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh hey
[8/10/14, 11:31:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: faith is finishing the page she’s reading
[8/10/14, 11:32:35 PM] Aaron Scherer: cool
[8/10/14, 11:32:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: JJ is online
[8/10/14, 11:33:29 PM] JJ: whoa
[8/10/14, 11:33:31 PM] JJ: lol
[8/10/14, 11:33:35 PM] JJ: I don’t normally log into skype automatically
[8/10/14, 11:33:48 PM] JJ: looks like I’ll have to make that habit XD
[8/10/14, 11:34:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: I google hangouted you like an hour and a half ago
[8/10/14, 11:34:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: shrug
[8/10/14, 11:35:10 PM] Faith Kent: o/
[8/10/14, 11:35:45 PM] Faith Kent: no guarantees on how long Ill be up.each blink is taking a bit more work to recover from.
[8/10/14, 11:36:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: spring-load those lids
[8/10/14, 11:37:11 PM] Faith Kent: Shall we continue down those stairs?
[8/10/14, 11:37:47 PM] Faith Kent: I would like to tie some sort of cloth over my nose before we do.
[8/10/14, 11:39:06 PM] Norse Pony: Kyra is staying with Meri as she leads the way, arrow nocked and ready.
[8/10/14, 11:39:11 PM] Jeremy Kent: This small antechamber sports a hallway to the south and a staircase to the north. Iron stakes drives into the flagstones pin the half-eaten carcass of a pig to the floor in the middle of the room.
[8/10/14, 11:39:14 PM] Jeremy Kent: perception check, please
[8/10/14, 11:39:47 PM] JJ: aw sorry hehe
[8/10/14, 11:39:59 PM] JJ: For some reason I’m using my staff
[8/10/14, 11:40:59 PM] JJ: it comes in handy for getting spider webs out of the way, for one
[8/10/14, 11:41:15 PM] Norse Pony: They’re comin’ right for us!
[8/10/14, 11:41:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: did your staff keep you from making a perception check?
[8/10/14, 11:41:24 PM] Norse Pony: I mean, those giant centipedes!
[8/10/14, 11:41:26 PM] Norse Pony: They’re coming!
[8/10/14, 11:41:29 PM] Norse Pony: Right for us!
[8/10/14, 11:41:54 PM] JJ: no
[8/10/14, 11:42:21 PM] JJ: are you sure I only have 1 perc?
[8/10/14, 11:42:39 PM] JJ: ew centipedes
[8/10/14, 11:42:42 PM] JJ: whacks them with his stick
[8/10/14, 11:42:51 PM] Norse Pony: Wisdom mod plus ranks in perception. It’s possible to have only +1.
[8/10/14, 11:43:03 PM] Norse Pony: It’s not a good idea to have only +1, though, haha.
[8/10/14, 11:43:05 PM] JJ: I have 6 lol
[8/10/14, 11:43:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: Revan?
[8/10/14, 11:43:47 PM] Norse Pony: Do we get a surprise round, by any chance?
[8/10/14, 11:44:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: I didn’t catch anyone saying they were being sneaky
[8/10/14, 11:44:44 PM] Norse Pony: Fair enough.
[8/10/14, 11:45:01 PM] Jeremy Kent: initiatives if you want to act
[8/10/14, 11:45:10 PM] Jeremy Kent: and perception, revan, if you want to act in the first round
[8/10/14, 11:46:18 PM] JJ: looking at this
[8/10/14, 11:48:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: your turn
[8/10/14, 11:49:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: do you see where you are? partway down the map?
[8/10/14, 11:50:05 PM] JJ: only get 1 hit per turn?
[8/10/14, 11:50:05 PM] JJ: lol
[8/10/14, 11:50:09 PM] Jeremy Kent: for now
[8/10/14, 11:50:18 PM] JJ: whacks one of the centipedes
[8/10/14, 11:50:21 PM] JJ: with the staff
[8/10/14, 11:50:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: left or right?
[8/10/14, 11:50:44 PM] JJ: left
[8/10/14, 11:50:48 PM] Jeremy Kent: ok
[8/10/14, 11:50:48 PM] Jeremy Kent: roll atk
[8/10/14, 11:50:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: hit
[8/10/14, 11:51:02 PM] JJ: d6?
[8/10/14, 11:51:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: how many legs do you knock off?
[8/10/14, 11:51:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: not sure
[8/10/14, 11:51:14 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan runs into the fight from out of no where!
[8/10/14, 11:51:23 PM] Jeremy Kent: roll perception and initiative!
[8/10/14, 11:51:53 PM] Norse Pony: Huh, neat new feature in Roll20. You can assign macros as “token actions” now, which means that when you select your token, the macro pops up by the map controls in the upper left.
[8/10/14, 11:52:05 PM] Norse Pony: So I’ve got an initiative macro set up that way now.
[8/10/14, 11:52:09 PM] Jeremy Kent: cool
[8/10/14, 11:52:21 PM] JJ: silly question
[8/10/14, 11:52:24 PM] JJ: what kinda staff should I have
[8/10/14, 11:52:29 PM] JJ: please don’t get mad Xd
[8/10/14, 11:52:31 PM] Jeremy Kent: q..uarter?
[8/10/14, 11:52:33 PM] JJ: I don’t even know what I hit them with
[8/10/14, 11:52:33 PM] JJ: ty
[8/10/14, 11:52:48 PM] Norse Pony: You’re a wizard, right?
[8/10/14, 11:52:51 PM] JJ: yeah
[8/10/14, 11:53:08 PM] JJ: staff and longbow? XD
[8/10/14, 11:53:13 PM] Jeremy Kent: yer a wizzurd, herie
[8/10/14, 11:53:22 PM] Aaron Scherer: Just checking, everyone sees the centipeeds right?
[8/10/14, 11:53:24 PM] JJ: should I use something else instead?
[8/10/14, 11:53:25 PM] JJ: ol
[8/10/14, 11:53:28 PM] JJ: err
[8/10/14, 11:53:29 PM] JJ: use the bow
[8/10/14, 11:53:32 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/10/14, 11:53:40 PM] Aaron Scherer: jj your bow is gonna be pretty innacurate/weak i think…
[8/10/14, 11:53:43 PM] JJ: lol
[8/10/14, 11:53:48 PM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t remember wizards getting bow ,is that an elf thing?
[8/10/14, 11:53:54 PM] JJ: no idea
[8/10/14, 11:53:55 PM] JJ: honestly
[8/10/14, 11:53:56 PM] Norse Pony: “Wizards are proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, and quarterstaff, but not with any type of armor or shield.”
[8/10/14, 11:54:03 PM] Aaron Scherer: cheater!
[8/10/14, 11:54:05 PM] Norse Pony: So yeah, quarterstaff.
[8/10/14, 11:54:15 PM] Jeremy Kent: and a crossbow
[8/10/14, 11:54:27 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh here we go
[8/10/14, 11:54:28 PM] Jeremy Kent: Weapon Familiarity: Elves are proficient with longbows (including composite longbows), longswords, rapiers, and shortbows (including composite shortbows), and treat any weapon with the word “elven” in its name as a martial weapon.
[8/10/14, 11:54:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: are you elven?
[8/10/14, 11:55:14 PM] Norse Pony: Norse Pony cues up the Jeopardy theme.
[8/10/14, 11:55:28 PM] JJ: very elven
[8/10/14, 11:55:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: ok, you can have a longbow
[8/10/14, 11:55:47 PM] Jeremy Kent: and a sword if you prefer it to a staff
[8/10/14, 11:55:49 PM] JJ: hrm
[8/10/14, 11:55:57 PM] Jeremy Kent: but really, just roll some damage
[8/10/14, 11:56:03 PM] JJ: ok
[8/10/14, 11:56:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: let’s say d6 for fun
[8/10/14, 11:56:07 PM] JJ: hehe
[8/10/14, 11:56:45 PM] Jeremy Kent:—-final/weapons
[8/10/14, 11:56:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: all your choices will be on that table
[8/10/14, 11:57:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: revan, you’re up
[8/10/14, 11:57:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: …at the top of some stairs
[8/10/14, 11:57:54 PM] Norse Pony: Wakey wakey.
[8/10/14, 11:58:03 PM] Norse Pony: Centipedes and bakey.
[8/10/14, 11:58:28 PM] Aaron Scherer: Can i move in range to fire? without getting hit?
[8/10/14, 11:58:44 PM] Jeremy Kent: not really. the stairs form a tube that isn’t pointing at ‘pedes
[8/10/14, 11:59:00 PM] JJ: ty
[8/10/14, 11:59:08 PM] JJ: sorry for holding you up xD
[8/10/14, 11:59:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: cant occupy the same space as someone else i assume….
[8/10/14, 11:59:26 PM] Jeremy Kent: that’s ok, now it’s revan doing so :P
[8/10/14, 11:59:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: no but you can move through it
[8/10/14, 11:59:46 PM] Aaron Scherer: can i shoot the thing with puprle hair?
[8/10/14, 11:59:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: if it’s a friend or you make an acrobatics check
[8/10/14, 11:59:51 PM] Jeremy Kent: James? sure
[8/11/14, 12:00:21 AM] Aaron Scherer: ugh, i dont want to move, cause they’ll both get a chance to attack me…
[8/11/14, 12:01:01 AM] Faith Kent: If you have tumble you can attempt a move without drawing an attack of opportunity I believe
[8/11/14, 12:01:05 AM] Jeremy Kent: you could postpone your turn until an opportunity you prefer presents itself
[8/11/14, 12:01:08 AM] Faith Kent: also 5 foot adjust
[8/11/14, 12:01:09 AM] Jeremy Kent: and tumble is in acrobatics
[8/11/14, 12:01:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah, im gonna wait
[8/11/14, 12:01:36 AM] JJ: ahhh
[8/11/14, 12:01:43 AM] Jeremy Kent: k. until after a specific person’s turn or until some specific trigger occurs?
[8/11/14, 12:02:01 AM] JJ: should’ve gone prone huh lol
[8/11/14, 12:02:09 AM] Aaron Scherer: you shouldnt have scouted :p
[8/11/14, 12:02:09 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 12:02:16 AM] JJ: haha
[8/11/14, 12:02:21 AM] Aaron Scherer: uh, until next turn i guess
[8/11/14, 12:02:28 AM] Norse Pony: A wizard who is out in front is generally a dead wizard.
[8/11/14, 12:02:28 AM] JJ: i’m taking your hits1
[8/11/14, 12:02:37 AM] Aaron Scherer: what norse said lol
[8/11/14, 12:02:38 AM] JJ: well, it is a learning experience for me hehe
[8/11/14, 12:02:47 AM] Norse Pony: On 8/11/14, at 12:02 AM, aequasi wrote:
> uh, until next turn i guess
You can set the condition that you’ll wait until you can see an enemy.
[8/11/14, 12:02:58 AM] Norse Pony: So if one of them happens to move into view, your turn will arrive then.
[8/11/14, 12:03:06 AM] Aaron Scherer: ill wait until i can get a shot off on them
[8/11/14, 12:03:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/11/14, 12:03:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: cool
[8/11/14, 12:03:07 AM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/11/14, 12:03:13 AM] Jeremy Kent: meri
[8/11/14, 12:03:20 AM] Norse Pony: Not super-likely to happen, but better to have the condition set than not.
[8/11/14, 12:03:24 AM] Jeremy Kent: anything she says right now sounds kind of echoey for some reason
[8/11/14, 12:03:38 AM] Jeremy Kent: norse, I keep saying, you should take up programming
[8/11/14, 12:03:42 AM] Jeremy Kent: that’s exactly the mindset it’d take
[8/11/14, 12:03:56 AM] Norse Pony: Heh, I know it.
[8/11/14, 12:04:08 AM] Faith Kent: Meri tumbles past the bug on the left to set up a flank and distract it from the crunchy wizard
[8/11/14, 12:04:08 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 12:04:12 AM] Jeremy Kent: acro check
[8/11/14, 12:04:46 AM] Jeremy Kent: hah, there’s a note on the pede’s CMD… “cannot be tripped”
[8/11/14, 12:04:52 AM] Jeremy Kent: well shit
[8/11/14, 12:04:56 AM] Norse Pony: That makes a certain amount of sense, heh.
[8/11/14, 12:04:56 AM] Jeremy Kent: yeah, I think you make it
[8/11/14, 12:05:06 AM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t even know what to give you for that
[8/11/14, 12:05:09 AM] Jeremy Kent: how about an extra 5’
[8/11/14, 12:05:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 12:05:18 AM] Norse Pony: Meri not only tumbles past them, she does a back handspring into a double twist while she’s at it.
[8/11/14, 12:05:30 AM] Jeremy Kent: whistles
[8/11/14, 12:05:34 AM] Aaron Scherer: Revan lifts up a sign > “10”
[8/11/14, 12:05:38 AM] Jeremy Kent: wolf-whistles
[8/11/14, 12:05:40 AM] Jeremy Kent: universe likey
[8/11/14, 12:06:05 AM] JJ: is it possible in dnd
[8/11/14, 12:06:06 AM] Faith Kent: bows slightly while stabbing
[8/11/14, 12:06:07 AM] JJ: to kick your team mate down
[8/11/14, 12:06:11 AM] JJ: and stand over them? XD
[8/11/14, 12:06:25 AM] Jeremy Kent: what, to borrow their space?
[8/11/14, 12:06:31 AM] JJ: yeah
[8/11/14, 12:06:32 AM] JJ: actually
[8/11/14, 12:06:33 AM] Jeremy Kent: yes, but the kick is your attack, so kinda pointless here
[8/11/14, 12:06:37 AM] JJ: there isn’t a way tomove someone over?
[8/11/14, 12:06:42 AM] Jeremy Kent: also an attack
[8/11/14, 12:06:58 AM] JJ: ahh pl
[8/11/14, 12:06:59 AM] JJ: ok*
[8/11/14, 12:07:11 AM] Jeremy Kent: 19 hits
[8/11/14, 12:07:29 AM] Norse Pony: On 8/11/14, at 12:06 AM, ootlink wrote:
> to kick your team mate down
and stand over them? XD
[8/11/14, 12:07:38 AM] Aaron Scherer: hahahahaha
[8/11/14, 12:07:41 AM] Aaron Scherer: oh god.
[8/11/14, 12:08:16 AM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/11/14, 12:09:08 AM] Jeremy Kent: meri trips the left centipede
[8/11/14, 12:09:14 AM] Norse Pony: TO DEATH
[8/11/14, 12:09:19 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 12:09:20 AM] Jeremy Kent: the right one attempts to take a bite out of the wizard
[8/11/14, 12:09:44 AM] Jeremy Kent: what’s your ac?
[8/11/14, 12:09:46 AM] JJ: yay
[8/11/14, 12:09:56 AM] JJ: 13
[8/11/14, 12:10:03 AM] Norse Pony: Luckiest wizard.
[8/11/14, 12:10:14 AM] Jeremy Kent: keye-rah
[8/11/14, 12:10:28 AM] JJ: wouldn’t a 6’1 troll be scary
[8/11/14, 12:10:28 AM] JJ: lol
[8/11/14, 12:10:41 AM] Jeremy Kent: to a halfling?
[8/11/14, 12:10:45 AM] Aaron Scherer: a 6’1" wizard is scary….
[8/11/14, 12:10:46 AM] Norse Pony: With a 5’ step down the stairs, could I shoot the centipede?
[8/11/14, 12:10:55 AM] Aaron Scherer: kyra are you a halfling?
[8/11/14, 12:11:03 AM] Jeremy Kent: 50% cover; what’s that, a -2?
[8/11/14, 12:11:09 AM] JJ: a 6’1 wizard is scary? the capes and robes are pretty expensive
[8/11/14, 12:11:28 AM] Norse Pony: Not sure what the cover penalty is.
[8/11/14, 12:11:36 AM] JJ: but at the top of a castle tower on a cloudy night, damn intimidating
[8/11/14, 12:12:31 AM] Jeremy Kent: -4
[8/11/14, 12:12:32 AM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/11/14, 12:12:37 AM] Norse Pony: Norse Pony nods.
[8/11/14, 12:12:37 AM] Aaron Scherer: ouch…
[8/11/14, 12:12:56 AM] Jeremy Kent: also, precise shot?
[8/11/14, 12:13:00 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah.
[8/11/14, 12:13:02 AM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/11/14, 12:13:14 AM] Norse Pony: And I’ll move through the centipede’s threat area.
[8/11/14, 12:13:21 AM] Norse Pony: Gonna go to the opposite side of James.
[8/11/14, 12:13:39 AM] Jeremy Kent: k. acrobaticing?
[8/11/14, 12:13:42 AM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/11/14, 12:13:45 AM] Norse Pony: Yup.
[8/11/14, 12:14:03 AM] Norse Pony: I use bow flurry at the centipede.
[8/11/14, 12:14:04 AM] Jeremy Kent: fire at james
[8/11/14, 12:14:05 AM] Jeremy Kent: I mean
[8/11/14, 12:14:07 AM] Jeremy Kent: will
[8/11/14, 12:14:12 AM] Jeremy Kent: bow flurry, huh?
[8/11/14, 12:14:19 AM] Norse Pony: Zen Archer FTW.
[8/11/14, 12:14:19 AM] Jeremy Kent: 13 misses
[8/11/14, 12:14:26 AM] Norse Pony: Whee!
[8/11/14, 12:14:28 AM] Jeremy Kent: and I made it a standard action, didn’t I
[8/11/14, 12:14:31 AM] Norse Pony: You did.
[8/11/14, 12:14:32 AM] Jeremy Kent: 11 misses
[8/11/14, 12:14:34 AM] Norse Pony: And I don’t provoke.
[8/11/14, 12:14:42 AM] Jeremy Kent: also ZA?
[8/11/14, 12:14:44 AM] Norse Pony: Yup.
[8/11/14, 12:14:53 AM] Jeremy Kent: coughbroken
[8/11/14, 12:14:55 AM] Jeremy Kent: jk jk
[8/11/14, 12:14:56 AM] JJ: is there a rule on what misses and what doesn’t?
[8/11/14, 12:15:01 AM] Norse Pony: And that’s my turn.
[8/11/14, 12:15:06 AM] Jeremy Kent: yes, the enemy has an AC that you’re trying to hit
[8/11/14, 12:15:11 AM] JJ: ahhh
[8/11/14, 12:15:11 AM] Aaron Scherer: 13 and 11 miss?
[8/11/14, 12:15:13 AM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t tell you what the AC is for any given enemy
[8/11/14, 12:15:15 AM] Jeremy Kent: yes
[8/11/14, 12:15:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: damn.
[8/11/14, 12:15:31 AM] Aaron Scherer: can i unwait now?
[8/11/14, 12:15:32 AM] Aaron Scherer: ‘lol
[8/11/14, 12:15:35 AM] Jeremy Kent: and a 19 hits
[8/11/14, 12:16:18 AM] Jeremy Kent: no, delays have to be specific
[8/11/14, 12:16:32 AM] Jeremy Kent: “I sit out this round” “I delay till just after meri goes” “I delay until a creature comes into view”
[8/11/14, 12:16:32 AM] Aaron Scherer: i shoulda said once the hallway was clear
[8/11/14, 12:16:59 AM] Jeremy Kent: and if it’s a trigger situation instead of delaying until after someone’s turn, you have to say ahead of time what you’re going to do in response to the trigger
[8/11/14, 12:17:01 AM] Aaron Scherer: i wanted to say that
[8/11/14, 12:17:05 AM] Aaron Scherer: but you guys were pressuring me
[8/11/14, 12:17:16 AM] Jeremy Kent: if your friends wanted to jump off a bridge, would you want that too?
[8/11/14, 12:17:22 AM] Aaron Scherer: YES
[8/11/14, 12:17:35 AM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/11/14, 12:17:42 AM] Jeremy Kent: james is up
[8/11/14, 12:17:43 AM] Aaron Scherer: you guys suck.
[8/11/14, 12:19:01 AM] Aaron Scherer: JAMES
[8/11/14, 12:19:08 AM] Jeremy Kent: JJ
[8/11/14, 12:19:10 AM] Jeremy Kent: OOT
[8/11/14, 12:19:12 AM] JJ: yes thank you
[8/11/14, 12:19:13 AM] JJ: :)
[8/11/14, 12:19:15 AM] Jeremy Kent: hi, you’re up
[8/11/14, 12:19:20 AM] JJ: feel like i’m working the drive thru
[8/11/14, 12:19:30 AM] Jeremy Kent: can you see the “turn order” pop-up on your roll20 screen?
[8/11/14, 12:19:35 AM] Jeremy Kent: that tells you when you’re coming up soon
[8/11/14, 12:19:46 AM] Jeremy Kent: revan
[8/11/14, 12:19:46 AM] JJ: 8 doesn’t hit, right?
[8/11/14, 12:19:48 AM] Jeremy Kent: correct
[8/11/14, 12:19:50 AM] JJ: good
[8/11/14, 12:19:55 AM] Jeremy Kent: and a 5-foot adjust doesn’t provoke
[8/11/14, 12:19:58 AM] Jeremy Kent: even up stairs, because i’m nice
[8/11/14, 12:20:02 AM] JJ: :)
[8/11/14, 12:20:03 AM] JJ: ty
[8/11/14, 12:20:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: Will i get hit if i move to where james was?
[8/11/14, 12:20:20 AM] Aaron Scherer: aoo?
[8/11/14, 12:20:28 AM] Jeremy Kent: a 5-foot adjust doesn’t provoke
[8/11/14, 12:20:34 AM] Jeremy Kent: oh you’re still up top
[8/11/14, 12:20:39 AM] Jeremy Kent: no
[8/11/14, 12:20:46 AM] Jeremy Kent: you only provoke if you leave a threatened square
[8/11/14, 12:20:56 AM] Aaron Scherer: k, i move there, at shoot an arrow at the damn things face.
[8/11/14, 12:20:58 AM] Jeremy Kent: and the pede can’t attack the square where james is now
[8/11/14, 12:21:19 AM] Jeremy Kent: do you have precise shot, point blank shot, or anything to help you shoot at melee range without provoking aoo when you do so?
[8/11/14, 12:21:21 AM] Aaron Scherer: yes
[8/11/14, 12:21:27 AM] Aaron Scherer: both
[8/11/14, 12:21:41 AM] Jeremy Kent: ok. so you don’t get the -4, you do get a +1, and you provoke
[8/11/14, 12:21:45 AM] Jeremy Kent: if it hits, I think you lose the shot
[8/11/14, 12:21:57 AM] Aaron Scherer: wait, what?
[8/11/14, 12:22:42 AM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/11/14, 12:22:44 AM] JJ: dang revan, flashy outfit
[8/11/14, 12:23:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: ok, im moving there, and attacking
[8/11/14, 12:23:33 AM] Jeremy Kent: ok
[8/11/14, 12:23:39 AM] Aaron Scherer: 20
[8/11/14, 12:23:46 AM] Jeremy Kent: hold on, it gets to nip at you
[8/11/14, 12:23:50 AM] Jeremy Kent: does a 16 hit?
[8/11/14, 12:24:02 AM] Aaron Scherer: even if i have precise and pbs?
[8/11/14, 12:24:07 AM] Jeremy Kent: yes
[8/11/14, 12:24:11 AM] Aaron Scherer: thats lame.
[8/11/14, 12:24:17 AM] JJ: hehe
[8/11/14, 12:24:19 AM] Aaron Scherer: yes, it does
[8/11/14, 12:24:22 AM] JJ: so I guess I didn’t even get a scratch
[8/11/14, 12:24:24 AM] Jeremy Kent: 1) penalty to shooting into melee, 4, negated by precise
[8/11/14, 12:24:40 AM] Jeremy Kent: 2) bonus to shooting at short range, +1, from PBS
[8/11/14, 12:24:57 AM] Jeremy Kent: 3) provoke AOO by performing a “yes” action from the above-linked table while in melee range of an opponent
[8/11/14, 12:25:02 AM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t know if there’s a feat to nullify that
[8/11/14, 12:25:11 AM] Jeremy Kent: he does 5 damage to you
[8/11/14, 12:25:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: k
[8/11/14, 12:25:20 AM] Norse Pony: There is:
[8/11/14, 12:25:24 AM] Norse Pony: That’s what Zen Archers get.
[8/11/14, 12:25:26 AM] Jeremy Kent: I need a fortitude save
[8/11/14, 12:25:49 AM] Jeremy Kent: “Fighting Defensively as a Standard Action: You can choose to fight defensively when attacking. If you do so, you take a –4 penalty on all attacks in a round to gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC until the start of your next turn.”
[8/11/14, 12:25:57 AM] Aaron Scherer: 20 should work.
[8/11/14, 12:26:08 AM] Aaron Scherer: interesting.
[8/11/14, 12:26:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: i woulda done that.
[8/11/14, 12:26:16 AM] Jeremy Kent: 20 does work.
[8/11/14, 12:26:16 AM] Aaron Scherer: oh well
[8/11/14, 12:26:27 AM] Jeremy Kent: you feel momentarily woozy from the bite, but you manage to shake it off
[8/11/14, 12:26:30 AM] Jeremy Kent: and fire
[8/11/14, 12:26:35 AM] Jeremy Kent: it looks liike only spells are lost when interrupted
[8/11/14, 12:26:54 AM] Aaron Scherer: cool
[8/11/14, 12:27:00 AM] Aaron Scherer: whats my attack roll?
[8/11/14, 12:27:14 AM] Jeremy Kent: d20 + BAB + dex + 1
[8/11/14, 12:27:26 AM] Jeremy Kent: plus another 1 if your bow is masterwork
[8/11/14, 12:27:32 AM] Jeremy Kent: or more if it’s magickal
[8/11/14, 12:27:48 AM] Aaron Scherer: its not, i have a longbow proficiency though, is that just damge?
[8/11/14, 12:28:02 AM] Jeremy Kent: that just means you don’t take a penalty for an unfamiliar weapon
[8/11/14, 12:28:10 AM] Jeremy Kent: I believe
[8/11/14, 12:28:15 AM] Norse Pony: That’s correct.
[8/11/14, 12:28:22 AM] Norse Pony: Proficiencies are just “you can use this correctly.”
[8/11/14, 12:28:29 AM] Aaron Scherer:
[8/11/14, 12:28:32 AM] Aaron Scherer: focus
[8/11/14, 12:28:35 AM] Aaron Scherer: sorry
[8/11/14, 12:28:38 AM] Aaron Scherer: weapon focus
[8/11/14, 12:28:41 AM] Aaron Scherer: not proficiency
[8/11/14, 12:28:44 AM] Jeremy Kent: yes, focus applies to the attack roll, not damage
[8/11/14, 12:28:56 AM] Aaron Scherer: so, + 1 more then here?
[8/11/14, 12:29:20 AM] Jeremy Kent: d20 + dex + bab + 1 pbs + 1 focus
[8/11/14, 12:29:46 AM] Jeremy Kent: hits!
[8/11/14, 12:29:49 AM] Aaron Scherer: awesome.
[8/11/14, 12:30:26 AM] Aaron Scherer: and damage?
[8/11/14, 12:30:31 AM] Aaron Scherer: i need to get used to these….
[8/11/14, 12:30:54 AM] JJ: jeremy has great memory
[8/11/14, 12:30:56 AM] Jeremy Kent: longbow? composite or normal?
[8/11/14, 12:31:01 AM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/11/14, 12:31:02 AM] Aaron Scherer: long comp
[8/11/14, 12:31:09 AM] Jeremy Kent: what str bonus? 4?
[8/11/14, 12:31:23 AM] Aaron Scherer: mhmm
[8/11/14, 12:31:25 AM] Jeremy Kent: 1d8+4 damage.
[8/11/14, 12:31:53 AM] Norse Pony: I usually keep a Google Doc with notes on my character, and one thing that goes in there is all the math that goes into my attacks with all my weapons.
[8/11/14, 12:32:12 AM] Jeremy Kent: when I finish my spreadsheet app this will be the perfect application for it
[8/11/14, 12:32:14 AM] Jeremy Kent: killer, you ight say
[8/11/14, 12:32:16 AM] Jeremy Kent: might
[8/11/14, 12:32:20 AM] Jeremy Kent: meri, you’re up
[8/11/14, 12:32:24 AM] Norse Pony: And then I take the final product and stick it in the Google Spreadsheet character sheet that Jeremy linked us.
[8/11/14, 12:33:29 AM] Jeremy Kent: bug is flanked
[8/11/14, 12:33:39 AM] Jeremy Kent: 19 hits
[8/11/14, 12:33:43 AM] JJ: if we have this much trouble killing centipedes
[8/11/14, 12:33:51 AM] JJ: we’re in for some real headache
[8/11/14, 12:33:54 AM] Aaron Scherer: i just got a super weak attack roll…. lol
[8/11/14, 12:34:00 AM] Jeremy Kent: damage?
[8/11/14, 12:34:30 AM] Jeremy Kent: will everyone please gaze upon the thing’s negative health bar
[8/11/14, 12:35:21 AM] JJ: ichor?
[8/11/14, 12:35:22 AM] Jeremy Kent: there are now two dead giant bugs and one dead normal pig
[8/11/14, 12:35:25 AM] Jeremy Kent: bug blood
[8/11/14, 12:35:32 AM] Jeremy Kent: green stuff
[8/11/14, 12:35:47 AM] JJ: there should be a cantrip for that
[8/11/14, 12:35:47 AM] Norse Pony: Were the bugs carrying anything? Anything lodged in their mandibles or worn as fashionable jewelry?
[8/11/14, 12:35:54 AM] JJ: lol
[8/11/14, 12:36:18 AM] Jeremy Kent: bits of ex-pork are lodged in mandibles
[8/11/14, 12:36:21 AM] Aaron Scherer: do we have any heals?
[8/11/14, 12:36:30 AM] JJ: yeah
[8/11/14, 12:36:48 AM] JJ: I intentionally made mine with 7 heals
[8/11/14, 12:36:55 AM] Norse Pony: This pork has gone to join the choir invisible!
[8/11/14, 12:36:59 AM] JJ: that, or I wasted a caretaker ability
[8/11/14, 12:37:00 AM] JJ: XD
[8/11/14, 12:37:23 AM] Norse Pony: Alright, so on we go?
[8/11/14, 12:37:48 AM] Faith Kent: BACON
[8/11/14, 12:37:50 AM] Aaron Scherer: can i get a heal?
[8/11/14, 12:37:52 AM] JJ: actually, sadly
[8/11/14, 12:37:56 AM] JJ: I am not allowed to heal. well. damn
[8/11/14, 12:38:38 AM] Jeremy Kent: nobody made a cleric…
[8/11/14, 12:38:39 AM] Faith Kent: I believe Kyra is our resident zapper
[8/11/14, 12:38:47 AM] Faith Kent: or was
[8/11/14, 12:38:49 AM] Jeremy Kent: kyra’s a monk
[8/11/14, 12:38:51 AM] Aaron Scherer: wait, why not?
[8/11/14, 12:38:52 AM] JJ: bards can heal
[8/11/14, 12:38:55 AM] JJ: can’t they?
[8/11/14, 12:38:56 AM] Jeremy Kent: the ranger will get healing later
[8/11/14, 12:38:58 AM] JJ: :)
[8/11/14, 12:39:01 AM] JJ: it’s ok
[8/11/14, 12:39:01 AM] Faith Kent: do we completely lack a healer?
[8/11/14, 12:39:01 AM] Jeremy Kent: the rogue doesn’t have bard levels yet
[8/11/14, 12:39:07 AM] Faith Kent: thats poor planning
[8/11/14, 12:39:10 AM] Jeremy Kent: we could bring Brottar in
[8/11/14, 12:39:16 AM] Aaron Scherer: The “bard” isnt a bard.
[8/11/14, 12:39:17 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 12:39:25 AM] JJ: we.. have some potions, right?
[8/11/14, 12:39:32 AM] Jeremy Kent: the orange one was healing
[8/11/14, 12:39:36 AM] Jeremy Kent: revan drank that
[8/11/14, 12:40:13 AM] Norse Pony: There are a couple of resident clerics in Thornkeep who will heal unfortunate souls for the cost of a donation to the church.
[8/11/14, 12:40:32 AM] Faith Kent: We either need to go back to town and buy a metric TON of healing potions/wands, or wrangle ourselves a healer
[8/11/14, 12:40:40 AM] JJ: can I rp that out a little?
[8/11/14, 12:40:50 AM] Norse Pony: At at least one of them will brew healing potions for a larger donation.
[8/11/14, 12:40:58 AM] JJ: my family distributes potions and sells them
[8/11/14, 12:41:04 AM] JJ: we can buy them from them cheap
[8/11/14, 12:41:45 AM] Jeremy Kent: you also have a scroll of New Life, which appears to be a resurrection thing
[8/11/14, 12:41:47 AM] Jeremy Kent: it’s like healing!
[8/11/14, 12:42:06 AM] Aaron Scherer: so, what does JJ need to do healing?
[8/11/14, 12:42:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: bandaids?
[8/11/14, 12:42:08 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 12:42:23 AM] Jeremy Kent: he pretty much just can’t.
[8/11/14, 12:43:02 AM] Jeremy Kent: well if you need more money, that scroll of new life is worth some 10k gp
[8/11/14, 12:43:10 AM] Jeremy Kent: so you could sell it for half that!
[8/11/14, 12:43:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: who got that?
[8/11/14, 12:43:26 AM] Jeremy Kent: then get 5% discounts from James’ family
[8/11/14, 12:43:39 AM] Norse Pony: Speaking of that, once again, we need to actually decide the disposition of the loot we got from the previous adventure.
[8/11/14, 12:43:43 AM] Jeremy Kent: k.
[8/11/14, 12:43:49 AM] Norse Pony: Some of it’s useful, some of it’s useful as gold.
[8/11/14, 12:43:53 AM] Jeremy Kent: the universe takes a pause
[8/11/14, 12:43:57 AM] Norse Pony: But right now it’s in limbo instead of in our hands/pockets.
[8/11/14, 12:44:03 AM] Jeremy Kent: you guys should correspond via group emailness or shared google doc
[8/11/14, 12:44:06 AM] Jeremy Kent: and work out wealth
[8/11/14, 12:44:06 AM] Norse Pony: Yup.
[8/11/14, 12:44:09 AM] Aaron Scherer: i’ve got all my gold
[8/11/14, 12:44:10 AM] Faith Kent: I do have Heal… so I can at least patch him up enough to sleep it off…
[8/11/14, 12:44:11 AM] Jeremy Kent: and I am going to sleep
[8/11/14, 12:44:20 AM] Jeremy Kent: universe-waves
[8/11/14, 12:44:24 AM] Norse Pony: Haha, g’night.
[8/11/14, 12:44:24 AM] JJ: holy cow
[8/11/14, 12:44:26 AM] Aaron Scherer: i dont think im bleeding
[8/11/14, 12:44:27 AM] JJ: this university demo from the 80s
[8/11/14, 12:44:30 AM] JJ: has virtual reality and like
[8/11/14, 12:44:31 AM] Jeremy Kent: what, the MOAD?
[8/11/14, 12:44:32 AM] JJ: pinch to zoom
[8/11/14, 12:44:33 AM] JJ: wtf
[8/11/14, 12:45:02 AM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/11/14, 12:45:03 AM] Norse Pony: • +1 light steel shield (magic, see page 49) (1150 GP)
• Half-plate armor
• Potion of bull’s strength (magic, see page 51) (300 GP)
• Scroll of fireball (magic, see page 53) (375 GP)
• Scroll of new life (magic, see page 53) (6125 GP)
• +1 dragon-bane longsword (magic) (8310 GP)
• Potion of invisibility (magic) (300 GP)
• Potion of levitate (magic) (300 GP)
Energy Heart (the magic ruby which gives DR 10/- against the first elemental damage the bearer takes each day) (1000 GP)
Wand of Magic Missile with 4 charges
[8/11/14, 12:45:08 AM] Jeremy Kent: Long-term care DC 15
[8/11/14, 12:45:14 AM] Jeremy Kent: Long-Term Care: Providing long-term care means treating a wounded person for a day or more. If your Heal check is successful, the patient recovers hit points or ability score points lost to ability damage at twice the normal rate: 2 hit points per level for a full 8 hours of rest in a day, or 4 hit points per level for each full day of complete rest; 2 ability score points for a full 8 hours of rest in a day, or 4 ability score points for each full day of complete rest.
[8/11/14, 12:45:24 AM] Aaron Scherer: oh, cool
[8/11/14, 12:45:33 AM] Faith Kent: sorry your out of luck
[8/11/14, 12:45:55 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 12:46:06 AM] Jeremy Kent: “Try Again: Varies. Generally speaking, you can’t try a Heal check again without witnessing proof of the original check’s failure. You can always retry a check to provide first aid, assuming the target of the previous attempt is still alive.”
[8/11/14, 12:46:25 AM] JJ: if we go to town now
[8/11/14, 12:46:30 AM] Jeremy Kent: everyone have everyone’s emails? do you want me to start a group chain?
[8/11/14, 12:46:32 AM] JJ: we’ll be the first group to say we’ve explored this and lived
[8/11/14, 12:46:32 AM] JJ: XD
[8/11/14, 12:46:36 AM] JJ:
[8/11/14, 12:46:37 AM] Norse Pony: But yeah, there are a couple of clerics in town. We can get Revan healed and commission some potions.
[8/11/14, 12:46:38 AM] JJ: sure I’d like that
[8/11/14, 12:46:55 AM] Aaron Scherer: im down
[8/11/14, 12:47:03 AM] Aaron Scherer: do we want to need/greed roll the other items?
[8/11/14, 12:47:12 AM] Jeremy Kent: not usually
[8/11/14, 12:47:22 AM] Aaron Scherer: or just sell everything and split
[8/11/14, 12:47:24 AM] Jeremy Kent: but if people REALLY get up in arms over distribution that’s a good method
[8/11/14, 12:47:33 AM] Norse Pony: Nah, if they’re useful, they’ll stay in the party and go to whoever they’re useful for. If they’re not useful, then they get liquidated.
[8/11/14, 12:47:58 AM] Jeremy Kent: and up to you guys whether kept items are party, or come out of each player’s liquid assets, or just aren’t counted
[8/11/14, 12:47:59 AM] Aaron Scherer: i’d like the longsword, i think
[8/11/14, 12:48:04 AM] Aaron Scherer: i dont have a melee
[8/11/14, 12:48:19 AM] JJ: totally fine with that
[8/11/14, 12:48:30 AM] Norse Pony: I still can’t keep Skype names straight with character names. Which one are you?
[8/11/14, 12:48:36 AM] Jeremy Kent: Aaron is Revan
[8/11/14, 12:48:38 AM] Jeremy Kent: JJ is James
[8/11/14, 12:48:42 AM] Jeremy Kent: Norse is Kyra
[8/11/14, 12:48:44 AM] Jeremy Kent: Faith is Meri
[8/11/14, 12:48:48 AM] Faith Kent: I have the sword
[8/11/14, 12:49:00 AM] Faith Kent: its what Ive been using since we found it
[8/11/14, 12:49:01 AM] Norse Pony: What class is Revan, a ranger?
[8/11/14, 12:49:08 AM] Jeremy Kent: yeah, ranged specialty
[8/11/14, 12:49:11 AM] Norse Pony: Ah, nice.
[8/11/14, 12:49:13 AM] JJ: I already have a longbow and uh something else
[8/11/14, 12:49:14 AM] JJ: staff
[8/11/14, 12:49:38 AM] Norse Pony: In that case, Meri should probably keep the longsword, since she’s our only “hit people in the face with sharp objects” specialist.
[8/11/14, 12:49:47 AM] JJ: yeah
[8/11/14, 12:49:56 AM] Faith Kent: bows
[8/11/14, 12:49:56 AM] Aaron Scherer: didnt know meri was using it, nvm then lol
[8/11/14, 12:49:59 AM] Aaron Scherer: def keep it
[8/11/14, 12:50:24 AM] Norse Pony: Picking up a backup melee weapon is cheap as free, and odds are you could do it from the 3,000 gold allotment you got on character generation.
[8/11/14, 12:50:26 AM] Aaron Scherer: can i get the potion of invis then
[8/11/14, 12:50:42 AM] Faith Kent: all right, Im off. ‘night!
[8/11/14, 12:50:47 AM] JJ: nite Faith
[8/11/14, 12:50:50 AM] Aaron Scherer: i’ve got 150g left from my original allotment
[8/11/14, 12:50:50 AM] Norse Pony: G’night.
[8/11/14, 12:50:51 AM] Aaron Scherer: gnight
[8/11/14, 12:50:56 AM] Norse Pony: A nonmagical longsword is 15 gold.
[8/11/14, 12:51:09 AM] Aaron Scherer: got a horse, and an awesome magic cloak
[8/11/14, 12:51:17 AM] Norse Pony: Masterwork adds 300 gold to that.
[8/11/14, 12:51:39 AM] Norse Pony: (Masterwork is game term for “really really well made but still not magical”, and gives a +1 on attack rolls.)
[8/11/14, 12:52:18 AM] Norse Pony: You wound up with ~843 gold in cash from the goblin adventure, so you can draw on that if you wanted the longsword magical.
[8/11/14, 12:52:23 AM] Norse Pony: Er, not magical. Masterwork.
[8/11/14, 12:52:31 AM] Aaron Scherer: i wish i woulda known about masterwork, i’d have gotten a masterwork bow
[8/11/14, 12:52:35 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah, i spent the gold from that too
[8/11/14, 12:52:39 AM] Norse Pony: Eh, that’s a fair retcon, though.
[8/11/14, 12:52:45 AM] Norse Pony: And it’s only 300 gold one way or the other.
[8/11/14, 12:53:06 AM] Norse Pony: But yeah, we’ll all wind up with more than that 843 gold once we decide what got sold between the goblin adventure and this one.
[8/11/14, 12:53:16 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/11/14, 12:53:33 AM] Norse Pony: The potions should arguably be sold, since they’re useful but the gold might be more useful.
[8/11/14, 12:53:43 AM] Aaron Scherer: true
[8/11/14, 12:53:44 AM] Norse Pony: We’re keeping the longsword.
[8/11/14, 12:53:49 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 12:54:18 AM] Norse Pony: The shield should prooooobably go to Meri.
[8/11/14, 12:54:42 AM] Norse Pony: It’s worth a decent chunk of change, but she’s the only one in the party who can use it, so it depends on whether she wants a shield or not.
[8/11/14, 12:55:04 AM] Norse Pony: Well, Revan might be able to use it too, but there are reasons you might not want to.
[8/11/14, 12:55:06 AM] Aaron Scherer: idk if herolab can do masterwork
[8/11/14, 12:55:10 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah, i dont want to
[8/11/14, 12:55:38 AM] Norse Pony: The wand of magic missile is probably valueless, so that’s staying in the party as a reserve blaster.
[8/11/14, 12:55:48 AM] Norse Pony: And James gets it, since he’s the only one who can actually use the thing.
[8/11/14, 12:56:08 AM] Norse Pony: Nobody can use the armor, I don’t think.
[8/11/14, 12:56:23 AM] JJ: :)
[8/11/14, 12:56:44 AM] Norse Pony: It’s only got four charges, so it’s a highly limited resource, but hey, four shots in a shotgun is better than none.
[8/11/14, 12:56:59 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah, half-plate is heavy armor, so none of us can use it.
[8/11/14, 12:57:04 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 12:57:48 AM] Norse Pony: And for future reference, newly-created wands always have 50 charges, and the cost depends on what level spell is in it.
[8/11/14, 12:58:13 AM] Norse Pony: So a wand with a low-level attack spell in it would let you pew pew a lot more in combat while you’re still highly restricted on your spell slots.
[8/11/14, 12:59:11 AM] JJ: yay
[8/11/14, 12:59:24 AM] Norse Pony: The cost formula for a wand is: Spell level x caster level x 750 gp
[8/11/14, 12:59:47 AM] Aaron Scherer: so. legendary items look awesome.
[8/11/14, 12:59:51 AM] Aaron Scherer: and expensive.
[8/11/14, 12:59:54 AM] Norse Pony: Haha, indeed.
[8/11/14, 1:00:04 AM] Aaron Scherer: 162000 for a longbow.
[8/11/14, 1:00:35 AM] Norse Pony: Magic Missile is a first-level spell, and always hits, and deals 1d4
1 damage.
[8/11/14, 1:00:53 AM] Norse Pony: So a magic missile wand could be as cheap as 750 gold.
[8/11/14, 1:01:29 AM] JJ: :D
[8/11/14, 1:01:33 AM] JJ: isn’t it level 0?
[8/11/14, 1:01:37 AM] Norse Pony: Nope, it’s level 1.
[8/11/14, 1:01:41 AM] JJ: aw
[8/11/14, 1:01:58 AM] Norse Pony: (And the item creation rules specifically say that level 0 spells are calculated as though they were level 1, anyway.)
[8/11/14, 1:02:03 AM] JJ: yeah
[8/11/14, 1:02:05 AM] Norse Pony: (No free items for you.)
[8/11/14, 1:02:13 AM] Norse Pony: And don’t underestimate Acid Splash.
[8/11/14, 1:02:15 AM] Norse Pony:
[8/11/14, 1:02:24 AM] Norse Pony: That’s not a ton of damage, but it’s a free spell you can do all day.
[8/11/14, 1:02:26 AM] JJ: acid splash is good enough to go with unlimited casts of the 4 spells
[8/11/14, 1:02:29 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah.
[8/11/14, 1:02:30 AM] JJ: right.
[8/11/14, 1:02:40 AM] Aaron Scherer:
[8/11/14, 1:02:41 AM] JJ: except this time around I went with 4 casts on all cantrips
[8/11/14, 1:02:47 AM] JJ: but jeremy said I could change it next level lol
[8/11/14, 1:03:13 AM] JJ: whoa that’s legendary
[8/11/14, 1:03:18 AM] JJ: and very expensive
[8/11/14, 1:03:20 AM] Norse Pony: Seeking is really good.
[8/11/14, 1:03:27 AM] Norse Pony: Flaming, unfortunately, isn’t.
[8/11/14, 1:03:43 AM] Norse Pony: Fire resistance is REALLY common on enemies starting at the mid-levels, where you’d actually have enough money to get something like that.
[8/11/14, 1:03:52 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol good to know
[8/11/14, 1:04:01 AM] Aaron Scherer: thundering looked good
[8/11/14, 1:04:31 AM] Norse Pony: Acid, sonic, and force are sort of the “good” damage types to do, because resistances against them are uncommon, rare, and nonexistent, respectively.
[8/11/14, 1:04:39 AM] JJ: Use the force!
[8/11/14, 1:04:48 AM] Aaron Scherer: force? which effect is that
[8/11/14, 1:04:49 AM] Norse Pony: Force attacks generally do less damage in return, though.
[8/11/14, 1:04:56 AM] Norse Pony: Force is usually reserved for magical attacks.
[8/11/14, 1:05:07 AM] Norse Pony: Although getting weapons that do force is possible, IIRC.
[8/11/14, 1:05:14 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 1:05:14 AM] Norse Pony: Like magic missile is a force attack.
[8/11/14, 1:05:51 AM] Aaron Scherer: cool
[8/11/14, 1:06:54 AM] Norse Pony: And for the future, you might find use in pearls of power.
[8/11/14, 1:07:13 AM] JJ: I shall become an expert in using the force
[8/11/14, 1:07:19 AM] JJ: may the force be with you
[8/11/14, 1:08:08 AM] Aaron Scherer: Thundering looks cool
[8/11/14, 1:08:27 AM] Norse Pony: Force also has the added benefit of hitting incorporeal enemies normally, so if we wind up fighting ghosts or someshit, magic missile is the way to go.
[8/11/14, 1:08:52 AM] JJ: looks at his spell sheet
[8/11/14, 1:09:01 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah, thundering is a fun one.
[8/11/14, 1:09:08 AM] JJ: I reclal
[8/11/14, 1:09:08 AM] JJ:
[8/11/14, 1:09:08 AM] Norse Pony: Particularly if you’ve invested in dealing more crits.
[8/11/14, 1:09:12 AM] JJ: mentioning this like
[8/11/14, 1:09:16 AM] JJ: when we were setting up our chars
[8/11/14, 1:09:23 AM] JJ: lol why didn’t you say I really really should have magic missile in there
[8/11/14, 1:10:08 AM] Aaron Scherer: i there a “crit chance” in this?
[8/11/14, 1:10:12 AM] Aaron Scherer: or do you HAVE to roll a 20?
[8/11/14, 1:10:13 AM] Norse Pony: Haha. Also get Grease, if Jeremy lets you retcon your selections or next level.
[8/11/14, 1:10:23 AM] Aaron Scherer: grease?
[8/11/14, 1:10:25 AM] Aaron Scherer: whats that
[8/11/14, 1:10:34 AM] Norse Pony: By default, you have to roll a 20 and then “back up” the critical threat with another successful attack roll.
[8/11/14, 1:10:36 AM] JJ: I did ask
[8/11/14, 1:10:37 AM] JJ: lol
[8/11/14, 1:10:54 AM] Norse Pony: But there are weapons with a wider “threat range,” which means you threaten a critical on a 19-20, or sometimes an 18-20.
[8/11/14, 1:10:55 AM] JJ: err I did ask you guys if you thought my spells were ok choices
[8/11/14, 1:10:55 AM] JJ: XD
[8/11/14, 1:10:58 AM] JJ: I don’t know shit ;)
[8/11/14, 1:11:00 AM] Norse Pony: And there are feats which widen your threat range too.
[8/11/14, 1:11:20 AM] Norse Pony: And Grease is a first-level spell which is widely regarded as one of the best low-level spells in the game.
[8/11/14, 1:11:29 AM] Norse Pony: It’s excellent battlefield control even up to the mid levels.
[8/11/14, 1:11:57 AM] Norse Pony: It makes an area of grease on the ground, which makes everything in that area or moving through that area have to roll to avoid falling on their butts.
[8/11/14, 1:12:38 AM] Norse Pony:
[8/11/14, 1:13:02 AM] JJ: haha
[8/11/14, 1:13:36 AM] Norse Pony: And a DC 10 acrobatics check is really low, but note that even creatures that can make that check easily still only get to move at half their speed through the grease.
[8/11/14, 1:14:13 AM] Norse Pony: Which is why it remains useful until the mid levels, where flying enemies become more common.
[8/11/14, 1:15:18 AM] Norse Pony: Your second-level list should probably include Create Pit as soon as you can manage it, because yes.
[8/11/14, 1:15:39 AM] JJ: oo
[8/11/14, 1:15:40 AM] JJ: i like
[8/11/14, 1:15:51 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah, that’s the “fuck you” version of battlefield control.
[8/11/14, 1:16:11 AM] Norse Pony: None of this “walk slowly through the grease” business, just YOU SHALL NOT PASS.
[8/11/14, 1:16:17 AM] Norse Pony: (Unless they jump over it.)
[8/11/14, 1:16:41 AM] Norse Pony: Also falling damage stacks up pretty fast, 1d6 per ten feet fallen.
[8/11/14, 1:16:51 AM] Norse Pony: So it can deal a bit of damage when you first create it.
[8/11/14, 1:18:05 AM] Norse Pony: You should fill out the weapon fields on your character spreadsheet so that the math is all already done and you don’t need to remember it.
[8/11/14, 1:23:14 AM] Norse Pony: I like to script my character sheets so the attack and damage updates automatically as I level and change my equipment.
[8/11/14, 1:23:27 AM] JJ: wizards fuck yeah
[8/11/14, 1:23:27 AM] JJ: xD
[8/11/14, 1:23:31 AM] Norse Pony: Because seriously, remembering to change shit can go to hell.
[8/11/14, 1:23:49 AM] JJ: shall i stick with the old quartershaft and longbow combo?
[8/11/14, 1:23:53 AM] JJ: could make it composite…
[8/11/14, 1:23:55 AM] JJ: nobody asked
[8/11/14, 1:24:28 AM] Norse Pony: Composite adds your strength to your damage, which bows normally don’t get. As a wizard, you probably don’t have much of a strength bonus.
[8/11/14, 1:24:47 AM] Norse Pony: In fact you have zero, since I’m looking at your character sheet anyway.
[8/11/14, 1:24:54 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 1:25:03 AM] Norse Pony: So a composite bow would be a waste of money.
[8/11/14, 1:25:04 AM] Aaron Scherer: bow is a really strange thing to have on a wiz….
[8/11/14, 1:25:12 AM] Norse Pony: Gotta love those elves.
[8/11/14, 1:25:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: wouldnt a wand make more sense?
[8/11/14, 1:25:25 AM] Norse Pony: Wands are expensive, bows are cheap, haha.
[8/11/14, 1:25:32 AM] JJ: and elves can see at least
[8/11/14, 1:26:19 AM] Norse Pony: But yeah, as a wizard, you are squishy as hell, so you really don’t want to be in a position to use your quarterstaff.
[8/11/14, 1:26:27 AM] Norse Pony: Because if you can bonk them with your staff, they can bite your leg off.
[8/11/14, 1:26:32 AM] JJ: Shoot I didn’t even choose it
[8/11/14, 1:26:35 AM] JJ: kinda was like
[8/11/14, 1:26:37 AM] JJ: what do I do here lol
[8/11/14, 1:26:41 AM] JJ: wand+bow?
[8/11/14, 1:26:56 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah, I mean, having a melee weapon is good for when those situations arise, because they will.
[8/11/14, 1:27:04 AM] Norse Pony: But you should avoid them whenever possible, heh.
[8/11/14, 1:28:00 AM] Norse Pony: And remember that you can safely withdraw from most melee situations by doing a double move. Use your first move to do a 5’ step away from whatever is threatening you (for many monsters, that will take you out of their range), and then use your second move to haul ass away to magic range.
[8/11/14, 1:28:08 AM] JJ: so I’ve noticed :D
[8/11/14, 1:29:44 AM] Norse Pony: Fly is a third-level spell, and once you can afford to cast that a couple times a day, you can take yourself out of melee danger entirely while still being able to be a C-130 gunship.
[8/11/14, 1:29:51 AM] JJ: :D
[8/11/14, 1:29:53 AM] JJ: Can’t wait.
[8/11/14, 1:30:02 AM] Aaron Scherer: any suggestions for me norse?
[8/11/14, 1:30:23 AM] Norse Pony: And then later on, I don’t remember what level exactly, you get Overland Flight, which lasts for HOURS per level instead of minutes.
[8/11/14, 1:30:37 AM] Norse Pony: I’m only vaguely familiar with rangers. Lemme see here.
[8/11/14, 1:30:53 AM] Norse Pony: Are you just a straight-up ranger, no archetypes?
[8/11/14, 1:31:01 AM] Aaron Scherer: Revanchist
Male Half-Elf Ranger 3
LN Medium humanoid (elf, human)
Init 5; Senses low-light vision; Perception +10
AC 15, touch 15, flat-footed 10 (
5 Dex)
hp 28 (3d10)
Fort 3, Ref +8, Will +3; +2 vs. enchantments
Immune sleep
Speed 30 ft.
Ranged composite longbow +9 (1d8
Special Attacks favored enemy (undead +2)
Str 18, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +3; CMB +7; CMD 22
Feats Endurance, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus (Stealth), Weapon Focus (longbow)
Skills Climb +8, Craft (weapons) +4, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (arcana) +1, Knowledge (history) +1, Knowledge (nature) +5, Knowledge (religion) +1, Perception +10, Sleight of Hand +6, Stealth +14, Survival +6, Swim +8; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception
Languages Common, Elven
SQ combat styles (archery), elf blood, favored terrain (underground +2), track +1, wild empathy +3
Other Gear studded leather, arrows (100), composite longbow, cloak of elvenkind, bedroll, blanket, winter, bottle, grappling hook, hemp rope (50 ft.), signal whistle, torch, heavy horse (combat trained), military saddle, exotic, 205 gp, 5 sp, 9 cp
Special Abilities
Elf Blood Half-elves count as both elves and humans for any effect related to race.
Elven Immunities – Sleep You are immune to magic sleep effects.
Endurance +4 to a variety of fort saves, skill and ability checks. Sleep in L/M armor with no fatigue.
Favored Enemy (Undead +2) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs Favored Enemy (Undead).
Favored Terrain (Underground +2) (Ex) +2 to rolls vs Favored Terrain (Underground).
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Point-Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Precise Shot You don’t get -4 to hit when shooting or throwing into melee.
Track +1 Add the listed bonus to survival checks made to track.
Wild Empathy +3 (Ex) Improve the attitude of an animal, as if using Diplomacy.
[8/11/14, 1:31:17 AM] Aaron Scherer: not yet
[8/11/14, 1:31:27 AM] Aaron Scherer: im thinking about going arcane archer
[8/11/14, 1:33:16 AM] Norse Pony: Arcane archer and the like are prestige classes. Archetypes are variations on classes.
[8/11/14, 1:33:32 AM] Norse Pony: Like Kyra’s zen archerness is an archetype for Monk.
[8/11/14, 1:33:50 AM] Norse Pony: Archetypes change out some class features for others to tune the class toward a different end.
[8/11/14, 1:34:14 AM] Aaron Scherer: link for more info?
[8/11/14, 1:34:39 AM] Norse Pony: The last table at the bottom (of every class page) has links to all the archetypes.
[8/11/14, 1:34:50 AM] JJ: I’m going to bed, nite guys and had fun :D
[8/11/14, 1:34:56 AM] JJ: I had fun*
[8/11/14, 1:34:57 AM] Norse Pony: G’night.
[8/11/14, 1:35:00 AM] JJ: look forward to it again soon heeh.
[8/11/14, 1:35:08 AM] Aaron Scherer: later dude
[8/11/14, 1:35:20 AM] Norse Pony: And archetypes are things you choose at first level, so hopefully Jeremy would let you tweak Revan, since we just started.
[8/11/14, 1:35:32 AM] Aaron Scherer: if i want to add it
[8/11/14, 1:35:41 AM] Norse Pony: Only the archetypes from Paizo would be valid, BTW. We don’t use any third-party stuff.
[8/11/14, 1:36:06 AM] Norse Pony: Right, yeah. I thought that but didn’t say it, heh.
[8/11/14, 1:36:16 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 1:37:47 AM] Aaron Scherer: Any you would suggest?
[8/11/14, 1:38:02 AM] Norse Pony: I dunno rangers well enough to recommend.
[8/11/14, 1:38:10 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 1:38:17 AM] Aaron Scherer: ok
[8/11/14, 1:38:20 AM] Aaron Scherer: ill read them through
[8/11/14, 1:38:27 AM] Aaron Scherer: but, besides that, any other advice?
[8/11/14, 1:38:29 AM] Norse Pony: When in doubt, go with the base class, because the base class is always solid.
[8/11/14, 1:38:34 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/11/14, 1:39:31 AM] Norse Pony: Your emphasis on stealth suggests that you’re envisioning Revan as a sort of sniper. Is that the case?
[8/11/14, 1:40:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/11/14, 1:40:16 AM] Norse Pony: And also, don’t forget to use your Favored Terrain bonuses while we’re underground.
[8/11/14, 1:40:37 AM] Aaron Scherer: i totally forgot. we are underground riht now, arent we
[8/11/14, 1:41:15 AM] Norse Pony: So if you’re wanting to be a sneaky sniper, then you need to find ways to get that bonus as often as possible.
[8/11/14, 1:41:27 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/11/14, 1:41:43 AM] Norse Pony: Greater Invisibility will be the ticket later, but for now… hm, I’m not sure.
[8/11/14, 1:41:55 AM] Aaron Scherer: is that a feat?
[8/11/14, 1:42:00 AM] Norse Pony: It’s a spell.
[8/11/14, 1:42:18 AM] Norse Pony: The invisibility spell (not the greater version) makes you invisible for a while, but if you attack, you become visible again.
[8/11/14, 1:42:21 AM] Aaron Scherer: rangers dont get spells though?
[8/11/14, 1:42:27 AM] Norse Pony: Greater Invisibility lets you stay invisible after attacking.
[8/11/14, 1:42:41 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah they do. Starting at 4, looks like.
[8/11/14, 1:43:20 AM] Norse Pony: "Beginning at 4th level, a ranger gains the ability to cast a small number of divine spells, which are drawn from the ranger spell list. A ranger must choose and prepare his spells in advance.

To prepare or cast a spell, a ranger must have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a ranger’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the ranger’s Wisdom modifier.

Like other spellcasters, a ranger can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. His base daily spell allotment is given on Table: Ranger. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Wisdom score (see Table: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells). When Table: Ranger indicates that the ranger gets 0 spells per day of a given spell level, he gains only the bonus spells he would be entitled to based on his Wisdom score for that spell level.

A ranger must spend 1 hour per day in quiet meditation to regain his daily allotment of spells. A ranger may prepare and cast any spell on the ranger spell list, provided that he can cast spells of that level, but he must choose which spells to prepare during his daily meditation.

Through 3rd level, a ranger has no caster level. At 4th level and higher, his caster level is equal to his ranger level – 3."
[8/11/14, 1:44:10 AM] Norse Pony: Also, at fourth level, you get your Hunter’s Bond.
[8/11/14, 1:44:14 AM] Norse Pony:
[8/11/14, 1:45:23 AM] Norse Pony: With your wisdom score, at level 4 you will have 1 level 1 spell per day. At level 5, you’ll have 2 level ones and 1 level two.
[8/11/14, 1:45:38 AM] Norse Pony: No wait, I’m lying.
[8/11/14, 1:45:45 AM] Aaron Scherer: i dont have a companion….
[8/11/14, 1:45:48 AM] Norse Pony: You’ll have 2 level ones, no level 2s.
[8/11/14, 1:45:57 AM] Norse Pony: Yup. At level 4, rangers get their companion.
[8/11/14, 1:46:02 AM] Norse Pony: So you don’t have a companion YET.
[8/11/14, 1:47:19 AM] Aaron Scherer: interesting….
[8/11/14, 1:47:26 AM] Aaron Scherer: animal companion worth it?
[8/11/14, 1:47:57 AM] Norse Pony: Most likely. Druid animal companions are damn powerful, but part of that (and I don’t know how big a part) comes from the fact that there’s a druid involved.
[8/11/14, 1:48:03 AM] Norse Pony: (Druids are ridonk)
[8/11/14, 1:48:06 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 1:48:10 AM] Aaron Scherer: i didnt like my druid
[8/11/14, 1:48:13 AM] Aaron Scherer: felt super boring.
[8/11/14, 1:48:24 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah, all casters are pretty bad at very low levels.
[8/11/14, 1:48:32 AM] Norse Pony: They increase in power rapidly, though.
[8/11/14, 1:48:59 AM] Norse Pony: Druids in particular get to turn into like, bears and shit and then eat people while still being able to cast spells.
[8/11/14, 1:49:28 AM] Norse Pony: And while sharing their meal with whatever ridiculous beast they’ve got as an animal companion.
[8/11/14, 1:50:07 AM] Norse Pony: Rangers are the martial version – they get a bit of the spellcasting power and a bit of the animal companion power, but can fight nearly as well as a fighter.
[8/11/14, 1:50:09 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 1:50:26 AM] Aaron Scherer: well, i like ranged too
[8/11/14, 1:50:30 AM] Norse Pony: Norse Pony nods.
[8/11/14, 1:52:48 AM] Norse Pony: Oh, and one of the nice things about ranger spellcasting is that you follow the divine rules, which means you know every ranger spell, but you have to choose which to prepare each day.
[8/11/14, 1:53:05 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah, i kinda like that
[8/11/14, 1:53:10 AM] Norse Pony: As opposed to the arcane style, where they have to learn individual spells and then choose to prepare from the ones they know.
[8/11/14, 1:54:36 AM] Norse Pony: One of the first-level ranger spells:
[8/11/14, 1:55:21 AM] Norse Pony: And another first-level one:
[8/11/14, 1:56:25 AM] Aaron Scherer: awesome.
[8/11/14, 1:56:26 AM] Aaron Scherer: 2d6
[8/11/14, 1:56:29 AM] Norse Pony: Those are probably the best two choices for Revan at low levels.
[8/11/14, 1:56:35 AM] Aaron Scherer: awesome.
[8/11/14, 1:57:06 AM] Norse Pony: Either one will only last one minute when you cast it, but that’s 10 combat rounds.
[8/11/14, 1:58:28 AM] Aaron Scherer: awesome, at 1st elvel anyways, right?
[8/11/14, 1:58:33 AM] Norse Pony: Yup.
[8/11/14, 1:58:49 AM] Norse Pony: A fourth-level ranger has a caster level of one.
[8/11/14, 1:59:03 AM] Norse Pony: A ranger’s caster level is always equal to their ranger level minus 3.
[8/11/14, 1:59:36 AM] Norse Pony: And regarding your stealth skill, there is a rule for sniping from stealth.
[8/11/14, 1:59:38 AM] Norse Pony: “If you’ve already successfully used Stealth at least 10 feet from your target, you can make one ranged attack and then immediately use Stealth again. You take a –20 penalty on your Stealth check to maintain your obscured location.”
[8/11/14, 2:00:03 AM] Norse Pony: You’ll be hard-pressed to make that 20 check at level 3, but it should be doable before too long.
[8/11/14, 2:00:19 AM] Norse Pony: And you can always try it. You’ll make at least 5% of them.
[8/11/14, 2:00:36 AM] Aaron Scherer: i have a 19 stealth bonus
[8/11/14, 2:00:47 AM] Norse Pony: Norse Pony nods.
[8/11/14, 2:00:57 AM] Norse Pony: But you’re rolling against the enemy’s perception check.
[8/11/14, 2:01:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/11/14, 2:01:10 AM] Norse Pony: So you get 1d20
19-20, and they get 1d20+perception.
[8/11/14, 2:01:24 AM] Aaron Scherer: mhmm
[8/11/14, 2:01:26 AM] Norse Pony: For animals and stupid undead, their perception is USUALLY pretty low.
[8/11/14, 2:01:41 AM] Norse Pony: But some monster types have entirely decent perception checks, even at low levels.
[8/11/14, 2:01:58 AM] Norse Pony: So shit, give it a try, it’ll work sometimes and other times it won’t.
[8/11/14, 2:02:03 AM] Aaron Scherer: yup.
[8/11/14, 2:04:25 AM] Norse Pony: Hm, I THOUGHT a successful stealth check let you have a bonus on your attack, but I’m not finding that rule. Jeremy might know. All I’m finding is that a successful stealth check gives you total concealment against the opponent, which means they can’t attack you.
[8/11/14, 2:04:45 AM] Norse Pony: (Though they can attack into a square they think you’re in, which isn’t the same thing.)
[8/11/14, 2:04:46 AM] Aaron Scherer: which could still be nice, if im close
[8/11/14, 2:07:20 AM] Norse Pony: What’s your bluff check?
[8/11/14, 2:07:27 AM] Aaron Scherer: uh
[8/11/14, 2:08:10 AM] Aaron Scherer: +0
[8/11/14, 2:08:11 AM] Aaron Scherer: why
[8/11/14, 2:08:32 AM] Norse Pony: Ah, too bad. There’s a rule for using a bluff check to distract someone so that you can duck into stealth against them, heh.
[8/11/14, 2:09:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: is bluff better than intimidate?
[8/11/14, 2:09:56 AM] Norse Pony: Not better, just different.
[8/11/14, 2:10:06 AM] Norse Pony: Bluff, intimidate, and diplomacy all have their uses.
[8/11/14, 2:10:20 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol k
[8/11/14, 2:10:34 AM] Norse Pony: Bluff and intimidate have uses in combat, particularly with various feats that take advantage of them.
[8/11/14, 2:10:44 AM] Norse Pony: Diplomacy doesn’t, but diplomacy is the more general social skill.
[8/11/14, 2:10:51 AM] Aaron Scherer: what feats use intimidate?
[8/11/14, 2:11:37 AM] Norse Pony: This is the big one:
[8/11/14, 2:11:59 AM] Norse Pony: Here’s one for bluff:
[8/11/14, 2:12:01 AM] Aaron Scherer: looks like bluff may be better for me?
[8/11/14, 2:13:23 AM] Norse Pony: Expensive feat chain to get this, but this requires a tiny bit of bluff, so I’m counting it as a bluff feat, heh.
[8/11/14, 2:14:09 AM] Norse Pony: There aren’t many feats that have bluff in their requirements.
[8/11/14, 2:15:21 AM] Aaron Scherer: thats a nice feat
[8/11/14, 2:16:21 AM] Norse Pony: It is, but it’s pretty hard to justify that feat chain unless you’re getting a lot of them for free as part of your class.
[8/11/14, 2:16:41 AM] Aaron Scherer: makes sense
[8/11/14, 2:18:27 AM] Aaron Scherer:
[8/11/14, 2:19:40 AM] Norse Pony: Huh. The spell stuff is very nice.
[8/11/14, 2:19:43 AM] Norse Pony: Everything else, not so much.
[8/11/14, 2:19:48 AM] Norse Pony: But the spell stuff might almost be worth it.
[8/11/14, 2:20:03 AM] Aaron Scherer: the extra bonuses on favored looked cool
[8/11/14, 2:20:38 AM] Aaron Scherer:—-ranger-archetypes/warden
[8/11/14, 2:20:42 AM] Aaron Scherer: warden looks awesome.
[8/11/14, 2:20:58 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah, but you only get one favored enemy, so it’s an all-or-nothing bonus.
[8/11/14, 2:21:08 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/11/14, 2:22:25 AM] Norse Pony: Warden replaces all the combat style stuff.
[8/11/14, 2:22:29 AM] Norse Pony: That’s a HUGE penalty.
[8/11/14, 2:22:34 AM] Aaron Scherer: ?
[8/11/14, 2:22:38 AM] Norse Pony: It also replaces all your favored enemies, which isn’t great.
[8/11/14, 2:22:48 AM] Norse Pony:
[8/11/14, 2:23:02 AM] Norse Pony: So a warden gets none of those free feats.
[8/11/14, 2:23:18 AM] Aaron Scherer: oh shit.
[8/11/14, 2:23:18 AM] Aaron Scherer: nvm
[8/11/14, 2:23:42 AM] Aaron Scherer: alright, well i gotta go to bed.
[8/11/14, 2:23:44 AM] Aaron Scherer: gnight dude
[8/11/14, 2:23:59 AM] Norse Pony: G’night.
[8/11/14, 2:24:02 AM] Norse Pony: See you next time.
[8/11/14, 2:24:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: mhmm
[8/11/14, 2:24:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: im trying to get jer to do an in person night
[8/11/14, 2:24:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: btw
[8/11/14, 2:24:26 AM] Norse Pony: Yeah, that’ll be fun.
[8/11/14, 2:24:31 AM] Aaron Scherer: mhmm
[8/11/14, 2:24:32 AM] Aaron Scherer: gnight
[8/11/14, 8:18:40 PM] JJ: 130 messages
[8/11/14, 8:18:44 PM] JJ: gives everyone cookies
[8/11/14, 8:18:46 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 8:23:02 PM] JJ: man I love going to the beach
[8/11/14, 8:23:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 8:23:08 PM] JJ: even just to watch the sun set
[8/11/14, 8:29:22 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 8:29:26 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah i need to do that soon
[8/11/14, 8:29:33 PM] Aaron Scherer: been talking about it
[8/11/14, 8:29:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: jer you here?
[8/11/14, 8:36:01 PM] JJ: checks IRC
[8/11/14, 8:36:15 PM] Jeremy Kent: sup
[8/11/14, 8:36:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: you need to hop on irccloud, so you can stay in the channel with us
[8/11/14, 8:36:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: you all wanna game or something?
[8/11/14, 8:36:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: im down, but i was gonna let you know, hes thinking a caster/monk lol
[8/11/14, 8:36:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: cool. may I suggest healing
[8/11/14, 8:36:59 PM] Jeremy Kent: (cleric)
[8/11/14, 8:37:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: I’ll mention we dont have one, but i dont think he’ll want to play one….
[8/11/14, 8:37:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: they fight well
[8/11/14, 8:37:27 PM] Jeremy Kent: but ok
[8/11/14, 8:44:15 PM] Jeremy Kent: spony?
[8/11/14, 8:46:19 PM] JJ: looking at how much the lights are flickering
[8/11/14, 8:46:24 PM] JJ: I wonder how long until my desktop’s PSU gets fried
[8/11/14, 8:46:28 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 8:46:40 PM] JJ: dude this house’s electrical is fucked up
[8/11/14, 8:46:46 PM] Aaron Scherer: fix it!
[8/11/14, 8:46:51 PM] JJ: I’m renting
[8/11/14, 8:46:59 PM] JJ: I already made them call an electrician over
[8/11/14, 8:47:10 PM] JJ: dude had the guts to tell me everything was fine (except for the breaker the dryer was using, which was totally wrong)
[8/11/14, 8:47:33 PM] Jeremy Kent: did you tell him you were an EE?
[8/11/14, 8:47:33 PM] JJ: oh man one of my coworkers
[8/11/14, 8:47:44 PM] JJ: yeah. I told him I knew those panels in particular were dangerous
[8/11/14, 8:47:52 PM] JJ: (federal electric type that is.. indeed quite dangerous)
[8/11/14, 8:48:24 PM] JJ: he agreed but said “it’s a mess but look all the houses here ae the same” and then he went on to point out the neighbors all had the same crap
[8/11/14, 8:50:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: “ergo, fix THIS house since you know it’s a mess”
[8/11/14, 8:53:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: so. gamey thingy?
[8/11/14, 8:53:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: nrose and faith?
[8/11/14, 8:53:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: I can get faith on if so.
[8/11/14, 8:54:01 PM] JJ: sure brb a sec
[8/11/14, 9:00:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: so what’s your friend say about being a healer?
[8/11/14, 9:00:48 PM] Aaron Scherer: not sure yet
[8/11/14, 9:00:51 PM] Aaron Scherer: i wouldnt count on it
[8/11/14, 9:01:12 PM] Aaron Scherer: but, ill let you know
[8/11/14, 9:14:27 PM] JJ: gets on roll20
[8/11/14, 9:24:59 PM] Faith Kent: mornin, all =0)
[8/11/14, 9:26:52 PM] JJ: Good morning Faith :)
[8/11/14, 9:27:51 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 9:34:21 PM] Jeremy Kent: alright, so who wants to do something
[8/11/14, 9:34:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: there are dead bugs
[8/11/14, 9:34:36 PM] Faith Kent: lots of ichor
[8/11/14, 9:34:47 PM] Jeremy Kent: ichor… why did it have to be ichor
[8/11/14, 9:35:46 PM] Faith Kent: ummm….any secret passages?
[8/11/14, 9:35:52 PM] Faith Kent: or just the hallway?
[8/11/14, 9:36:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: two searchies
[8/11/14, 9:36:55 PM] Faith Kent: oh good. getting the low rolls out of the way early.
[8/11/14, 9:37:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: no secret passages reveal themselves
[8/11/14, 9:37:27 PM] Faith Kent: Do we want to go back and deal with healing before we venture further?
[8/11/14, 9:37:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: I’m at full HP
[8/11/14, 9:37:47 PM] Aaron Scherer: im ok
[8/11/14, 9:37:57 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan goes stealthy!
[8/11/14, 9:39:23 PM] Faith Kent: ok, Meri takes the lead and heads tip toes down the hallway sword and rapier drawn
[8/11/14, 9:40:49 PM] JJ: you guys pick the oddest times
[8/11/14, 9:41:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: JJ stay in back this time.
[8/11/14, 9:41:11 PM] JJ: ok :)
[8/11/14, 9:41:30 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan is wondering if the universe is going to turn on a light
[8/11/14, 9:41:31 PM] Faith Kent: oddest times?
[8/11/14, 9:46:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: Eight statues of demonic creatures anchored to great square columns guard an octagonal open space in the center of this large hall
[8/11/14, 9:47:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: Various bits of scaffolding and debris are piled up next to the columns, which support a large gallery fifteen feet above the room’s floor
[8/11/14, 9:47:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: (see yellow line to gallery map)
[8/11/14, 9:47:57 PM] JJ: what I mean is
[8/11/14, 9:47:59 PM] Jeremy Kent: Open stone archways lead to the southeast and the north from the lower floor, and a large stone door stands at the south corner of the chamber
[8/11/14, 9:48:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: stealth checks, you two being sneaky
[8/11/14, 9:48:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: or run into the middle of the room
[8/11/14, 9:48:44 PM] JJ: Run extremely quietly and sneaky
[8/11/14, 9:48:50 PM] Aaron Scherer: JJ you arent stealthy
[8/11/14, 9:48:52 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 9:48:54 PM] JJ: what is that, dex?
[8/11/14, 9:49:00 PM] JJ: yeah but I’m back at the entrance
[8/11/14, 9:49:05 PM] Aaron Scherer: theres a skill
[8/11/14, 9:49:11 PM] JJ: fine
[8/11/14, 9:49:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: aaand perception checks
[8/11/14, 9:49:22 PM] JJ: Ok Jim
[8/11/14, 9:49:26 PM] JJ: what trap did I set off!
[8/11/14, 9:49:35 PM] JJ: price is right music starts playing
[8/11/14, 9:54:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: “WATCH OUT!”
[8/11/14, 9:54:27 PM] Jeremy Kent: y’all set off the “goblins attack you” trap
[8/11/14, 9:54:58 PM] JJ: that would have happened anyway
[8/11/14, 9:55:11 PM] Jeremy Kent: meri and james are surprised; revan
[8/11/14, 9:55:11 PM] Aaron Scherer: damnit JJ.
[8/11/14, 9:55:13 PM] JJ: I can speak goblin
[8/11/14, 9:55:14 PM] Jeremy Kent: sees what’s coming
[8/11/14, 9:55:23 PM] JJ: how am I surprised
[8/11/14, 9:55:26 PM] JJ: I queued the friggin music
[8/11/14, 9:55:27 PM] JJ: XD
[8/11/14, 9:55:29 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 9:55:34 PM] Jeremy Kent: you didn’t see them
[8/11/14, 9:55:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: and what did you queue it after?
[8/11/14, 9:55:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: or did you cue it?
[8/11/14, 9:55:44 PM] JJ: cue
[8/11/14, 9:55:48 PM] JJ: and I’m not surprised
[8/11/14, 9:55:53 PM] JJ: can I use a wand instead of a staff?
[8/11/14, 9:56:55 PM] Jeremy Kent: it’s a move action to draw a weapon
[8/11/14, 9:57:00 PM] Jeremy Kent: but you can do it during a normal move
[8/11/14, 9:57:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: initiatives plaese
[8/11/14, 9:57:21 PM] Aaron Scherer: do i get a bonus?
[8/11/14, 9:58:14 PM] Aaron Scherer: i have the highest init, and i rolled the worst. awesome.
[8/11/14, 10:01:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: three arrows arch down from the balcony, their vectors attempting to coincide at revan’s heart
[8/11/14, 10:01:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: ac?
[8/11/14, 10:02:11 PM] JJ: yikes
[8/11/14, 10:02:31 PM] JJ: good thing I prepared resistance from arrows
[8/11/14, 10:02:37 PM] JJ: bad thing I didn’t have more init
[8/11/14, 10:03:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: revan, Armor Class?
[8/11/14, 10:03:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: light
[8/11/14, 10:04:01 PM] Jeremy Kent: number
[8/11/14, 10:04:13 PM] Aaron Scherer: 3?
[8/11/14, 10:04:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: i think
[8/11/14, 10:04:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: total
[8/11/14, 10:04:22 PM] Aaron Scherer: idk.
[8/11/14, 10:04:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: 10 + dex + armor + whatever
[8/11/14, 10:04:27 PM] Jeremy Kent: it’s on your sheet
[8/11/14, 10:04:28 PM] Jeremy Kent: AC
[8/11/14, 10:04:31 PM] Aaron Scherer: oh
[8/11/14, 10:04:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: idk why i cant see it right now
[8/11/14, 10:04:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:04:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: one sec
[8/11/14, 10:05:32 PM] Aaron Scherer: i cant see it…..
[8/11/14, 10:05:39 PM] Aaron Scherer: 10
[8/11/14, 10:05:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: k. all arrows miss.
[8/11/14, 10:06:00 PM] Aaron Scherer: thank fucking god.
[8/11/14, 10:06:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:06:16 PM] JJ: yay
[8/11/14, 10:06:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: where is james? in a wall?
[8/11/14, 10:06:52 PM] JJ: no
[8/11/14, 10:07:07 PM] JJ: the wall is behind me
[8/11/14, 10:07:18 PM] JJ: how the heck do I get last move if I have the 2nd highest init lol
[8/11/14, 10:07:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: you missed a round for being surprised
[8/11/14, 10:07:32 PM] Aaron Scherer: you dont….
[8/11/14, 10:07:33 PM] Aaron Scherer: i have the last
[8/11/14, 10:07:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: so they attack james, meri, and revan, in that order
[8/11/14, 10:07:44 PM] JJ: ah
[8/11/14, 10:08:00 PM] Aaron Scherer: sory meri.
[8/11/14, 10:08:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:08:07 PM] Jeremy Kent: the one attacking james throws his sword down the hallway
[8/11/14, 10:08:30 PM] Faith Kent: heh
[8/11/14, 10:08:35 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:08:40 PM] Aaron Scherer: james, go pick up the sword on your turn
[8/11/14, 10:08:45 PM] Jeremy Kent: the one attacking meri attempts to back up his threat of a crit
[8/11/14, 10:08:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: what’s meri’s AC?
[8/11/14, 10:08:57 PM] Faith Kent: 21
[8/11/14, 10:09:04 PM] Aaron Scherer: tie to the runner?
[8/11/14, 10:09:14 PM] Aaron Scherer: thats a nifty ac
[8/11/14, 10:10:30 PM] Faith Kent: NEVERMIND
[8/11/14, 10:10:31 PM] Faith Kent: 17
[8/11/14, 10:10:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: so it’s a hit but not a crit
[8/11/14, 10:10:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: 3 hp dmg
[8/11/14, 10:10:56 PM] Faith Kent: My character sheet is set up for the way we calculate things in our thursday game
[8/11/14, 10:11:00 PM] JJ: aw, it looked like a crit
[8/11/14, 10:11:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: I have hous roolz
[8/11/14, 10:11:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: revan
[8/11/14, 10:11:52 PM] Aaron Scherer: ?
[8/11/14, 10:11:57 PM] Aaron Scherer: ah
[8/11/14, 10:11:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: ok
[8/11/14, 10:11:59 PM] Jeremy Kent: turn
[8/11/14, 10:12:12 PM] Aaron Scherer: i take a shot at the goblin attacking meri
[8/11/14, 10:12:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: I was gonna say take a 5-foot adjust so you’re not in melee
[8/11/14, 10:12:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: but there’s not really anywhere to step to
[8/11/14, 10:12:44 PM] Aaron Scherer: to where?
[8/11/14, 10:12:45 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:12:47 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah.
[8/11/14, 10:12:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: i may after i attack
[8/11/14, 10:12:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: if i can
[8/11/14, 10:13:13 PM] Jeremy Kent: ok so the one by you takes a swing at you as you draw
[8/11/14, 10:13:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: he hits
[8/11/14, 10:13:26 PM] Jeremy Kent: for 4 damage
[8/11/14, 10:13:29 PM] Aaron Scherer: fucking goblin tickhead
[8/11/14, 10:13:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t know if that was intentional, but awesome insult
[8/11/14, 10:13:54 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:14:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: alright, now fire your shot
[8/11/14, 10:14:11 PM] Jeremy Kent: hits
[8/11/14, 10:14:24 PM] JJ: are they still able to shoot arrows at us?
[8/11/14, 10:14:26 PM] JJ: or was that a one time thing
[8/11/14, 10:14:42 PM] Jeremy Kent: nice dam roll
[8/11/14, 10:14:47 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:14:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: the ones on the balcony have arrows
[8/11/14, 10:14:51 PM] Aaron Scherer: do i get a second roll?
[8/11/14, 10:14:53 PM] Jeremy Kent: the ones on the ground have swords
[8/11/14, 10:14:53 PM] Jeremy Kent: no
[8/11/14, 10:14:56 PM] Aaron Scherer: k
[8/11/14, 10:14:57 PM] Jeremy Kent: that’s only on a natural 20
[8/11/14, 10:15:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: kk
[8/11/14, 10:15:26 PM] Aaron Scherer: cant tell, he not dead?
[8/11/14, 10:15:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: major negative hp
[8/11/14, 10:15:50 PM] Faith Kent:
[8/11/14, 10:15:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: k, i move 15’ to southright of the dead goblin
[8/11/14, 10:16:02 PM] Aaron Scherer: new favorite website.
[8/11/14, 10:16:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: if you move that far you would normally provoke another aoo
[8/11/14, 10:16:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: but the goblin doesn’t have the feat that lets him take two in a turn
[8/11/14, 10:16:41 PM] Aaron Scherer: awesome.
[8/11/14, 10:16:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: james what’s your hit points?
[8/11/14, 10:16:59 PM] Faith Kent: can you guys turn on your status bars?
[8/11/14, 10:17:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: I can
[8/11/14, 10:17:07 PM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t think they can
[8/11/14, 10:17:08 PM] JJ: 16
[8/11/14, 10:17:26 PM] Aaron Scherer: mines already on
[8/11/14, 10:17:30 PM] Aaron Scherer: i think?
[8/11/14, 10:17:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: only for yourself
[8/11/14, 10:17:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: I just added visibility to others for all three
[8/11/14, 10:17:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: let me know if you can’t see someone’s health right now
[8/11/14, 10:17:46 PM] JJ: so uh
[8/11/14, 10:17:48 PM] Aaron Scherer: kk
[8/11/14, 10:17:56 PM] JJ: which would you guys prefer
[8/11/14, 10:18:00 PM] JJ: protection from arrows or me getting that sword lol
[8/11/14, 10:18:12 PM] Faith Kent: go get the sword
[8/11/14, 10:18:18 PM] JJ: ok
[8/11/14, 10:18:22 PM] Faith Kent: tumble away though
[8/11/14, 10:18:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: welp, archers’ turn
[8/11/14, 10:18:31 PM] Aaron Scherer: does everyone have tumble?
[8/11/14, 10:18:44 PM] JJ: what is tumble
[8/11/14, 10:18:51 PM] Faith Kent: acrobatics
[8/11/14, 10:19:01 PM] Faith Kent: but if you make it you won’t provoke while you move away
[8/11/14, 10:19:04 PM] Aaron Scherer: JJ is about to get F’ed.
[8/11/14, 10:19:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: two fire at james, then one at meri
[8/11/14, 10:19:26 PM] Aaron Scherer: hah.
[8/11/14, 10:19:30 PM] Aaron Scherer: sorry again meri.
[8/11/14, 10:19:31 PM] Jeremy Kent: 4 damage to meri
[8/11/14, 10:19:39 PM] JJ: man
[8/11/14, 10:19:39 PM] Aaron Scherer: ill start pecking at the ones up top, if you take care of these two
[8/11/14, 10:19:41 PM] JJ: this is retarded
[8/11/14, 10:20:12 PM] JJ: my AC is 13
[8/11/14, 10:20:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol, you didnt get hit
[8/11/14, 10:20:17 PM] Aaron Scherer: you are ok
[8/11/14, 10:20:23 PM] JJ: yay
[8/11/14, 10:20:33 PM] Aaron Scherer: they both rolled 8’s on you.
[8/11/14, 10:20:37 PM] JJ: :D
[8/11/14, 10:21:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: alright, james’ turn
[8/11/14, 10:21:23 PM] Faith Kent: yeah, wizards are crunchy
[8/11/14, 10:21:29 PM] JJ: tumbles away to grab the sword
[8/11/14, 10:21:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: acrobatics check
[8/11/14, 10:21:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: dex check if you don’t have ranks
[8/11/14, 10:21:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: nice
[8/11/14, 10:21:53 PM] Jeremy Kent: you cartwheel away
[8/11/14, 10:22:11 PM] Faith Kent: Meri whistles. Nice one!
[8/11/14, 10:22:14 PM] JJ: can I pick the sword up here?
[8/11/14, 10:22:14 PM] Jeremy Kent: stay inside the lines
[8/11/14, 10:22:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: the lines are our friends
[8/11/14, 10:22:25 PM] JJ: where sir?
[8/11/14, 10:22:27 PM] JJ: can I pick it up
[8/11/14, 10:22:28 PM] JJ: XD
[8/11/14, 10:22:28 PM] Jeremy Kent: the orange stuff is solid rock
[8/11/14, 10:22:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: yes
[8/11/14, 10:22:39 PM] Aaron Scherer: you are not ethereal. you cannot go through walls
[8/11/14, 10:22:45 PM] Jeremy Kent: it’s a second move action to do so, so that’ll end your turn
[8/11/14, 10:22:47 PM] JJ: oh I get it now
[8/11/14, 10:22:59 PM] JJ: okie dokie picks it up and ends turn
[8/11/14, 10:23:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: meleers attack meri then revan
[8/11/14, 10:24:04 PM] Aaron Scherer: that didnt go how i wanted it to
[8/11/14, 10:24:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: goddamn.
[8/11/14, 10:24:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: 2 dmg to revan
[8/11/14, 10:24:31 PM] Aaron Scherer: 3 turns in a row, i’ve taken damage.
[8/11/14, 10:24:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: ouch
[8/11/14, 10:24:56 PM] Jeremy Kent: meri
[8/11/14, 10:25:20 PM] Faith Kent: Meri is pissed
[8/11/14, 10:25:24 PM] Faith Kent: Stab Stab
[8/11/14, 10:26:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: roll!
[8/11/14, 10:26:25 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:28:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: miss and a miss
[8/11/14, 10:28:13 PM] Faith Kent: SO ANGRY SHE MISSES IN A BLIND RAGE
[8/11/14, 10:28:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: re-vann
[8/11/14, 10:28:32 PM] JJ:
[8/11/14, 10:28:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: you guys can always run away and regroup if you need
[8/11/14, 10:28:46 PM] Aaron Scherer: i dont take a penalty from the doucheholes right?
[8/11/14, 10:29:07 PM] Jeremy Kent: on what?
[8/11/14, 10:29:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: im gonna adjust 5 nw
[8/11/14, 10:29:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: you can do that
[8/11/14, 10:29:31 PM] Aaron Scherer: and then shoot at the douchenoggle hitting me
[8/11/14, 10:29:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/11/14, 10:29:48 PM] Jeremy Kent: …twice?
[8/11/14, 10:30:02 PM] Aaron Scherer: double clicked….
[8/11/14, 10:30:03 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:30:14 PM] Jeremy Kent: noggle?
[8/11/14, 10:30:18 PM] Aaron Scherer: yes
[8/11/14, 10:30:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: adjusted se to corner
[8/11/14, 10:30:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: jussec
[8/11/14, 10:30:42 PM] Jeremy Kent: you can’t split your move without a special feat
[8/11/14, 10:30:48 PM] Aaron Scherer: kk
[8/11/14, 10:30:49 PM] Aaron Scherer: nvm then
[8/11/14, 10:30:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: and, im gonna go walk the dog
[8/11/14, 10:31:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/11/14, 10:31:13 PM] Jeremy Kent: archers
[8/11/14, 10:31:29 PM] JJ: aw meri is alone in there
[8/11/14, 10:31:40 PM] JJ: oh
[8/11/14, 10:31:40 PM] Aaron Scherer: im in there
[8/11/14, 10:31:44 PM] JJ: theres revan yay :D
[8/11/14, 10:31:44 PM] Aaron Scherer: brb, for reallzies
[8/11/14, 10:31:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: one archer can see james
[8/11/14, 10:32:00 PM] Jeremy Kent: 19 hits
[8/11/14, 10:32:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: 2 damage
[8/11/14, 10:32:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: one archer each fires at meri and revan, in that order
[8/11/14, 10:32:49 PM] JJ: so there’s 3?
[8/11/14, 10:33:13 PM] Jeremy Kent: the yellow line leads to the balcony where you can see the archers
[8/11/14, 10:33:16 PM] JJ: dang
[8/11/14, 10:33:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: 3 damage to meri
[8/11/14, 10:33:59 PM] JJ: ah dang protection from arrows isn’t a group spell is it?
[8/11/14, 10:34:21 PM] Jeremy Kent: revan how the heck do you have 28 hp
[8/11/14, 10:35:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: ok, james’ turn
[8/11/14, 10:36:06 PM] JJ: hrm
[8/11/14, 10:36:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: you can see an archer up on the far end of the balcony
[8/11/14, 10:36:19 PM] JJ: can I reach it with my bow?
[8/11/14, 10:36:25 PM] JJ: or does pulling that out cost a move.
[8/11/14, 10:36:27 PM] Jeremy Kent: sure
[8/11/14, 10:36:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh
[8/11/14, 10:36:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: yeah but you dont need to move anywhere do you?
[8/11/14, 10:36:41 PM] JJ: true
[8/11/14, 10:37:10 PM] JJ: how far are they?
[8/11/14, 10:37:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: 50’
[8/11/14, 10:37:33 PM] JJ: ahh ok
[8/11/14, 10:37:50 PM] JJ: and if I cast protection from arrows is it only myself or whoever I cast it on?
[8/11/14, 10:38:20 PM] JJ: nvm I’m going to shoot that one I can see
[8/11/14, 10:38:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: pro’arrows is one creature
[8/11/14, 10:38:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: could be self
[8/11/14, 10:39:33 PM] JJ: heh silly question if I shoot with the bow
[8/11/14, 10:39:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: ya?
[8/11/14, 10:39:41 PM] JJ: what would I apply as + or ?
[8/11/14, 10:40:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: base attack bonus… should be 1 for you by now… and dex, I don’t know your modifier
[8/11/14, 10:40:24 PM] JJ: I’m not sure exactly,d ex is 17
[8/11/14, 10:40:29 PM] JJ: oh good grief
[8/11/14, 10:40:32 PM] JJ: fine no hit
[8/11/14, 10:41:15 PM] JJ: next?
[8/11/14, 10:41:23 PM] Jeremy Kent: ha
[8/11/14, 10:41:34 PM] Jeremy Kent: so you should be d20+4 for a ranged attack
[8/11/14, 10:41:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: still misses
[8/11/14, 10:41:44 PM] JJ: ty
[8/11/14, 10:41:56 PM] Jeremy Kent: so the one that punched meri last time suddenly realizes he’s not holding a sword
[8/11/14, 10:42:09 PM] JJ: too bad
[8/11/14, 10:42:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: he takes a 5-foot adjust away from her
[8/11/14, 10:42:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: then dashes for the doorway to the SE
[8/11/14, 10:42:31 PM] JJ: enjoys his free sword
[8/11/14, 10:44:12 PM] Aaron Scherer: back
[8/11/14, 10:44:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: faith is right he can’t adjust and move
[8/11/14, 10:44:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: 6 acrobatics to tumble past. meri gets an aoo
[8/11/14, 10:44:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: but then he gets a second move if he survives it :P
[8/11/14, 10:45:15 PM] Jeremy Kent: that’s a hit
[8/11/14, 10:45:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: threat on that weapon?
[8/11/14, 10:45:35 PM] Aaron Scherer: nother goblin south of us?
[8/11/14, 10:45:45 PM] Jeremy Kent: the swordless one ran
[8/11/14, 10:45:49 PM] Aaron Scherer: ah
[8/11/14, 10:46:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: crit
[8/11/14, 10:46:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: meri cracks him on the back of the head and he falls, skidding to the doorway
[8/11/14, 10:46:42 PM] JJ: :D
[8/11/14, 10:46:55 PM] Jeremy Kent: and now it’s meri’s turn
[8/11/14, 10:46:57 PM] Aaron Scherer: i assume shes not in the right spot?
[8/11/14, 10:46:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: or soemthing.
[8/11/14, 10:47:03 PM] Faith Kent: “Thou artless dizzy-eyed clotpole!”
[8/11/14, 10:47:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: you see three archers
[8/11/14, 10:47:11 PM] Jeremy Kent: up on the SW balcony
[8/11/14, 10:47:13 PM] Aaron Scherer: how did she hit him from there? lol
[8/11/14, 10:47:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: he skidded
[8/11/14, 10:47:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: 30 feet.
[8/11/14, 10:48:18 PM] JJ: I didn’t write down my languages
[8/11/14, 10:48:30 PM] JJ: but can speak like 10
[8/11/14, 10:48:33 PM] JJ: including goblin xD
[8/11/14, 10:48:35 PM] Faith Kent: This is probably a VERY bad idea…
[8/11/14, 10:48:38 PM] JJ: what are they saying?
[8/11/14, 10:48:43 PM] Faith Kent: Meri climbs up the balcony
[8/11/14, 10:48:45 PM] JJ: hehe
[8/11/14, 10:48:45 PM] JJ: sweet
[8/11/14, 10:48:52 PM] JJ: climb roll!
[8/11/14, 10:50:43 PM] JJ: lol ok parks and rec is mildly funny
[8/11/14, 10:50:52 PM] JJ: tech company dude: “6 months ago i worked in a taco truck”
[8/11/14, 10:52:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: revan, think up what you wanna do
[8/11/14, 10:52:35 PM] Aaron Scherer: can i see any of them?
[8/11/14, 10:57:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: toddler is in bed again
[8/11/14, 10:57:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: let’s get this TPK back under way
[8/11/14, 10:57:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: all three are looking at you
[8/11/14, 10:57:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: well isnt that just sexy.
[8/11/14, 10:57:53 PM] Jeremy Kent: well, one seems distracted
[8/11/14, 10:58:08 PM] Aaron Scherer: ill hit the one furthest from meri
[8/11/14, 10:58:52 PM] Aaron Scherer: stupid roll.
[8/11/14, 10:58:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 10:58:55 PM] Aaron Scherer: oh well
[8/11/14, 10:59:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: it yet lives
[8/11/14, 10:59:13 PM] Aaron Scherer: im gonna move too
[8/11/14, 10:59:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/11/14, 10:59:51 PM] Aaron Scherer: there
[8/11/14, 11:00:35 PM] Aaron Scherer: TRIPLE MISS!
[8/11/14, 11:00:41 PM] Aaron Scherer: “SUCK IT FATTIES!”
[8/11/14, 11:00:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: those were d2
[8/11/14, 11:00:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: coin flips to see who each attacked
[8/11/14, 11:00:50 PM] Aaron Scherer: ah
[8/11/14, 11:00:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: wasnt paying attention very well
[8/11/14, 11:01:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: but i still say that.
[8/11/14, 11:01:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: the one you just shot runs around to shoot back
[8/11/14, 11:01:05 PM] Aaron Scherer: cause they cant hit me.
[8/11/14, 11:01:08 PM] Aaron Scherer: DAMNIT
[8/11/14, 11:01:09 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 11:01:11 PM] Aaron Scherer: well
[8/11/14, 11:01:14 PM] Jeremy Kent: he drops his crossbow over the balcony
[8/11/14, 11:01:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: “SUCK IT HARDER SUCKER!”
[8/11/14, 11:01:20 PM] Aaron Scherer: “THANKS FOR THE CROSSBOW
[8/11/14, 11:01:37 PM] Jeremy Kent: 5-foot adjust and shoot meri
[8/11/14, 11:01:47 PM] Jeremy Kent: 4 damage
[8/11/14, 11:01:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: pillar isnt in the way?
[8/11/14, 11:02:34 PM] Jeremy Kent: he leans ever so slightly
[8/11/14, 11:02:44 PM] Aaron Scherer: is he smart enough to do that….
[8/11/14, 11:02:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: other one backs into the top of the stairwell and fires at meri
[8/11/14, 11:02:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: he hits the pillar
[8/11/14, 11:03:06 PM] Aaron Scherer: hes not.
[8/11/14, 11:03:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 11:03:09 PM] JJ: can I see any of these little stinkers?
[8/11/14, 11:03:10 PM] Jeremy Kent: his bolt ricochets and hits the archer on the far side for one damage
[8/11/14, 11:03:15 PM] Jeremy Kent: james, not any more
[8/11/14, 11:03:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: HAH
[8/11/14, 11:03:22 PM] JJ: is there anywhere I can goto see them?
[8/11/14, 11:03:36 PM] Aaron Scherer: We need to heal after this
[8/11/14, 11:03:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: middle of the room with the balcony, or anywhere NE of that
[8/11/14, 11:03:41 PM] Faith Kent: me
[8/11/14, 11:03:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: your turn
[8/11/14, 11:03:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: you what?
[8/11/14, 11:04:04 PM] JJ: can I move up tot he middle?
[8/11/14, 11:04:05 PM] JJ: hehe
[8/11/14, 11:04:09 PM] Faith Kent: I though he asked who
[8/11/14, 11:04:18 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol JJ, you shoulda played a fighter
[8/11/14, 11:04:21 PM] Faith Kent: Im tired btw
[8/11/14, 11:04:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: haha
[8/11/14, 11:04:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: you can move up to the middle
[8/11/14, 11:04:29 PM] Aaron Scherer: thought you just woke up
[8/11/14, 11:04:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: no
[8/11/14, 11:04:42 PM] Jeremy Kent: she’s been babysitting all day
[8/11/14, 11:04:49 PM] JJ: I wanted to be a mage for a reason
[8/11/14, 11:04:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 11:05:04 PM] Aaron Scherer: you play like a fighter
[8/11/14, 11:05:11 PM] JJ: because I don’t know how to play yet
[8/11/14, 11:05:12 PM] JJ: lol
[8/11/14, 11:05:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: haha
[8/11/14, 11:05:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: so yes, you can reach the middle of the room from where you are
[8/11/14, 11:05:51 PM] Jeremy Kent: assuming you have a 30 move
[8/11/14, 11:06:09 PM] JJ: :)
[8/11/14, 11:06:30 PM] JJ: I’m not even sure what to do that is wizard-ish
[8/11/14, 11:06:39 PM] Aaron Scherer: wizards cast spells
[8/11/14, 11:06:48 PM] JJ: casts shield
[8/11/14, 11:06:56 PM] Aaron Scherer: wait
[8/11/14, 11:06:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: on who?
[8/11/14, 11:07:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: try an offensive spell
[8/11/14, 11:07:06 PM] JJ: lol
[8/11/14, 11:07:08 PM] JJ: okay
[8/11/14, 11:07:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: there’s only two let
[8/11/14, 11:07:10 PM] Jeremy Kent: left
[8/11/14, 11:07:19 PM] JJ: burning disarm? magic missile?
[8/11/14, 11:07:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: and if everyone’s going back outside to heal, you can also regen your slots
[8/11/14, 11:07:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: either
[8/11/14, 11:07:25 PM] JJ: sweet
[8/11/14, 11:07:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: one makes them lose a weapon
[8/11/14, 11:07:33 PM] JJ: yeah
[8/11/14, 11:07:36 PM] JJ: does that still do any damage?
[8/11/14, 11:07:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: the other does not quite enough damage to kill them
[8/11/14, 11:07:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: yes
[8/11/14, 11:07:47 PM] Jeremy Kent: they either take a little damage and drop their weapon, or take a lot of damage
[8/11/14, 11:07:54 PM] Aaron Scherer: isnt there supposed to be a crossbow down here
[8/11/14, 11:07:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t think it’s enough to kill in one shot
[8/11/14, 11:07:56 PM] Jeremy Kent: but still nasty
[8/11/14, 11:07:57 PM] Jeremy Kent: yes
[8/11/14, 11:08:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh you want a token for it?
[8/11/14, 11:08:08 PM] JJ: points at one of the goblins
[8/11/14, 11:08:11 PM] JJ: magic missile
[8/11/14, 11:08:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: you can’t see any from there
[8/11/14, 11:09:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: you’d have to move two squares forward at least to see a target
[8/11/14, 11:09:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: but hey, magic missile never misses -
so 2 points of damage are guaranteed
[8/11/14, 11:09:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: move first
[8/11/14, 11:09:35 PM] Faith Kent: Do you need to be able to see to cast magic missile? I thought it was an automatic hit, so I figured it was auto targeting
[8/11/14, 11:09:46 PM] Aaron Scherer: "?
[8/11/14, 11:10:14 PM] Jeremy Kent: you have to see to pick a target
[8/11/14, 11:10:31 PM] JJ: moves here
[8/11/14, 11:10:46 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 11:10:50 PM] Aaron Scherer: thats even worse
[8/11/14, 11:10:53 PM] JJ: what
[8/11/14, 11:11:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: what are you doing? :P
[8/11/14, 11:11:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: move south to see them
[8/11/14, 11:11:10 PM] JJ: ohh ok
[8/11/14, 11:11:18 PM] JJ: here?
[8/11/14, 11:11:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: yeah
[8/11/14, 11:11:29 PM] JJ: alright finally :D
[8/11/14, 11:11:31 PM] Jeremy Kent: they’re above the diamond
[8/11/14, 11:11:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: roll 1d4+1
[8/11/14, 11:11:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: ooh, you get an extra missile at level 3
[8/11/14, 11:11:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: roll again for the second one
[8/11/14, 11:12:02 PM] JJ: sweet
[8/11/14, 11:12:03 PM] Aaron Scherer: so, it does kill lol
[8/11/14, 11:12:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: he’s dead dead
[8/11/14, 11:12:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: meri, one left
[8/11/14, 11:12:33 PM] Jeremy Kent: I didn’t give you cover against him, so he doesn’t have cover against you
[8/11/14, 11:12:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: assuming meri doesn’t die somehow, and actually HITS the goblin, we should be good here
[8/11/14, 11:12:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: she could always subdue him for interrogation
[8/11/14, 11:12:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: thats actually a good idea
[8/11/14, 11:13:09 PM] Aaron Scherer: can you do that meri?
[8/11/14, 11:13:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh I was joking. not when she’s down to nearly-unconscious hit point levels
[8/11/14, 11:13:21 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 11:13:22 PM] Aaron Scherer: ok
[8/11/14, 11:14:12 PM] Faith Kent: hmmm
[8/11/14, 11:14:23 PM] Jeremy Kent: of course, if she wants to try…
[8/11/14, 11:14:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: well, if she fails, could she die?
[8/11/14, 11:14:45 PM] Jeremy Kent: can either of you climb?
[8/11/14, 11:14:51 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh hold on, environment detail for meri
[8/11/14, 11:14:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: y
[8/11/14, 11:14:54 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/11/14, 11:14:56 PM] Aaron Scherer: i can
[8/11/14, 11:15:18 PM] JJ: so
[8/11/14, 11:15:24 PM] JJ: I know my turn is done with but I’ll describe it hehe
[8/11/14, 11:15:38 PM] JJ: a glowing green ray of light shot out and a missile materialized, sped off, and slammed the goblin in the face
[8/11/14, 11:15:47 PM] JJ: just when he realized what happened another one arrived
[8/11/14, 11:15:50 PM] JJ: and knocked him out
[8/11/14, 11:15:57 PM] Jeremy Kent: nice
[8/11/14, 11:16:00 PM] Faith Kent: I would push him off but my strength score is dismal so I can’t even try it
[8/11/14, 11:16:00 PM] Jeremy Kent: actually killed
[8/11/14, 11:16:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t do the KO thing for monsters
[8/11/14, 11:16:06 PM] JJ: killed*
[8/11/14, 11:16:11 PM] JJ: killed it dead
[8/11/14, 11:16:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: unless they have the special trait to keep fighting below 0
[8/11/14, 11:16:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: also he’s not between you and the edge :P
[8/11/14, 11:16:28 PM] Jeremy Kent: did you see the environment note?
[8/11/14, 11:16:38 PM] JJ: well
[8/11/14, 11:16:47 PM] JJ: it eventually reached them and I pointed in their general direction
[8/11/14, 11:16:47 PM] JJ: XD
[8/11/14, 11:17:01 PM] JJ: notes the cloud of smoke
[8/11/14, 11:17:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: the last two were for meri
[8/11/14, 11:17:30 PM] JJ: ahh+
[8/11/14, 11:17:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: JJ: I’ll label my comments if that helps
[8/11/14, 11:17:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: Meri: did you see the environment note?
[8/11/14, 11:17:47 PM] Faith Kent: yeah
[8/11/14, 11:18:52 PM] JJ: ever have a day where
[8/11/14, 11:19:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: whatcha gonna do meri
[8/11/14, 11:19:02 PM] JJ: things go ridiculously wrong and you don’t get much work done?
[8/11/14, 11:19:07 PM] Jeremy Kent: usually, yeah
[8/11/14, 11:19:11 PM] JJ: lol
[8/11/14, 11:19:14 PM] JJ: yeah that happened today
[8/11/14, 11:19:23 PM] JJ: On the other hand
[8/11/14, 11:19:30 PM] JJ: my forgetting a detail saved everyone’s weekend XD
[8/11/14, 11:19:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: nice
[8/11/14, 11:19:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: how so?
[8/11/14, 11:19:50 PM] JJ: I thought something was working ok
[8/11/14, 11:19:52 PM] JJ: when evidently it wasn’t
[8/11/14, 11:20:08 PM] JJ: and I had control of the thing that gave status
[8/11/14, 11:20:13 PM] Faith Kent: Id just shove, but the only thing I can find is “pushing assault” and I’m not strong enough for that
[8/11/14, 11:20:18 PM] JJ: so when they asked I checked and noted that it looked fine
[8/11/14, 11:20:21 PM] JJ: so we all left happy
[8/11/14, 11:20:25 PM] JJ: turns out, it was broken
[8/11/14, 11:20:28 PM] JJ: very. very broken
[8/11/14, 11:20:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: shove him down the stairs?
[8/11/14, 11:20:35 PM] JJ: but we didn’t realize that until today
[8/11/14, 11:20:37 PM] Aaron Scherer: can you hide faith?
[8/11/14, 11:20:40 PM] Faith Kent: off the edge
[8/11/14, 11:20:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: he’s not between you and the edge
[8/11/14, 11:20:52 PM] JJ: I guess faith is a space robot
[8/11/14, 11:20:55 PM] Faith Kent: is there not an edge next to the stairs?
[8/11/14, 11:20:59 PM] JJ: proteting the goblins from the terrible secrets of space
[8/11/14, 11:21:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: orange is rock
[8/11/14, 11:21:17 PM] Faith Kent: oh
[8/11/14, 11:21:29 PM] Faith Kent: its a wrap around not a pedistal
[8/11/14, 11:21:31 PM] Faith Kent: got it
[8/11/14, 11:21:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: we can have JJ tell you his lesson learned about passing through it
[8/11/14, 11:21:45 PM] Faith Kent: stab
[8/11/14, 11:22:13 PM] JJ: so yeah they had a party this weekend and if we had known everything was broken
[8/11/14, 11:22:15 PM] JJ: they wouldn’t have enjoyed it
[8/11/14, 11:22:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: hah
[8/11/14, 11:22:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: stab hits
[8/11/14, 11:22:27 PM] JJ: so i got thanked for my noob skillz
[8/11/14, 11:22:55 PM] Jeremy Kent: death
[8/11/14, 11:22:57 PM] JJ: but it might come back to haunt me if I have to work saturday
[8/11/14, 11:23:14 PM] JJ: probably not _
[8/11/14, 11:23:29 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan picks up the crossbow
[8/11/14, 11:23:37 PM] Jeremy Kent: write it down somewhere
[8/11/14, 11:23:41 PM] Aaron Scherer: and then loots the three bodies
[8/11/14, 11:23:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: also james with that shortswor
[8/11/14, 11:23:44 PM] Jeremy Kent: d
[8/11/14, 11:24:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: downstairs, each has leather armor, light wooden shield, short sword, short bow with 20 arrows
[8/11/14, 11:24:10 PM] Jeremy Kent: roll perception to see if you find anything else
[8/11/14, 11:24:14 PM] Aaron Scherer: Im gonna take the sord and the arrows
[8/11/14, 11:24:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh sorry, short bow not crossbow
[8/11/14, 11:24:21 PM] Jeremy Kent: I can’t fecking read
[8/11/14, 11:24:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: you don’t perceive anything else on the downstairs bodies
[8/11/14, 11:24:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: kk
[8/11/14, 11:25:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: jj, mind detecting magic on the sword
[8/11/14, 11:25:26 PM] JJ: sure why not :D gonna regen tonight
[8/11/14, 11:25:57 PM] JJ: hmm spellcraft check?
[8/11/14, 11:28:33 PM] Jeremy Kent: well detect magic is a cantrip, I forget, did you take the 4 slots, all variety, or 4 spells, unlimited slots?
[8/11/14, 11:28:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: and you don’t need a spellcraft check to see if something’s magic
[8/11/14, 11:29:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: are you detecting on the shortsword the goblin threw down the hallway?
[8/11/14, 11:29:08 PM] JJ: I took the 4 slots, all variety. and regret it lol
[8/11/14, 11:29:11 PM] Jeremy Kent: or the one revan picked up?
[8/11/14, 11:29:11 PM] Aaron Scherer: my sword
[8/11/14, 11:29:14 PM] JJ: but I won’t lie toyou
[8/11/14, 11:29:19 PM] JJ: revan’s sword
[8/11/14, 11:29:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/11/14, 11:29:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: it is entirely unmagical
[8/11/14, 11:29:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: figures lol
[8/11/14, 11:29:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: unless it’s a priceless artifact, a remnant of a god’s own power
[8/11/14, 11:29:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: in which case it wouldn’t show up as magical to you
[8/11/14, 11:29:57 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 11:30:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: what would that show up as….
[8/11/14, 11:30:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: but you figure it’s PROBABLY just a sword
[8/11/14, 11:30:07 PM] Jeremy Kent: as a sword
[8/11/14, 11:30:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: how would one detect that
[8/11/14, 11:30:34 PM] Jeremy Kent: be a god
[8/11/14, 11:30:40 PM] Aaron Scherer: >.>
[8/11/14, 11:30:40 PM] Aaron Scherer: k
[8/11/14, 11:30:44 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh or attempt to damage/destroy the item
[8/11/14, 11:30:53 PM] Jeremy Kent: it would act all indesctructible
[8/11/14, 11:30:56 PM] Aaron Scherer: im gonna go and peak down this hallway
[8/11/14, 11:31:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: until you’d done enough damage, or the right kinds of damage, in which case it would explode and kill everything in a large radius
[8/11/14, 11:31:11 PM] Aaron Scherer: all stealthlike.
[8/11/14, 11:31:21 PM] Jeremy Kent: I suggest retreating to heal and regen spells
[8/11/14, 11:31:27 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/11/14, 11:31:28 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 11:31:36 PM] Aaron Scherer: i was just hopign for visibility down the hall
[8/11/14, 11:31:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: you see a short stairway
[8/11/14, 11:31:41 PM] Aaron Scherer: and nothing.
[8/11/14, 11:31:41 PM] Aaron Scherer: k
[8/11/14, 11:31:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: leading… up, I think
[8/11/14, 11:32:13 PM] Aaron Scherer: im outside
[8/11/14, 11:32:14 PM] JJ: hrmm
[8/11/14, 11:33:01 PM] Faith Kent: I follow the group out and head back to town
[8/11/14, 11:33:15 PM] Faith Kent: I search the upstairs guys before leaving
[8/11/14, 11:33:23 PM] Jeremy Kent: percepty check
[8/11/14, 11:34:48 PM] JJ: so
[8/11/14, 11:34:51 PM] JJ: I think I’m going to call it a night
[8/11/14, 11:34:59 PM] JJ: geez fucking skype
[8/11/14, 11:35:00 PM] Jeremy Kent: kk
[8/11/14, 11:35:01 PM] Faith Kent: got stuffs, we can go
[8/11/14, 11:35:05 PM] JJ: every now and then it gets stuck
[8/11/14, 11:35:06 PM] JJ: lo
[8/11/14, 11:35:13 PM] JJ: and I’m looking at a line wondering why everyone’s so quiet
[8/11/14, 11:35:19 PM] JJ: then I notice a pile of orange dots
[8/11/14, 11:35:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: hah
[8/11/14, 11:35:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: you’re alone in the diamond room, btw
[8/11/14, 11:36:28 PM] JJ: I follow everyone out the door
[8/11/14, 11:36:46 PM] JJ: off to town :D
[8/11/14, 11:37:01 PM] JJ: how long has it been since we left town?
[8/11/14, 11:37:15 PM] Jeremy Kent: you’ve been in town the whole time
[8/11/14, 11:37:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: the dungeon is under the main castle
[8/11/14, 11:37:19 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 11:37:22 PM] JJ: lol
[8/11/14, 11:37:28 PM] Jeremy Kent: you’ve been in the dungeon for about 30 minutes
[8/11/14, 11:37:29 PM] JJ: what i mean is since we left the tavern
[8/11/14, 11:37:31 PM] Jeremy Kent: it’s now 4:30 AM
[8/11/14, 11:37:36 PM] JJ: oh, awesome :D
[8/11/14, 11:37:39 PM] JJ: I still have my room!
[8/11/14, 11:37:54 PM] Aaron Scherer: haha
[8/11/14, 11:38:02 PM] Aaron Scherer: well, wheres the chapel for healing?
[8/11/14, 11:40:20 PM] Faith Kent: Meri looks around for a building with a glowing red and white circular sign to check herself into
[8/11/14, 11:40:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: look up the details on 33, 21, 15
[8/11/14, 11:40:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: pick your favorite
[8/11/14, 11:40:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: (it’s in the “map key” pdf)
[8/11/14, 11:40:59 PM] JJ: goes to his room to sleep/regen/study for the night
[8/11/14, 11:41:00 PM] JJ: ohh also
[8/11/14, 11:41:04 PM] JJ: mind if I borrow that spell scroll?
[8/11/14, 11:41:27 PM] Aaron Scherer: whats the url again
[8/11/14, 11:41:44 PM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/11/14, 11:43:21 PM] Aaron Scherer: 21 plox
[8/11/14, 11:43:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: ?
[8/11/14, 11:43:35 PM] Aaron Scherer: 21 please
[8/11/14, 11:43:36 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/11/14, 11:46:01 PM] JJ:
[8/11/14, 11:46:08 PM] JJ: and I shall leave you with this
[8/11/14, 11:46:08 PM] JJ: nokia
[8/11/14, 11:46:59 PM] Jeremy Kent: you can get spells cast up through fourth level. cost is spell level times caster level times 10, in gp
[8/11/14, 11:47:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: so CLW is 10 gp
[8/11/14, 11:47:19 PM] JJ: CLW?
[8/11/14, 11:47:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: cure light wounds
[8/11/14, 11:47:39 PM] JJ: doesn’t apply to me XD
[8/11/14, 11:47:40 PM] JJ: nite ya’ll
[8/11/14, 11:47:45 PM] JJ: dozes off in his room
[8/11/14, 11:47:50 PM] JJ: sweet dreams
[8/11/14, 11:47:53 PM] Jeremy Kent: night
[8/11/14, 11:49:03 PM] Faith Kent: night
[8/11/14, 11:51:35 PM] Aaron Scherer: nighter dude
[8/11/14, 11:52:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: ok, ill spend 30gp on that
[8/12/14, 12:51:12 AM] Jeremy Kent: you probably need to spend less since your max xp shouldn’t have been so high…
[8/12/14, 11:01:35 AM] Aaron Scherer: so……
[8/12/14, 11:01:39 AM] Aaron Scherer: how much?
[8/12/14, 11:11:47 AM] Jeremy Kent: what’s your con mod?
[8/12/14, 11:11:58 AM] Aaron Scherer: 0
[8/12/14, 11:12:29 AM] Jeremy Kent: and a ranger is d10
[8/12/14, 11:12:55 AM] Jeremy Kent: so you should have 10+0+6+0+6+0=22
[8/12/14, 11:13:14 AM] Jeremy Kent: I didn’t realize rangers were d10. cool.
[8/12/14, 11:13:34 AM] Jeremy Kent: oh yeah, did you spend preferred class points on xp or skills?
[8/12/14, 11:13:47 AM] Aaron Scherer: skills
[8/12/14, 11:13:57 AM] Jeremy Kent: so ya 22
[8/12/14, 11:14:00 AM] Aaron Scherer: ok
[8/12/14, 11:14:02 AM] Aaron Scherer: finnneeee :P
[8/12/14, 11:14:03 AM] Aaron Scherer: jerk
[8/12/14, 11:58:50 AM] Aaron Scherer: so, what should i spend to heal
[8/12/14, 11:58:56 AM] Aaron Scherer: i also want to talk to her about jobs.
[8/12/14, 11:59:04 AM] Aaron Scherer: while im in there
[8/12/14, 11:59:21 AM] Jeremy Kent: let’s discuss at at ease :P
[8/12/14, 11:59:25 AM] Aaron Scherer: yeah lol
[8/12/14, 1:29:35 PM] Norse Pony: Sorry for being a no-show last night. If we go for another round tonight, I’ll be here.
[8/12/14, 1:34:14 PM] Jeremy Kent: kk
[8/12/14, 1:34:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: let you know
[8/12/14, 2:29:45 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/12/14, 5:08:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: 5:07 PM <ibiwan> so I think I'm not going to run game tonight 5:07 PM &lt;ibiwan> but flip through those pdfs if you get a chance, take notes on where things you want to remember are
5:07 PM <@ibiwan> I put yellow boxes around townie quest hooks :)
[8/12/14, 5:08:43 PM] Norse Pony: o7
[8/12/14, 5:10:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: kk
[8/12/14, 7:50:12 PM] JJ: Gives everyone cookies
[8/13/14, 7:06:16 PM] JJ: Hello lovely adventurer pack :D
[8/13/14, 7:13:00 PM] Aaron Scherer: !
[8/13/14, 7:13:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: nerm?
[8/13/14, 7:13:33 PM] JJ: nerm?
[8/13/14, 7:13:36 PM] JJ: Gives everyone cookies
[8/13/14, 7:37:27 PM] JJ: ok so iOS has one really irritating “feature” in mail
[8/13/14, 7:37:42 PM] JJ: so it’s nice that if I search through mail it’ll search through all of my mailboxes going back as far as they go
[8/13/14, 7:37:47 PM] JJ: the stupid part is it’ll list emails from 5 years ago first
[8/13/14, 7:37:53 PM] JJ: and emails from yesterday somewhere in the middle
[8/13/14, 7:38:15 PM] JJ: then again
[8/13/14, 7:38:19 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 7:38:29 PM] JJ: thunderbird does similar things to me, too
[8/13/14, 7:38:35 PM] JJ: although thunderbird has 1 feature I wish mail had
[8/13/14, 7:38:46 PM] JJ: you can tell thunderbird to only grab emails from the past month
[8/13/14, 7:38:53 PM] JJ: put any email account into mail and it’s all like
[8/13/14, 7:38:55 PM] Aaron Scherer: gmail ftw
[8/13/14, 7:38:56 PM] JJ: downloading 9322352735903247235 messages
[8/13/14, 7:39:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: webmail ftw
[8/13/14, 7:39:22 PM] Aaron Scherer: that too
[8/13/14, 7:39:27 PM] JJ: but that means you have to go to webmail every time you wanna look at your email
[8/13/14, 7:39:31 PM] JJ: instead of just having it already there
[8/13/14, 7:39:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: thinking to game?
[8/13/14, 7:40:05 PM] JJ: maybe :D
[8/13/14, 7:40:06 PM] JJ: rhmm
[8/13/14, 7:40:12 PM] JJ: I am tempted to order a pizza. again.
[8/13/14, 7:40:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: had some for lunch
[8/13/14, 7:40:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: sushi tomorrow!
[8/13/14, 7:40:51 PM] Jeremy Kent: Aaron wanna join? Rb sushi, 1pm, AYCE
[8/13/14, 7:41:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: Good nerd group, including chiper and possibly fwallen
[8/13/14, 7:41:14 PM] JJ: haha
[8/13/14, 7:45:23 PM] Aaron Scherer: wheres it at?
[8/13/14, 7:51:57 PM] JJ:
[8/13/14, 7:51:58 PM] JJ: hehe
[8/13/14, 7:55:14 PM] JJ:
[8/13/14, 7:55:37 PM] Jeremy Kent: Rancho Bernardo
[8/13/14, 8:02:24 PM] Norse Pony: Of the New England Bernardos?
[8/13/14, 8:02:34 PM] Norse Pony: The most daring duelist in all the land?
[8/13/14, 8:05:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: …
[8/13/14, 8:05:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: hiya
[8/13/14, 8:05:48 PM] Jeremy Kent: y’all wanna roll some diceys?
[8/13/14, 8:06:46 PM] JJ: sure but I have to go pick up a pizza
[8/13/14, 8:09:14 PM] JJ: so
[8/13/14, 8:09:20 PM] JJ: wanna roll some dicey in like 20-30 mins? :D
[8/13/14, 8:09:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: kk
[8/13/14, 8:12:00 PM] Aaron Scherer: how far of a drive is that?
[8/13/14, 8:12:02 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/13/14, 8:12:04 PM] Aaron Scherer: im down
[8/13/14, 8:12:15 PM] Jeremy Kent: cool
[8/13/14, 8:12:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: for sushi or dice,
[8/13/14, 8:12:23 PM] Jeremy Kent: ?
[8/13/14, 8:12:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: dice
[8/13/14, 8:13:06 PM] Aaron Scherer: what time is sushi?
[8/13/14, 8:13:10 PM] Jeremy Kent: 1p
[8/13/14, 8:13:18 PM] Aaron Scherer: hmmmmmmmm
[8/13/14, 8:13:31 PM] Jeremy Kent: ..mmmmmm…
[8/13/14, 8:21:10 PM] Norse Pony: I am totes envious of your pizza.
[8/13/14, 8:25:34 PM] Jeremy Kent: want an omelette?
[8/13/14, 8:25:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: you’d have to come get ot
[8/13/14, 8:25:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: it
[8/13/14, 8:53:56 PM] JJ: lol
[8/13/14, 8:53:58 PM] JJ: sorry they were
[8/13/14, 8:54:07 PM] JJ: I hate it when I go to get x
[8/13/14, 8:54:08 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 8:54:10 PM] JJ: and have to wait a long time
[8/13/14, 8:56:03 PM] JJ: oh well
[8/13/14, 8:56:05 PM] JJ: yesterday beat all
[8/13/14, 8:56:10 PM] JJ: I waited at a traffic light for like 6 minutes
[8/13/14, 8:56:13 PM] JJ: finally gave up and made a right turn
[8/13/14, 8:59:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: dude
[8/13/14, 8:59:12 PM] Aaron Scherer: you only have to wait like 60 seconds
[8/13/14, 8:59:23 PM] Aaron Scherer: before you are LEGALLY allowed to run it
[8/13/14, 8:59:31 PM] Aaron Scherer: if theres no one there
[8/13/14, 8:59:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: bs!
[8/13/14, 8:59:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: link?
[8/13/14, 9:00:12 PM] JJ: lol
[8/13/14, 9:00:23 PM] JJ: no this was a shopping center & hawthorne blvd
[8/13/14, 9:00:35 PM] JJ: if there wasn’t a traffic light you’d never get a gap at that time of day
[8/13/14, 9:00:52 PM] JJ: it’s like that episode of the simpsons
[8/13/14, 9:01:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: hmmm, maybe its not legally, but you wont get a ticket for it
[8/13/14, 9:02:19 PM] Aaron Scherer: they tell you that during Motorcycle training
[8/13/14, 9:03:01 PM] JJ: lol motorcycles can get away with a lot
[8/13/14, 9:03:52 PM] JJ: i think the secret is you get a yamaha or a harley that looks like a boring american bike
[8/13/14, 9:03:56 PM] JJ: then put a crazy engine in
[8/13/14, 9:03:59 PM] JJ: and the quietest mufflers you can find
[8/13/14, 9:04:16 PM] JJ: doesn’t matter what kinda motor, but if it is quiet
[8/13/14, 9:04:34 PM] Norse Pony: I remember hearing once that cops basically won’t do shit about motorcycles unless the motorcycle is like, recklessly endangering a million people, because motorcycles are so good at driving super-fast through traffic that it’s just too risky to bother with.
[8/13/14, 9:04:41 PM] JJ: yeah lol
[8/13/14, 9:04:45 PM] JJ: although one time
[8/13/14, 9:04:50 PM] JJ: dude tried to lane split on the bay bridge
[8/13/14, 9:04:55 PM] JJ: he lost his balance and hit my door lol
[8/13/14, 9:05:08 PM] Aaron Scherer: in NH, if you speed up after a cop puts on his lights, he wotn chace
[8/13/14, 9:05:43 PM] Aaron Scherer: wont chase
[8/13/14, 9:05:45 PM] Aaron Scherer: jesus
[8/13/14, 9:06:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: yeah some cops aren’t allowed to
[8/13/14, 9:08:07 PM] JJ: yes, but
[8/13/14, 9:08:13 PM] JJ: they’ll have your license placte numbera
[8/13/14, 9:08:18 PM] JJ: and probably a video of you speeding off
[8/13/14, 9:08:47 PM] JJ: I know you can obscure your plate but yeah lol a judge would love it
[8/13/14, 9:11:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: hard to read those little plates
[8/13/14, 9:15:19 PM] JJ: so
[8/13/14, 9:15:22 PM] JJ: no dice?
[8/13/14, 9:15:24 PM] JJ: Gets out a d20
[8/13/14, 9:19:18 PM] JJ: omg new oots
[8/13/14, 9:19:19 PM] JJ: sweet
[8/13/14, 9:19:44 PM] Norse Pony: I’m totes down for some dice-throwing.
[8/13/14, 9:20:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: me too
[8/13/14, 9:20:07 PM] Jeremy Kent: aaron?
[8/13/14, 9:20:08 PM] Aaron Scherer: I HAVE REAL DICE-I
[8/13/14, 9:20:12 PM] Norse Pony: I missed out on the epic battle of epicness and I want my turn to shoot some stuff (and maybe this time I won’t miss all my shots).
[8/13/14, 9:20:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: WOOT
[8/13/14, 9:20:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: did you get them at at ease the other day?
[8/13/14, 9:20:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: yesterday?
[8/13/14, 9:20:26 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/13/14, 9:20:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: and did your friend want to join us?
[8/13/14, 9:20:54 PM] Aaron Scherer: he cant till at the earliest of this weekend
[8/13/14, 9:21:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/13/14, 9:21:26 PM] JJ: hehe
[8/13/14, 9:21:50 PM] Norse Pony: Did everybody get healed and etc. between sessions?
[8/13/14, 9:21:56 PM] Jeremy Kent: no
[8/13/14, 9:22:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: well, we were still working on stuff
[8/13/14, 9:22:14 PM] Jeremy Kent: aaron, what hp were you at out of your 22?
[8/13/14, 9:22:25 PM] Aaron Scherer: 16
[8/13/14, 9:22:29 PM] JJ: I went to my inn room
[8/13/14, 9:22:38 PM] JJ: which at 11am, I was promptly kicked out of
[8/13/14, 9:22:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: so you only needed to heal 6? 10 gp for that
[8/13/14, 9:23:14 PM] Norse Pony: How much to buy healing potions from the church lady?
[8/13/14, 9:23:45 PM] Jeremy Kent: see equipment guide
[8/13/14, 9:24:00 PM] Jeremy Kent: or 10 x spell level x caster level for spells up through 4th level
[8/13/14, 9:24:47 PM] Norse Pony: Standard price or not-standard price was what I was really wondering, haha.
[8/13/14, 9:25:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: standard price unless you think something in the text that you think says otherwise
[8/13/14, 9:26:05 PM] Aaron Scherer: Really qucik, i want to talk to the lady, before i heal
[8/13/14, 9:26:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/13/14, 9:30:26 PM] Jeremy Kent: talk
[8/13/14, 9:30:28 PM] Aaron Scherer: “Do you have any jobs for me?”
[8/13/14, 9:30:32 PM] Aaron Scherer: IM TALKING UNIVERSE
[8/13/14, 9:30:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: gah.
[8/13/14, 9:30:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 9:30:37 PM] Jeremy Kent: timing
[8/13/14, 9:32:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 9:32:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah
[8/13/14, 9:33:49 PM] Aaron Scherer: does she say stuff?
[8/13/14, 9:33:52 PM] Aaron Scherer: or is she deaf?
[8/13/14, 9:33:55 PM] Aaron Scherer: do i have to sign?
[8/13/14, 9:37:42 PM] Jeremy Kent: sorry was putting kid in bed
[8/13/14, 9:37:47 PM] Jeremy Kent: which lady? which map number?
[8/13/14, 9:37:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: uh
[8/13/14, 9:38:00 PM] Aaron Scherer: 21?
[8/13/14, 9:38:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: i think
[8/13/14, 9:38:04 PM] Aaron Scherer: the healer chick
[8/13/14, 9:40:15 PM] Jeremy Kent: funny, I was just thinking of commissioning a trustworthy band of adventurers to recover something for me
[8/13/14, 9:40:17 PM] JJ: hmm
[8/13/14, 9:40:20 PM] JJ: did I take any damage yesterday?
[8/13/14, 9:40:21 PM] Jeremy Kent: do you know where I could find any?
[8/13/14, 9:43:44 PM] Aaron Scherer: I’ve got a decent crew with me
[8/13/14, 9:48:38 PM] JJ: where? :D
[8/13/14, 9:48:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: they certainly look she looks your wounds up and down …capable
[8/13/14, 9:49:09 PM] JJ: lol
[8/13/14, 9:49:11 PM] Norse Pony: (You should see the other guys.)
[8/13/14, 9:49:17 PM] JJ: I didn’t even take much damage
[8/13/14, 9:49:47 PM] Faith Kent: Meri needs to be healed for 10
[8/13/14, 9:50:00 PM] Aaron Scherer: :)
[8/13/14, 9:50:03 PM] Aaron Scherer: what do you need?
[8/13/14, 9:50:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: 10
[8/13/14, 9:50:54 PM] Norse Pony: BTW, if we pool our money, we can pick up a wand of CLW for 750 GP, and Revan can use it.
[8/13/14, 9:51:35 PM] Faith Kent: That could be useful
[8/13/14, 9:52:05 PM] Faith Kent: David is interested in joining as a healer too, he’s out for the night though
[8/13/14, 9:52:11 PM] Norse Pony: Norse Pony nods.
[8/13/14, 9:52:16 PM] Norse Pony: That’ll be welcome.
[8/13/14, 9:52:38 PM] Faith Kent: can you share what you did with your cleric that got you channeling when you get a chance?
[8/13/14, 9:53:14 PM] JJ: :D
[8/13/14, 9:54:22 PM] Norse Pony: Channeling is just what Pathfinder clerics do instead of Turn Undead.
[8/13/14, 9:54:37 PM] Norse Pony: It deals damage to undead OR heals non-undead, your choice each time.
[8/13/14, 9:54:38 PM] Faith Kent: so they can all do it?
[8/13/14, 9:54:42 PM] Norse Pony: Yup.
[8/13/14, 9:54:49 PM] Faith Kent: spiffy
[8/13/14, 9:54:54 PM] Norse Pony: It’s a nice change.
[8/13/14, 9:55:02 PM] Norse Pony: From 3.5 clerics, I mean.
[8/13/14, 9:55:29 PM] Faith Kent: so do we all get healed up?
[8/13/14, 9:55:41 PM] Aaron Scherer: im still waiting for her to talk to me.
[8/13/14, 9:55:47 PM] Aaron Scherer: shes not really paying attention to me.
[8/13/14, 9:56:09 PM] Faith Kent: She’s stone deaf. try miming it.
[8/13/14, 9:57:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan signs What do you need help with?"
[8/13/14, 10:00:13 PM] Aaron Scherer: ….
[8/13/14, 10:00:14 PM] Jeremy Kent: "they certainly look *she looks your wounds up and down
[8/13/14, 10:00:14 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 10:00:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: didn’t get a response that I saw
[8/13/14, 10:00:41 PM] Aaron Scherer: thats not something i can really reply to lol
[8/13/14, 10:00:47 PM] Aaron Scherer: “Yes.”
[8/13/14, 10:01:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: “but I said I needed someone trustworthy.”
[8/13/14, 10:01:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: “How about this. I’ll do the healing you mentioned now. If you come back and pay me tomorrow for it, we’ll discuss jobs.”
[8/13/14, 10:02:06 PM] Aaron Scherer: We have a monk, who cannot lie, ask him if we can be trusted
[8/13/14, 10:02:19 PM] Norse Pony: (Her.)
[8/13/14, 10:02:25 PM] Aaron Scherer: ^^
[8/13/14, 10:02:27 PM] Aaron Scherer: what she said.
[8/13/14, 10:02:28 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 10:02:36 PM] Norse Pony: Norse Pony delicately coughs.
[8/13/14, 10:02:38 PM] Norse Pony: HACK HACK
[8/13/14, 10:04:04 PM] Norse Pony: “The priestess’s offer is a wise one. She is paid and establishes our trustworthiness in one step.”
[8/13/14, 10:04:33 PM] Jeremy Kent: “and the information that the monk cannot lie… I have on the word of a… what are you, that I should take your word on the monk’s honesty?”
[8/13/14, 10:05:01 PM] Norse Pony: “He is mistaken, in any case. I can lie. I only do not.”
[8/13/14, 10:05:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: “So your friend wishes to establish his trustworthiness by stating an untruth?”
[8/13/14, 10:05:55 PM] Aaron Scherer: you don’t have the vow of truth?
[8/13/14, 10:06:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: guess i shoulda asked first…
[8/13/14, 10:06:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 10:06:11 PM] Norse Pony: “One cannot always choose one’s companions. One rows with the oars one has.”
[8/13/14, 10:06:53 PM] Jeremy Kent: “And if you’re heading for a waterfall and all you have is a snowshoe, you row for all you’re worth anyway”
[8/13/14, 10:07:16 PM] Norse Pony: “It is always so.”
[8/13/14, 10:07:25 PM] Norse Pony: And nah, not yet, anyway. Probably gonna take that vow later on.
[8/13/14, 10:07:26 PM] Jeremy Kent: she nods sagely
[8/13/14, 10:08:21 PM] Norse Pony: “We accept your offer, with our thanks for mending our wounds.”
[8/13/14, 10:08:29 PM] Aaron Scherer: "Dur. Well i appologize. But we are a trustworthy group.
[8/13/14, 10:08:44 PM] Jeremy Kent: she looks you over and casts her spells as appropriate to the damage
[8/13/14, 10:08:50 PM] Aaron Scherer: “Stupidity does not equate to dishonesty.”
[8/13/14, 10:09:18 PM] Aaron Scherer: “Thanks.”
[8/13/14, 10:09:48 PM] Jeremy Kent: “No, but it can appear as such”
[8/13/14, 10:10:06 PM] JJ: ponders whacking him with his spell book
[8/13/14, 10:10:22 PM] Norse Pony: “We will return tomorrow.” Kyra bows to the priestess.
[8/13/14, 10:10:37 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan bows
[8/13/14, 10:10:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: “I will look for your return”
[8/13/14, 10:11:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: she inclines her head slightly to each of you
[8/13/14, 10:11:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: it’s probably your imagination that she’s smirking as she turns away
[8/13/14, 10:11:31 PM] JJ: rolls his eyes
[8/13/14, 10:12:12 PM] Norse Pony: Can I sense her motive?
[8/13/14, 10:14:56 PM] Jeremy Kent: sure
[8/13/14, 10:17:24 PM] Norse Pony: Kyra peers at the priestess for a moment, then the corner of her mouth turns up and she leaves the temple.
[8/13/14, 10:18:57 PM] Jeremy Kent: alright, so you’re all healded up
[8/13/14, 10:19:24 PM] Norse Pony: “Shall we pick up where we left off?”
[8/13/14, 10:19:34 PM] JJ: am I? :D
[8/13/14, 10:19:54 PM] Faith Kent: down the hallway?
[8/13/14, 10:20:00 PM] JJ: whatever
[8/13/14, 10:20:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: yes, you’re healed. how much damage had you taken?
[8/13/14, 10:20:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: revan owes 10 gp, meri owes 20 gp
[8/13/14, 10:21:00 PM] JJ: not much?
[8/13/14, 10:21:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: 10 gp
[8/13/14, 10:21:14 PM] JJ: lol I recall being missed by the arrows
[8/13/14, 10:21:15 PM] JJ: huzzah
[8/13/14, 10:23:06 PM] Faith Kent: TO THE HALLWAY!
[8/13/14, 10:23:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: “Excuse me…”
[8/13/14, 10:23:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: a man walks up to you as you leave the temple
[8/13/14, 10:23:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: “Were you all in there worshipping?”
[8/13/14, 10:24:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: He is a nondescript man, wearing a wide-brimmed black hat, collared shirt, suspenders, and short black jacket
[8/13/14, 10:24:55 PM] Norse Pony: “We were partaking of healing. Why do you ask?”
[8/13/14, 10:25:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: “I suspected as much. I find most groups like you, who seek Idara’s assistance, could also make use of mine”
[8/13/14, 10:26:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: “You see, I also have some skill with healing. Unlike Idara, I can keep becoming injured myself if I am in the midst of strife”
[8/13/14, 10:26:51 PM] Jeremy Kent: “I would charge somewhat more for my services than she does, but I could go with you while you… work”
[8/13/14, 10:27:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: keep from* becoming
[8/13/14, 10:27:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: you notice a glint of chainmail peeking out from between the buttons on his shirt, and see a farming sickle hanging at his belt
[8/13/14, 10:27:59 PM] Norse Pony: Do we recognize him from around town at all?
[8/13/14, 10:28:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: leaning on a tree nearby, you see a large shield wobbling as if it has just been placed there
[8/13/14, 10:28:30 PM] Jeremy Kent: not really, but this is a town of wanderers and vagrants — very few regular faces
[8/13/14, 10:29:05 PM] Norse Pony: Does he seem trustworthy? By which I mean, sense motive.
[8/13/14, 10:29:26 PM] JJ: Seems like the kinda person my parents told me not to hire
[8/13/14, 10:29:27 PM] JJ: lol
[8/13/14, 10:29:43 PM] Norse Pony: I think you’ll find that most of our group is the kind of person your parents warned you about.
[8/13/14, 10:29:44 PM] Jeremy Kent: meri, you think he’s lying through his teeth
[8/13/14, 10:29:53 PM] Jeremy Kent: kyra, you think he just wants some cash and knows how to get it
[8/13/14, 10:30:22 PM] Faith Kent: Meri bristles
[8/13/14, 10:31:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh right. he also seems to have a talisman of some sort hanging around his neck. it seems to be a simple iron chain, from which is dangling a miniature wooden wagon wheel
[8/13/14, 10:31:40 PM] Norse Pony: OOC, I assume we want to hire him, yeah?
[8/13/14, 10:31:47 PM] Aaron Scherer: OOC?
[8/13/14, 10:31:49 PM] Norse Pony: I’m down with it, at least.
[8/13/14, 10:31:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: out of character
[8/13/14, 10:31:51 PM] Norse Pony: Out of character.
[8/13/14, 10:32:03 PM] Aaron Scherer: ah, uh. Can we pay after….?
[8/13/14, 10:32:04 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 10:32:25 PM] Faith Kent: “whats your price?”
[8/13/14, 10:32:28 PM] Jeremy Kent: “You wish to commit to later payment before discussing an amount?”
[8/13/14, 10:32:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: “Ah, good”
[8/13/14, 10:32:42 PM] Jeremy Kent: he smiles. you can make another sense motive check if you want
[8/13/14, 10:32:44 PM] Norse Pony: Mercenaries usually take their pay as a portion of the spoils.
[8/13/14, 10:32:45 PM] Jeremy Kent: the smile kind of makes you want to
[8/13/14, 10:32:50 PM] Norse Pony: Haha. Alrighty.
[8/13/14, 10:32:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: do you say that out loud?
[8/13/14, 10:33:00 PM] Norse Pony: Not that time.
[8/13/14, 10:33:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: well, you rolled high, and you already know what he’s going to say
[8/13/14, 10:33:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: I give up
[8/13/14, 10:33:28 PM] Norse Pony: Haha.
[8/13/14, 10:33:39 PM] JJ: I say
[8/13/14, 10:33:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: “Not much. No more than any of you would get.”
[8/13/14, 10:33:46 PM] JJ: “are you guys shitting me?!”
[8/13/14, 10:33:58 PM] Faith Kent: OW
[8/13/14, 10:34:21 PM] Norse Pony: “As a rule, one person cannot defecate in another’s place.”
[8/13/14, 10:34:28 PM] Jeremy Kent: careful, she carries edged weapons
[8/13/14, 10:35:01 PM] Norse Pony: (K, so yea? Nay?)
[8/13/14, 10:35:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: are you asking me or fellow players
[8/13/14, 10:35:20 PM] Norse Pony: Players.
[8/13/14, 10:35:30 PM] Faith Kent: erm. idk
[8/13/14, 10:35:53 PM] Norse Pony: I figure it’s a good way to go until David can get on board.
[8/13/14, 10:35:56 PM] JJ: asking fellow players, quietly
[8/13/14, 10:36:02 PM] Faith Kent: equal share?
[8/13/14, 10:36:06 PM] Norse Pony: We’d be paying David’s character the same amount.
[8/13/14, 10:36:07 PM] JJ: like a well mannered mage would
[8/13/14, 10:36:14 PM] JJ: okie dokie
[8/13/14, 10:36:19 PM] JJ: fine fine
[8/13/14, 10:36:32 PM] Faith Kent: yeah.
[8/13/14, 10:36:40 PM] Norse Pony: We can certainly turn him down and hope we don’t need on-the-spot healing. It’s worked so far.
[8/13/14, 10:36:56 PM] Norse Pony: We could pick up some CLW potions and tough it out.
[8/13/14, 10:37:20 PM] Faith Kent: Lets go forward with him cautiously. But be prepared for fishiness
[8/13/14, 10:37:25 PM] Aaron Scherer: i was continuing OOC
[8/13/14, 10:37:31 PM] Norse Pony: So were we.
[8/13/14, 10:37:41 PM] Norse Pony: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too, Faith.
[8/13/14, 10:37:52 PM] Faith Kent: Dont trust him for watches, etc
[8/13/14, 10:38:10 PM] Faith Kent: yes?
[8/13/14, 10:38:17 PM] JJ: shrugs
[8/13/14, 10:38:29 PM] Aaron Scherer: (i say no)
[8/13/14, 10:38:51 PM] Aaron Scherer: (can someone detect his alignment? or is that not a thing…)
[8/13/14, 10:38:57 PM] Faith Kent: You would prefer to say no and come back to town for more healing?
[8/13/14, 10:39:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: (he’s probably the only one with that spell)
[8/13/14, 10:39:02 PM] Norse Pony: It’s a thing. None of us can do it, I think.
[8/13/14, 10:39:04 PM] JJ: what can a wiz with high int do?
[8/13/14, 10:39:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: cast spells. well.
[8/13/14, 10:39:52 PM] JJ: ok so there’s that
[8/13/14, 10:39:57 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 10:40:06 PM] JJ: sigh I might be chaotic good but I feel lawful good
[8/13/14, 10:40:13 PM] Aaron Scherer: (is his motive evil……?) lol
[8/13/14, 10:40:44 PM] Norse Pony: Basically he’s gonna be more expensive than the in-temple healing. But a 1/5 share of what we’re gonna be getting in a few sessions isn’t all that much, and he’s also a heavier melee class, which means we’ll have another ablative meat shield between the squishies and the sharp pointy bits.
[8/13/14, 10:40:57 PM] JJ: :D
[8/13/14, 10:41:05 PM] JJ: As a crunchy wizard, I like that
[8/13/14, 10:41:19 PM] Norse Pony: We’re buying a tank who can heal. It’s a good deal for what will likely be a few hundred gold (barring some really amazing loot in the next few sessions.)
[8/13/14, 10:41:26 PM] Jeremy Kent: while you’re discussing he wanders to the edge of the path and picks a stalk of long grass, then starts chewing on it
[8/13/14, 10:41:43 PM] Aaron Scherer: (alright, im ok with that)
[8/13/14, 10:41:46 PM] Norse Pony: K.
[8/13/14, 10:41:48 PM] Faith Kent: ok
[8/13/14, 10:41:50 PM] JJ: I’m also ok with it
[8/13/14, 10:41:54 PM] Faith Kent: to the dungeon!
[8/13/14, 10:42:00 PM] Norse Pony: “We accept your offer, sir. What is your name?”
[8/13/14, 10:42:23 PM] Jeremy Kent: Cattle Blue, I am. My mother… well… her strengths were in areas other than creativity.
[8/13/14, 10:43:09 PM] Jeremy Kent: he hefts his shield with a grunt
[8/13/14, 10:43:12 PM] Norse Pony: “I am Kyra. This is Meri, James, and Revan. Welcome to our company.”
[8/13/14, 10:43:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: Pleasta
[8/13/14, 10:43:39 PM] JJ: “Aloha”
[8/13/14, 10:43:45 PM] Norse Pony: Alright, let’s get back to work.
[8/13/14, 10:43:49 PM] Norse Pony: And by work I mean MURDER
[8/13/14, 10:44:06 PM] Norse Pony: And by murder I mean, um, saving innocents from evil?
[8/13/14, 10:44:14 PM] Aaron Scherer: Yes.
[8/13/14, 10:44:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: Cattle shrugs
[8/13/14, 10:44:20 PM] Aaron Scherer: I am not a fan of murder.
[8/13/14, 10:44:37 PM] Faith Kent: I actually need to bow out for the evening. Ill catch up with you guys
[8/13/14, 10:44:41 PM] JJ: Youguys don’t know why the dungeon exists xD
[8/13/14, 10:44:47 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 10:44:47 PM] Norse Pony: Alrighty, g’night.
[8/13/14, 10:44:48 PM] Aaron Scherer: k
[8/13/14, 10:44:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: “If the innocents or the evil get you scratched up, I can work on fixin’ that”
[8/13/14, 10:44:51 PM] JJ: nini
[8/13/14, 10:44:54 PM] Faith Kent: ‘night
[8/13/14, 10:45:25 PM] Norse Pony: So let’s head back down to the part of the dungeon the party was in last time?
[8/13/14, 10:45:44 PM] Jeremy Kent: how far in do you want to go before you start being careful
[8/13/14, 10:45:54 PM] Aaron Scherer: where we were
[8/13/14, 10:45:57 PM] Norse Pony: Right away.
[8/13/14, 10:46:10 PM] Norse Pony: Taking out the guys near the entrance just means there’s a power vacuum.
[8/13/14, 10:46:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: okay ,revan runs down to the room where he got ambushed last time
[8/13/14, 10:46:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: i didnt say rush….
[8/13/14, 10:46:25 PM] Norse Pony: GOOD THING WE HIRED A CLERIC
[8/13/14, 10:46:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: “I ain’t got Resurrection, so’s you know”
[8/13/14, 10:46:40 PM] Aaron Scherer: im gonna walk, normally to where we were.
[8/13/14, 10:47:14 PM] Norse Pony: Ping.
[8/13/14, 10:47:17 PM] Jeremy Kent: whew
[8/13/14, 10:47:21 PM] Norse Pony: (Jeremy closed the chat, heh.)
[8/13/14, 10:47:21 PM] Jeremy Kent: btw,
[8/13/14, 10:47:38 PM] Norse Pony: Ah, neat.
[8/13/14, 10:47:51 PM] Jeremy Kent: two official free files and one… “free”
[8/13/14, 10:47:52 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 10:48:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: alright, I’ve put you guys inside the first hallway
[8/13/14, 10:48:32 PM] Jeremy Kent: Nathan, did Kyra see anything inside here or do I need to give you descriptions as we go?
[8/13/14, 10:48:42 PM] JJ: sweet
[8/13/14, 10:48:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan sneaks back down to the room
[8/13/14, 10:48:54 PM] Norse Pony: The bit where they were attacked by the goblins on two floors was the only part I didn’t see descriptions for.
[8/13/14, 10:48:55 PM] JJ: descriptions are nice
[8/13/14, 10:49:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/13/14, 10:49:21 PM] Jeremy Kent: For JJ, then
[8/13/14, 10:49:31 PM] JJ: ty
[8/13/14, 10:49:44 PM] JJ: yeah, we were attacked by goblins
[8/13/14, 10:49:47 PM] JJ: there’s a balcony above
[8/13/14, 10:50:01 PM] Jeremy Kent: Entry chamber: large hall, held up by carved columns. directly ahead, stone door sealed with stone blocks. center of floor, flagstones pulled up to reveal a staircase. stench of rotting meat
[8/13/14, 10:50:11 PM] Jeremy Kent: going down the first stairs, marching order?
[8/13/14, 10:50:23 PM] JJ: I ran in, price is right music blaring in the background
[8/13/14, 10:50:26 PM] JJ: got attacked by gobs
[8/13/14, 10:50:45 PM] Norse Pony: Seems legit.
[8/13/14, 10:51:01 PM] Jeremy Kent: who goes down the stairs first?
[8/13/14, 10:51:03 PM] Norse Pony: I’ll go first, being sneaky and watchful.
[8/13/14, 10:51:10 PM] Norse Pony: Cattle will follow me, then Revan, then James.
[8/13/14, 10:51:11 PM] JJ: yeah, this time I’ll stay quiet, light footed, and in the back
[8/13/14, 10:51:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/13/14, 10:51:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: kyra and james, stealth checks
[8/13/14, 10:51:37 PM] Jeremy Kent: cattle sees you tiptoeing and chuckles
[8/13/14, 10:52:02 PM] Norse Pony: Kyra shushes him.
[8/13/14, 10:52:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: he clanks and rustles at you
[8/13/14, 10:52:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: (ooc, for the sake of stealthy, shouldnt meri and i be the first to go?)
[8/13/14, 10:52:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: heh, cattle’s a rustler
[8/13/14, 10:52:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: meri is afk, but that’d make sense
[8/13/14, 10:52:56 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah, meant in general
[8/13/14, 10:52:57 PM] JJ: I haven’t got anything to make noise, but I have no stealth XD
[8/13/14, 10:53:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: bet you roll better than blue did
[8/13/14, 10:53:09 PM] JJ: lol
[8/13/14, 10:53:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: ooh, I like your # alias
[8/13/14, 10:53:29 PM] Norse Pony: Yeah, I mainly wanted him second so that when we get attacked, he’s between you and the pointy bits without having to shuffle past.
[8/13/14, 10:53:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: is that a button or typed?
[8/13/14, 10:53:34 PM] Norse Pony: Typed.
[8/13/14, 10:53:42 PM] Aaron Scherer: yeah, let him follow me, and let me go first
[8/13/14, 10:53:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: can you paste me the macro?
[8/13/14, 10:53:44 PM] JJ: somehow makes more noise
[8/13/14, 10:53:45 PM] Aaron Scherer: i roll 19 on stealth
[8/13/14, 10:53:59 PM] Jeremy Kent: Cattle shrugs and gestures you ahead
[8/13/14, 10:54:05 PM] JJ: I guess I have nylon pants
[8/13/14, 10:54:07 PM] Jeremy Kent: see? james rolled higher
[8/13/14, 10:54:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: by 1.
[8/13/14, 10:54:10 PM] JJ: lol
[8/13/14, 10:54:38 PM] JJ: the best wizard capes aren’t made out of silk or stain
[8/13/14, 10:54:39 PM] Norse Pony: I’ve got a macro called “roll” set to "/roll 1d20
" and then another one called “r” set to "/roll "
[8/13/14, 10:54:41 PM] JJ: satin*
[8/13/14, 10:54:44 PM] JJ: they’re made out of velour
[8/13/14, 10:54:53 PM] Norse Pony: So #r X rolls 1d20+X.
[8/13/14, 10:55:09 PM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t see an r.
[8/13/14, 10:55:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: but cool
[8/13/14, 10:55:20 PM] Norse Pony: I made it.
[8/13/14, 10:55:21 PM] Jeremy Kent: fucking damn, revan
[8/13/14, 10:55:24 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 10:55:31 PM] Norse Pony: Haha, nice.
[8/13/14, 10:55:34 PM] Norse Pony: Bein’ all elfy and shit.
[8/13/14, 10:55:41 PM] Aaron Scherer: half elfy.
[8/13/14, 10:55:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: 5 dex, 3 ranks, 3 for in-class…. did we already go over this?
[8/13/14, 10:55:50 PM] Aaron Scherer: mhmm
[8/13/14, 10:55:51 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/13/14, 10:55:56 PM] Jeremy Kent: shakes head
[8/13/14, 10:55:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: you crazy
[8/13/14, 10:56:02 PM] Norse Pony: Plus favored terrain bonus, I think.
[8/13/14, 10:56:15 PM] Norse Pony: And plus skill focus?
[8/13/14, 10:56:18 PM] JJ: dex?
[8/13/14, 10:56:42 PM] Norse Pony: Dexterity, if that was the question.
[8/13/14, 10:57:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: guardpost: small antechamber, hallway S and stairway N. iron stakes pin a rotting, half-eaten pig carcass to the middle of the room. there are two dead giant centipedes in here, and ichor everywhere
[8/13/14, 10:57:18 PM] Norse Pony: That was good ichoring.
[8/13/14, 10:57:28 PM] Jeremy Kent: “ahhyuhp”
[8/13/14, 10:57:29 PM] Aaron Scherer: oh shit
[8/13/14, 10:57:31 PM] Aaron Scherer: forgot favored
[8/13/14, 10:57:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: should be +21 then
[8/13/14, 10:57:38 PM] Jeremy Kent: rufkm
[8/13/14, 10:57:38 PM] JJ: haha
[8/13/14, 10:57:39 PM] Norse Pony: Haha.
[8/13/14, 10:57:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: ok moving on
[8/13/14, 10:57:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: doing anything in the pede room?
[8/13/14, 10:58:12 PM] Norse Pony: Nah, just keeping a weather eye open and moving through.
[8/13/14, 10:58:15 PM] Aaron Scherer: I want to inspect that stairway from traps
[8/13/14, 10:58:21 PM] Jeremy Kent: I should make a hybrid animal, chimera thingie, between these and ursas
[8/13/14, 10:58:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: ‘pede-bear
[8/13/14, 10:58:31 PM] Jeremy Kent: the stairway is the one you just came down
[8/13/14, 10:58:32 PM] Norse Pony: Norse Pony golf claps.
[8/13/14, 10:58:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: do you want to inspect it now for traps?’
[8/13/14, 10:59:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: naw
[8/13/14, 10:59:17 PM] Aaron Scherer: one sec
[8/13/14, 10:59:20 PM] Aaron Scherer: where are we
[8/13/14, 10:59:22 PM] Norse Pony: We’re walking, we’re walking…
[8/13/14, 10:59:27 PM] Jeremy Kent: lower half of the map
[8/13/14, 10:59:29 PM] Aaron Scherer: idk if we still need to move on the map?
[8/13/14, 10:59:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: yes, I was moving the whole group as long as you stayed in file
[8/13/14, 10:59:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: revan runs off ahead to the middle of the room where he was ambushed
[8/13/14, 10:59:55 PM] Aaron Scherer: i want to inspect it from here
[8/13/14, 11:00:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: im not running!
[8/13/14, 11:00:05 PM] Aaron Scherer: im stealthing
[8/13/14, 11:00:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: the rest of the group is 60’ back!
[8/13/14, 11:00:10 PM] Norse Pony: The group is/was moving together.
[8/13/14, 11:00:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: ‘lfknsa;dlfjnase’rksdmv
[8/13/14, 11:00:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: asdmrf
[8/13/14, 11:00:16 PM] Aaron Scherer: sadkfm
[8/13/14, 11:00:17 PM] Aaron Scherer: asdrkms
[8/13/14, 11:00:17 PM] Aaron Scherer: dvlsa
[8/13/14, 11:00:17 PM] Aaron Scherer: d[flmas
[8/13/14, 11:00:17 PM] Aaron Scherer: r;ksadmf
[8/13/14, 11:00:18 PM] Aaron Scherer: sa[lv,
[8/13/14, 11:00:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan checks the room for movement
[8/13/14, 11:01:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: eight statues on square columns depict demonic creatures. scaffolding and debris are piled near the columns. they support a balcony 15 feet up. archways lead SE and N, a large stone door is at the S
[8/13/14, 11:01:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: perception check
[8/13/14, 11:01:30 PM] Aaron Scherer: already did
[8/13/14, 11:01:31 PM] Jeremy Kent: you don’t see movement
[8/13/14, 11:01:33 PM] Aaron Scherer: cool
[8/13/14, 11:01:47 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan inspects the statues
[8/13/14, 11:01:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: james sees one of the centipedes start to get up behind him
[8/13/14, 11:02:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: ….
[8/13/14, 11:02:05 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 11:02:10 PM] Aaron Scherer: James you seeing shit?
[8/13/14, 11:02:12 PM] Norse Pony: Snap out of it, man!
[8/13/14, 11:02:19 PM] Norse Pony: OK, proceeding.
[8/13/14, 11:02:21 PM] Aaron Scherer: James go hit it!
[8/13/14, 11:02:27 PM] JJ: rubs his forehead and keeps following
[8/13/14, 11:02:35 PM] JJ: the group
[8/13/14, 11:02:38 PM] JJ: not the centipede, jeremy
[8/13/14, 11:02:39 PM] Jeremy Kent: the statues are variations on this
[8/13/14, 11:02:39 PM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/13/14, 11:02:54 PM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/13/14, 11:03:00 PM] Aaron Scherer: so….
[8/13/14, 11:03:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: boobs.
[8/13/14, 11:03:09 PM] Aaron Scherer: who wants to guess this is what we are gonna fight later down here
[8/13/14, 11:03:25 PM] Aaron Scherer: can i do a history check on this dun? see whats been in here
[8/13/14, 11:03:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: dun?
[8/13/14, 11:03:42 PM] Norse Pony: Relevant:
[8/13/14, 11:03:45 PM] Aaron Scherer: dungeon
[8/13/14, 11:04:00 PM] Aaron Scherer: hahahaha
[8/13/14, 11:04:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: knowledge:local, history, or planes
[8/13/14, 11:05:42 PM] JJ: funny I don’t have any ranks in any of that
[8/13/14, 11:06:49 PM] Norse Pony: With a wizard’s intelligence, you can afford to be something of a jack of all trades, skills-wise. And knowledge skills are int-based, so wizards have an advantage out of the gate.
[8/13/14, 11:07:02 PM] JJ: rechecks hero lab
[8/13/14, 11:07:04 PM] Norse Pony: So it pays to put at least one point in each of them so that you can make the checks at all.
[8/13/14, 11:07:05 PM] JJ: I feel like I fucked something up
[8/13/14, 11:07:07 PM] JJ: lol
[8/13/14, 11:07:42 PM] Jeremy Kent:
[8/13/14, 11:07:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: if a spreadsheet is easier to follow the logic from than herolab
[8/13/14, 11:08:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: I don’t know what HL’s UI is like
[8/13/14, 11:08:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: So… an evil wizard created a tower here to worship the demon lord abraxas. eventually the tower was destroyed, but the attackers missed the workrooms and storage rooms under the palace.
[8/13/14, 11:08:16 PM] Jeremy Kent: I just made cattle blue with this char sheet and it’s pretty spiffy
[8/13/14, 11:08:23 PM] Norse Pony: Evil, check.
[8/13/14, 11:08:35 PM] Aaron Scherer: (ooc) Has everyone here seen guardians of the galaxy yet?
[8/13/14, 11:08:40 PM] Jeremy Kent: I have
[8/13/14, 11:08:56 PM] Norse Pony: Not yet.
[8/13/14, 11:08:59 PM] Aaron Scherer: poo
[8/13/14, 11:09:28 PM] Norse Pony: So, let’s move on to the unexplored area.
[8/13/14, 11:10:41 PM] JJ: meh
[8/13/14, 11:10:48 PM] JJ: sounds like I have an awful lot to ask for retcon on next level
[8/13/14, 11:10:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: heh
[8/13/14, 11:11:02 PM] Norse Pony: Did you assign all your skill points?
[8/13/14, 11:11:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: revan, you may approach your damn stairwell :P
[8/13/14, 11:11:38 PM] Norse Pony: What race is James?
[8/13/14, 11:11:42 PM] JJ: elf
[8/13/14, 11:11:52 PM] Norse Pony: And you said he’s got a 20 int?
[8/13/14, 11:11:58 PM] JJ: yeah
[8/13/14, 11:12:12 PM] Norse Pony: So you should have 21 skill points, barring skill focus feats or the like.
[8/13/14, 11:12:27 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan inspects for traps
[8/13/14, 11:12:30 PM] Aaron Scherer: stealthily still.
[8/13/14, 11:12:32 PM] Aaron Scherer: if that matters
[8/13/14, 11:12:42 PM] Norse Pony: So that’s seven skills maxed out, or some greater number of skills spread thinner.
[8/13/14, 11:13:07 PM] Norse Pony: So you can eyeball your sheet and see if you’ve spent 21 skill points. I dunno whether Herolab would have complained at you if you didn’t.
[8/13/14, 11:14:12 PM] JJ: ah, yeah I have
[8/13/14, 11:14:16 PM] JJ: 24 points actually
[8/13/14, 11:14:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: CHEATER
[8/13/14, 11:14:31 PM] Norse Pony: Do you have a skill focus feat?
[8/13/14, 11:14:36 PM] Norse Pony: Because that would account for the other 3.
[8/13/14, 11:15:10 PM] Aaron Scherer: norse, it indeed does
[8/13/14, 11:15:28 PM] Norse Pony: NOT CHEATER
[8/13/14, 11:15:32 PM] Norse Pony: \o/
[8/13/14, 11:16:17 PM] Norse Pony: But yeah, you get 7 skill points per level, so next level you can drop a few in some various knowledge skills. I hope you already have Knowledge: Arcana maxed out, because that’s sort of a wizardy trademark.
[8/13/14, 11:17:16 PM] Norse Pony: Arcana and Religion are the big two knowledge skills to keep high. The other knowledges are useful to be able to do, but they’re way more niche.
[8/13/14, 11:17:46 PM] Norse Pony: Kyra is being sneaky as we proceed, BTW.
[8/13/14, 11:19:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: oh right, I missed some description
[8/13/14, 11:19:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: both rooms you’ve been in were lit by braziers placed around the room
[8/13/14, 11:19:25 PM] Jeremy Kent: neither room was, however, especially warm
[8/13/14, 11:19:31 PM] Aaron Scherer: interesting.
[8/13/14, 11:19:40 PM] Aaron Scherer: can i do a nature check as to why?
[8/13/14, 11:19:50 PM] Norse Pony: Kyra asks Revan, “You reckon that’s from being underground? Or something else?”
[8/13/14, 11:20:33 PM] Jeremy Kent: particularly, the rooms weren’t any warmer near the fires than they were in the halls or the middle of the room
[8/13/14, 11:21:00 PM] Norse Pony: Stupid evil wizards with their stupid magical evil fires, razzafrackin’…
[8/13/14, 11:22:13 PM] Aaron Scherer: so, no, i cant?
[8/13/14, 11:22:19 PM] JJ: I should just detect magic
[8/13/14, 11:22:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: I neglected to clean a marking off this next room
[8/13/14, 11:23:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: so the big pink rectangle is just “floor” not “giant slab of flesh”
[8/13/14, 11:23:19 PM] Jeremy Kent: not nature, no
[8/13/14, 11:23:23 PM] Jeremy Kent: knowledge:arcana if you have it
[8/13/14, 11:23:24 PM] JJ: I dunno why
[8/13/14, 11:23:32 PM] JJ: but according to the lab my stats aren’t right
[8/13/14, 11:23:32 PM] JJ: funny
[8/13/14, 11:23:36 PM] JJ: it didnt’ complain before
[8/13/14, 11:23:55 PM] Norse Pony: Does it throw a specific error? Or just a general sense of malaise?
[8/13/14, 11:24:09 PM] Jeremy Kent: cattle blue crosses the statue room and walks up behind kyra
[8/13/14, 11:24:14 PM] JJ: says I overspent on points lol
[8/13/14, 11:24:21 PM] JJ: still says I have 24 though
[8/13/14, 11:24:35 PM] Norse Pony: Skill points, or just points?
[8/13/14, 11:24:36 PM] JJ: NVM
[8/13/14, 11:24:40 PM] JJ: skill points
[8/13/14, 11:24:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: k
[8/13/14, 11:24:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: kyra, revan seems to have frozen in place in the hallway ahead
[8/13/14, 11:25:17 PM] Norse Pony: In an OOC way, or no?
[8/13/14, 11:25:29 PM] JJ: there we go
[8/13/14, 11:25:30 PM] JJ: 23/24
[8/13/14, 11:25:49 PM] Aaron Scherer: i want to peak down the hall
[8/13/14, 11:25:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: ooc
[8/13/14, 11:26:05 PM] Aaron Scherer: ARCANA CHECK FTW
[8/13/14, 11:26:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: james, you’re still back at the centipede you saw move. your token is under your control now :)
[8/13/14, 11:26:12 PM] Aaron Scherer: (“huh. fire without heat. sounds like magic to me”)
[8/13/14, 11:26:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: roll better than a 9 :P
[8/13/14, 11:26:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: is james searching for something?
[8/13/14, 11:26:53 PM] JJ: the rest of the party
[8/13/14, 11:26:55 PM] Aaron Scherer: can i reroll?
[8/13/14, 11:27:01 PM] Jeremy Kent: found’em
[8/13/14, 11:27:02 PM] JJ: XD
[8/13/14, 11:27:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: no
[8/13/14, 11:27:13 PM] Norse Pony: The rest of the party was inside you allllll along.
[8/13/14, 11:27:14 PM] Aaron Scherer: hmph.
[8/13/14, 11:27:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: ew
[8/13/14, 11:27:27 PM] Norse Pony: No wait, that’s a different kind of party.
[8/13/14, 11:27:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: wtf is this place…..
[8/13/14, 11:27:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: Description?
[8/13/14, 11:27:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: “The narrow passage widens out into a room here before continuing. Piles of sand and rubble fill the corners of the room, and the sound of splashing water can be heard from the east.”
[8/13/14, 11:27:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: also
[8/13/14, 11:28:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: [8/13/14, 11:22:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: I neglected to clean a marking off this next room
[8/13/14, 11:23:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: so the big pink rectangle is just “floor” not “giant slab of flesh”
[8/13/14, 11:28:12 PM] Norse Pony: Haha.
[8/13/14, 11:28:44 PM] Aaron Scherer: oh
[8/13/14, 11:28:46 PM] Norse Pony: As we advance, Kyra is looking around carefully.
[8/13/14, 11:28:50 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan checks for traps
[8/13/14, 11:28:54 PM] Jeremy Kent: perception checks
[8/13/14, 11:32:34 PM] Jeremy Kent: revan?
[8/13/14, 11:33:10 PM] Aaron Scherer: So, possible traps in the room
[8/13/14, 11:33:28 PM] Aaron Scherer: the two flagstones in the middle of the room seem to be lacking the layer of dust and debris that the rest of the room has, almost perfectly to their edges
[8/13/14, 11:34:11 PM] Aaron Scherer: Should we walk around?
[8/13/14, 11:34:41 PM] JJ: brb
[8/13/14, 11:34:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: "I could attempt to trigger a potential trap with the bulk of my weight on the dustier flagstones
[8/13/14, 11:34:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: "
[8/13/14, 11:35:03 PM] Jeremy Kent: “If it shoots things at me, I’ll probably be fine.”
[8/13/14, 11:35:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: -Blue
[8/13/14, 11:35:26 PM] Aaron Scherer: “Sure…. Ok with Kyra?”
[8/13/14, 11:35:33 PM] Norse Pony: Haha, now I’m imagining that he wrote us a letter.
[8/13/14, 11:35:42 PM] Norse Pony: “To Whom It May Concern,”
[8/13/14, 11:35:52 PM] Jeremy Kent: blue passes you a note by way of the DM..
[8/13/14, 11:36:22 PM] Norse Pony: “If you are willing to take on that risk, then I will not stop you.”
[8/13/14, 11:36:30 PM] Norse Pony: Kyra nocks an arrow, just in case.
[8/13/14, 11:36:36 PM] Jeremy Kent: nudge nudge
[8/13/14, 11:36:49 PM] Jeremy Kent: “huh. guess it’s not a trap door after…”
[8/13/14, 11:36:58 PM] Jeremy Kent: CLANG
[8/13/14, 11:37:02 PM] Jeremy Kent: “…all”
[8/13/14, 11:37:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: the flagstone swings down and away, revealing a deep pit
[8/13/14, 11:37:55 PM] Norse Pony: “Well spotted, Revan.”
[8/13/14, 11:38:07 PM] Norse Pony: Just a pit? Not an access hatch or the like?
[8/13/14, 11:38:12 PM] Jeremy Kent: “those normally take less force than that…”
[8/13/14, 11:38:29 PM] Jeremy Kent: from where you are, it’s just an open space beneath where the stone was
[8/13/14, 11:38:41 PM] Norse Pony: “What do you see, Blue?”
[8/13/14, 11:38:46 PM] Norse Pony: And I’m AFK for a minute or so.
[8/13/14, 11:39:05 PM] Jeremy Kent: “pit. might be a dead guy down there. might be undead. hasn’t moved to attack me JUST yet”
[8/13/14, 11:40:07 PM] Jeremy Kent: “gotta say… even the walking dead should take better care of their chainmail”
[8/13/14, 11:41:19 PM] Norse Pony: Back.
[8/13/14, 11:41:38 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan peaks down with his nightvision
[8/13/14, 11:41:47 PM] Aaron Scherer: and checks for stuff.
[8/13/14, 11:43:15 PM] Jeremy Kent: sure enough, it’s a dry-bone skeleton wearing chain mail nearly rusted through
[8/13/14, 11:43:26 PM] Jeremy Kent: bits of cloth on and under him may have been clothing
[8/13/14, 11:43:47 PM] Jeremy Kent: percep?/
[8/13/14, 11:45:56 PM] Jeremy Kent: a scrap of leather under him might once have been his backpack
[8/13/14, 11:46:42 PM] Jeremy Kent: pit’s about 20’ deep
[8/13/14, 11:46:43 PM] Aaron Scherer: "Mind if i go check guys?
[8/13/14, 11:46:53 PM] Norse Pony: “How do you plan to get back?”
[8/13/14, 11:47:28 PM] Aaron Scherer: “‘Name one thing you’re gonna need this stupid fucking rope for.’”
[8/13/14, 11:47:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: *Holds up rope
[8/13/14, 11:47:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: ah, a boondock fan!
[8/13/14, 11:47:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: :D
[8/13/14, 11:48:20 PM] Jeremy Kent: so what’s your opinion
[8/13/14, 11:48:22 PM] Aaron Scherer: ill take that as a lack of minding
[8/13/14, 11:48:23 PM] Jeremy Kent: was the second movie crap?
[8/13/14, 11:48:24 PM] Jeremy Kent: or
[8/13/14, 11:48:25 PM] Aaron Scherer: i liked two
[8/13/14, 11:48:27 PM] Jeremy Kent: was it UTTER crap
[8/13/14, 11:48:34 PM] Aaron Scherer: i didnt think it was better
[8/13/14, 11:48:36 PM] Aaron Scherer: but i still enjoyed it
[8/13/14, 11:48:42 PM] Aaron Scherer: but, i enjoyed most movies i watch
[8/13/14, 11:48:50 PM] Jeremy Kent: fair enough
[8/13/14, 11:48:53 PM] Aaron Scherer: you?
[8/13/14, 11:49:04 PM] Jeremy Kent: so, you grab your coiled rope and jump down?
[8/13/14, 11:49:06 PM] Aaron Scherer: Revan anchors a rope, and stealthily climbs down with it
[8/13/14, 11:49:07 PM] Jeremy Kent: utter.
[8/13/14, 11:49:10 PM] Aaron Scherer: haha
[8/13/14, 11:49:13 PM] Jeremy Kent: what do you anchor it to?
[8/13/14, 11:49:19 PM] Aaron Scherer: what didnt you like?
[8/13/14, 11:49:31 PM] Jeremy Kent: I think BDS2 is the only movie I’ve walked out of the theater on
[8/13/14, 11:49:32 PM] Aaron Scherer: good question…… Cattle, how much can you lift?
[8/13/14, 11:49:46 PM] Jeremy Kent: russians whacking each other with a kielbasa
[8/13/14, 11:50:11 PM] Jeremy Kent: julie benz telling everyone how badass she was then not doing anything badass
[8/13/14, 11:50:33 PM] Jeremy Kent: the main characters trying to be as funny as they were in the first movie, but with all forced lines and no timing
[8/13/14, 11:50:40 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 11:51:06 PM] Jeremy Kent: but the russians thing is when I walked out
[8/13/14, 11:51:18 PM] Jeremy Kent: had a friend with me, too -
she decided she was done at the exact same scene
[8/13/14, 11:51:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: we didn’t even discuss
[8/13/14, 11:51:44 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 11:52:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: “hey, woah”
[8/13/14, 11:52:35 PM] Jeremy Kent: “just realized you asked me a question”
[8/13/14, 11:52:41 PM] Jeremy Kent: “I can lift my shield on a good day”
[8/13/14, 11:52:56 PM] Aaron Scherer: anchored to kyra and cattle.
[8/13/14, 11:53:07 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 11:53:22 PM] Jeremy Kent: you reach the bottom.
[8/13/14, 11:53:31 PM] Jeremy Kent: the skeleton begins to move
[8/13/14, 11:53:43 PM] Jeremy Kent: then stops, as your foot stops nudging its foot
[8/13/14, 11:53:44 PM] Aaron Scherer: I grab the bag, and yell “PULL ME UP”
[8/13/14, 11:53:46 PM] Aaron Scherer: nevm
[8/13/14, 11:53:50 PM] Aaron Scherer: if thats what you do.
[8/13/14, 11:53:51 PM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/13/14, 11:53:58 PM] Aaron Scherer: you dick.
[8/13/14, 11:54:01 PM] Aaron Scherer: scared me.
[8/13/14, 11:54:08 PM] Jeremy Kent: <—dick> Yeah, ‘cause you’re trying to put a thing where you want it.

[8/18/14, 12:09:31 AM] Norse Pony: Giggity.
[8/18/14, 12:09:36 AM] Jeremy Kent: thanks, doug
[8/18/14, 12:09:43 AM] Norse Pony: He’s with us in spirit.
[8/18/14, 12:10:07 AM] JJ: yeah it’s stuck in a window this time
[8/18/14, 12:10:23 AM] Jeremy Kent: ok
[8/18/14, 12:10:28 AM] Norse Pony: Do I need to make a check to secure the rope?
[8/18/14, 12:10:35 AM] Jeremy Kent: so anyone who fell can climb up the rope with two consecutive DC 5 clib checks
[8/18/14, 12:10:40 AM] Jeremy Kent: if you want. Use Rope.
[8/18/14, 12:10:50 AM] Jeremy Kent: should just involve kicking the grappling hook a bit
[8/18/14, 12:10:55 AM] Norse Pony: I totally don’t want, haha.
[8/18/14, 12:11:03 AM] Norse Pony: “Looks good up here!”
[8/18/14, 12:11:08 AM] Jeremy Kent: ok, you stand back and let the chips fall where they may
[8/18/14, 12:11:12 AM] Jeremy Kent: or CHiPs
[8/18/14, 12:11:33 AM] Jeremy Kent: Cattle Blue picks himself up and goes to get in the rope line
[8/18/14, 12:11:33 AM] Norse Pony: I figure that within 20’ of the top of the cliff is SOMETHING that it can be attached to easily.
[8/18/14, 12:11:51 AM] Jeremy Kent: “I hope you all aren’t planning on a lot more of these catwalk excursions”
[8/18/14, 12:12:29 AM] JJ: so uh
[8/18/14, 12:13:25 AM] Aaron Scherer: So much pain.
[8/18/14, 12:13:30 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol cattle.
[8/18/14, 12:13:35 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/18/14, 12:13:39 AM] JJ: “You ok down there?!”
[8/18/14, 12:13:46 AM] Aaron Scherer: (ooc) cattle is gonna die.
[8/18/14, 12:14:12 AM] Norse Pony: Cattle can come up last. He just needs to cling to the rope and the rest of us heave him up.
[8/18/14, 12:14:23 AM] Jeremy Kent: “I’m really not sure this is my best sport”
[8/18/14, 12:14:47 AM] Jeremy Kent: he takes off his jacket, vest, and shirt, revealing a huge chainmail shirt
[8/18/14, 12:14:59 AM] Jeremy Kent: he takes off THAT, rolls it up, and shoves it halfway in his pack
[8/18/14, 12:15:14 AM] Jeremy Kent: he then takes the loose end of the rope and ties his shield to the pack
[8/18/14, 12:15:17 AM] System: Available commands:
/me [text]
/topic [text]
/add [skypename+]
/alertson [text]
/setrole [skypename] MASTER|USER
/kick [skypename]
/get blob
/get uri
/get options
/set options [|-]flag] ..
/golive [token]
/invite [skypename]
For more help please see
[8/18/14, 12:15:21 AM] JJ: always thought chainmail went better on top of a shirt lol
[8/18/14, 12:15:40 AM] Jeremy Kent: “I don’t like the look of it.”
[8/18/14, 12:15:47 AM] Jeremy Kent: “Ostentatious”
[8/18/14, 12:16:05 AM] Jeremy Kent: cattle unties the end of the rope and drops it back down for meri’s benefit, then puts all the layers back on
[8/18/14, 12:16:35 AM] Jeremy Kent: meri scampers up the rope
[8/18/14, 12:16:39 AM] JJ:
[8/18/14, 12:16:41 AM] Jeremy Kent: cattle gives her a baleful glare
[8/18/14, 12:16:50 AM] JJ: “but you had a vest and jacket on top”
[8/18/14, 12:17:00 AM] Jeremy Kent: “Yes?”
[8/18/14, 12:17:11 AM] JJ: “I guess it has a cooling effect anyway”
[8/18/14, 12:17:29 AM] Jeremy Kent: “There’s a thin cotton shirt under the thing too”
[8/18/14, 12:17:36 AM] JJ: wonders if his wizardy looks ostentatious
[8/18/14, 12:17:38 AM] Jeremy Kent: “But I don’t walk around with my underwear visible in mixed company”
[8/18/14, 12:17:54 AM] Jeremy Kent: “Sorry for mentioning it, ma’ams”
[8/18/14, 12:17:54 AM] Aaron Scherer: i feel like we should sleep, and heal up……
[8/18/14, 12:17:55 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/18/14, 12:18:03 AM] JJ: think it’s safe here?
[8/18/14, 12:18:06 AM] Aaron Scherer: no
[8/18/14, 12:18:07 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/18/14, 12:18:21 AM] Jeremy Kent: can I have a perception check?
[8/18/14, 12:19:29 AM] Jeremy Kent: you hear a small group of goblins chattering and squealing to one another farther up the passage. perhaps some hundred feet away
[8/18/14, 12:19:29 AM] JJ: “I went with dark blue because it was one of the more subtle mage colors. some like it crazy fancy heheh. Good man.”
[8/18/14, 12:19:42 AM] JJ: I can speak goblin
[8/18/14, 12:19:44 AM] Jeremy Kent: revan fails his “rolling dice” check
[8/18/14, 12:19:47 AM] JJ: can i tell what they’re saying?
[8/18/14, 12:20:03 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/18/14, 12:20:11 AM] Aaron Scherer: im testing the /r
x macro….
[8/18/14, 12:20:13 AM] Jeremy Kent: with a 24? yeah. they seem to be gambling
[8/18/14, 12:20:31 AM] JJ: lol
[8/18/14, 12:20:42 AM] Norse Pony: Aaron: make a macro like “/roll 1d20 +”, and call it just “r”.
[8/18/14, 12:20:43 AM] JJ: I wonder if I make a friendly call out in goblin if it’ll be safe
[8/18/14, 12:21:05 AM] Jeremy Kent: your voice is a bit low for a goblin…
[8/18/14, 12:21:08 AM] Norse Pony: Then you can roll any d20 by typing #r X, where X is the modifier.
[8/18/14, 12:21:11 AM] Jeremy Kent: but only slightly
[8/18/14, 12:21:13 AM] JJ: or if we’ll get attacked
[8/18/14, 12:21:16 AM] JJ: haha
[8/18/14, 12:21:17 AM] JJ: ok
[8/18/14, 12:21:40 AM] Jeremy Kent: they would have heard all your calling back and forth across the pit and falling and shouts of pain, if they hadn’t been so engrossed
[8/18/14, 12:21:55 AM] Norse Pony: Succesfully stealthed it!
[8/18/14, 12:21:57 AM] Norse Pony: Aw yeah!
[8/18/14, 12:21:59 AM] JJ: :)
[8/18/14, 12:22:13 AM] Jeremy Kent: showoff
[8/18/14, 12:22:14 AM] Jeremy Kent: okay so
[8/18/14, 12:22:17 AM] Aaron Scherer: ty
[8/18/14, 12:22:20 AM] Jeremy Kent: it’s 20 minutes past where I need to sleep
[8/18/14, 12:22:25 AM] Norse Pony: “Cattle, do you have sufficient prayers left to get us up to fighting trim?”
[8/18/14, 12:22:25 AM] JJ: likewise
[8/18/14, 12:22:26 AM] Jeremy Kent: you guys want to look into the next room?
[8/18/14, 12:22:30 AM] Jeremy Kent: or end on a cliffhanger?
[8/18/14, 12:22:30 AM] Aaron Scherer: im peeking!
[8/18/14, 12:22:31 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/18/14, 12:22:34 AM] JJ: I want to say something first lol
[8/18/14, 12:22:39 AM] JJ: any ideas guys?
[8/18/14, 12:22:42 AM] Jeremy Kent: cliffhanger? yeah?
[8/18/14, 12:22:49 AM] Jeremy Kent: :(
[8/18/14, 12:23:00 AM] Aaron Scherer: im peeking around the corner
[8/18/14, 12:23:03 AM] Norse Pony: Let’s peek, and if Cattle can heal everybody, heal everybody.
[8/18/14, 12:23:07 AM] Norse Pony: And then end there.
[8/18/14, 12:23:28 AM] Jeremy Kent: “I have some slight healing left.”
[8/18/14, 12:23:53 AM] Jeremy Kent: just a minute and I’ll get you a written description
[8/18/14, 12:23:55 AM] Aaron Scherer: thats a big room /w
[8/18/14, 12:24:07 AM] JJ: lots of goblins?
[8/18/14, 12:24:11 AM] JJ: “Hey who’s winning?”
[8/18/14, 12:24:13 AM] Norse Pony: I vote the healing goes to Revan and Cattle, because James can stay way back.
[8/18/14, 12:24:15 AM] JJ: <goblin>
[8/18/14, 12:24:43 AM] Jeremy Kent: “I have one channel energy left for the day. It should help everyone somewhat.”
[8/18/14, 12:24:55 AM] Norse Pony: Norse Pony nods.
[8/18/14, 12:25:13 AM] Jeremy Kent: everyone check r20 for your healing amount
[8/18/14, 12:25:26 AM] JJ: yay
[8/18/14, 12:25:27 AM] Norse Pony: “Well, we’re here and can’t exactly go back to the surface and rest at this point. So let us hope it is enough.”
[8/18/14, 12:25:27 AM] Aaron Scherer: “Thanks”
[8/18/14, 12:25:53 AM] Jeremy Kent: only 2-4 goblin voices. do you shout into the room?
[8/18/14, 12:25:59 AM] JJ: yes
[8/18/14, 12:26:05 AM] JJ: “Who’s winning? Mind if I join?”
[8/18/14, 12:26:14 AM] Norse Pony: /)_-
[8/18/14, 12:26:16 AM] Aaron Scherer: jj
[8/18/14, 12:26:18 AM] Aaron Scherer: dont do that
[8/18/14, 12:26:19 AM] JJ: shrug
[8/18/14, 12:26:23 AM] Aaron Scherer: can i reflex?
[8/18/14, 12:26:25 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/18/14, 12:26:30 AM] Jeremy Kent: what, to slap a hand over his mouth?
[8/18/14, 12:26:33 AM] Aaron Scherer: hes yes
[8/18/14, 12:26:34 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol
[8/18/14, 12:26:35 AM] JJ: hjahahaha
[8/18/14, 12:26:36 AM] JJ: fine fine
[8/18/14, 12:26:39 AM] Jeremy Kent: no, talking’s instantaneous
[8/18/14, 12:26:41 AM] Aaron Scherer: i want to get a jump on the,
[8/18/14, 12:26:44 AM] JJ: doesn’t say anything
[8/18/14, 12:26:49 AM] JJ: And there’s the cliff hanger
[8/18/14, 12:27:24 AM] Aaron Scherer: I grab my hook and rope
[8/18/14, 12:27:27 AM] Aaron Scherer: and hand meri hers
[8/18/14, 12:27:49 AM] JJ: “<goblin> Only if you’ve got something to bet! 5gp buy-in, we’re up to about 200 gp this round!”
[8/18/14, 12:27:51 AM] JJ: it was said XD
[8/18/14, 12:27:56 AM] Jeremy Kent: a goblin voice shouts back from somewhere up the passage
[8/18/14, 12:28:03 AM] Norse Pony: Pff.
[8/18/14, 12:28:08 AM] Jeremy Kent: also, anyone who looked
[8/18/14, 12:28:08 AM] Jeremy Kent: The lower portion of this chamber is a pool of still, green water.
Large rectangular columns support a series of shallow stone steps
and landings, climbing from the southern part of the chamber
toward a rough, recently excavated tunnel to the north.
[8/18/14, 12:28:09 AM] Norse Pony: That could have gone worse.
[8/18/14, 12:28:23 AM] Norse Pony: More water pools.
[8/18/14, 12:28:26 AM] Norse Pony: No sir, I don’t like it.
[8/18/14, 12:28:41 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol jj, we couldve gotten a surprsie attack on them
[8/18/14, 12:29:01 AM] JJ: we still can
[8/18/14, 12:29:02 AM] JJ: they heard goblin
[8/18/14, 12:29:46 AM] Jeremy Kent: g’night :)
[8/18/14, 12:29:50 AM] JJ: gnite !
[8/18/14, 12:30:01 AM] Aaron Scherer: gnight!
[8/18/14, 12:30:03 AM] Jeremy Kent: Oh and the rope’s still hanging over the edge of the cliff.
[8/18/14, 12:30:06 AM] Faith Kent: ‘night o7
[8/18/14, 12:30:06 AM] Aaron Scherer: nope
[8/18/14, 12:30:08 AM] Norse Pony: G’night.
[8/18/14, 12:30:09 AM] Aaron Scherer: i picked it up
[8/18/14, 12:30:11 AM] Jeremy Kent: nope
[8/18/14, 12:30:11 AM] Jeremy Kent: not yet
[8/18/14, 12:30:14 AM] Jeremy Kent: next session
[8/18/14, 12:30:15 AM] Aaron Scherer: [8/18/14, 12:28:54 AM] Aaron Scherer: I grab my hook and rope
[8/18/14, 12:28:58 AM] Aaron Scherer: and hand meri hers
[8/18/14, 12:30:18 AM] Jeremy Kent: have to leave this one on a cliffhanger
[8/18/14, 12:30:24 AM] Aaron Scherer: i said it before you said gnight!
[8/18/14, 12:30:24 AM] Aaron Scherer: lol


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